Team Giada: Down to Four

by in Food Network Star, May 29, 2012

Team Giada held strong in the first two episodes. Week one, Josh Lyons made it successfully through the pitch room, and then the team took home a win in week two's food tour challenge. Giada still had all five of her finalists going into week three — but not for long.

After ending up in the bottom of the Chopped desserts challenge, Josh faced the Producers' Challenge once again, and this time Giada's pitch-room plea wasn't enough to save him from elimination. Bob and Susie thought that as the front man of a rock band, Josh would be more comfortable in the spotlight, but he continued to stumble over his presentations. "I think he's talented," said Giada. "I just don't know that he was ready for this."

Hear more from Giada, Susie and Josh in his exclusive exit interview. Do you think it was Josh's time to go?

Flip through Josh’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Three.



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  1. Suspicious says:

    There is definitely something wrong with a format that allows non-talents like Josh Lyons to stay on a show for three weeks just because his team wins. This guy should have never gotten in the door and it definitely shows how low the bar was set for choosing contestants for this edition of the show. Unfortunately, there are several other contestants who show just as much inability or personality and should have been booted as well. It's wrong to start with 15 people - - that makes for a L-O-N-G, drawn out process which makes it boring if every episode is more than an hour.

    • Food Fan says:

      Its not boring. Its a great Summer show. Admittedly, the very beginning is slow, but any TV show is whether its cooking or a law show, or a comedy or whatever.
      To start with only 6 people would come across too much as if Food Network already had their mind made up who they want. And so....

      How about this?:
      Keep the 15 people in beginning. (or at least a dozen contestants). But--
      1st show: no one goes home
      2nd show: no one goes home
      (Haven't Susie F., Bobby Flay, etc said they woulda liked to see more of what so-n-so coulda done? This would be a way. Gives people m ore of an even chance in the beginning. And then)...
      3rd show: a Triple-elimination (now we are caught up.) But at least everyone had a few "shots" at it, and we viewers got a better chance to know the contestants.
      4th show: a double-elimination. 5 people have now been eliminated. We are "one-ahead" now, just a tad quicker than this season. Getting closer to the meat of things and still plenty of contenders to choose from. After the 5th show, one person goes home each show, or maybe just one more double elimination when there are SIX people, so that afterwards we are down to "the final four."

    • Jerilee says:

      I agree. But as far as entertainment go, better than some of the other shows on.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      I agree about Josh but I don't know that this season's crop is necessarily worse than in other years. I remember a stand up comedian, a radio dj, and a scatterbrained blonde chatterbox who kept putting her foot in her mouth among recent contestants. Chris from last year was such a bumbling goofball that there was speculation that he was really an actor who was 'planted' for entertainment value. Once they get away from the contrived weeding-out challenges and the hopefuls are given the chance to do what they do best (which I assume will not require Reeses pieces and grape soda or be limited to pickles or matzoh or trying to re-imagine an iconic, 'untouchable' dish like Sylvia's chicken and waffles), then we'll get a better idea about the true talent of those who survive these early rounds.

    • PLnag says:

      I also think that Josh is so not as smart as he thinks. "Inamona" is Hawaiian for kukui nuts, roasted and chopped and used with raw fish like poke or lomi oi‘o. So lame. Sad misuse of terms.

    • Sheri S says:

      I actually think that Josh's food (and Eric's) seem to be the best tasting and most unusual. (Someone making s'mores stays on the show?) I, too, think the bar was set too low in choosing contestants.
      1. Some are so slovenly dressed that I would immediately walk out of a restaurant that had such unsanitary-looking cooks.
      2. Lose the red lipstick, Justin! (The make-up artists are even putting too much pink on the other guys' mouths.
      3. Nikki, the word is "anyway" NEVER "anyways".

  2. lesliejane says:

    I agree with Suspicious. This year's crop is of much lower quality and skill than groups of the past seasons. It has become absolutely painful to watch Martie ramble and struggle, so hopefully she will be humanely eliminated next week. In fact, an elimination en masse would have worked this past Sunday. Martie, Judson, Nikki, Martita, Yvan,Malcolm, and the others whose names I don't remember should go so that the only ones left with even a glimmer of talent and charm-Emily, Justin, Eric, and Ippy- can really begin to develop.

    • Food Fan says:

      At least 5 or 6 more need to go home.
      Still, I am glad this show isnt a mere 6-episode mini-series.
      Every season has its unappealing people. Last year there was Penny.
      And Chris the loud-mouth.
      and some who survived longer than we thought they should.
      There were some mediocre cooks last year, and some this year.
      And some we didnt pay much attention to at first who surprise us.
      And some who are consistently good.
      I like this years group better. Some good cooks who are good contenders. And less drama. Hurray!

  3. Food Fan says:

    Hmm, I noticed this last night. There are 4 or 5 people on here who all pick the same 4 contestants for their top picks. This reminds me of what I said earlier about have followers on twitter, etc and stacking the vote. I can easily see that lots-n-lots of us would have the same person, even the same 2 people, as our favorite. But what are the odds that people would pick the same FOUR. This is like: the more scratch-off numbers there are, the harder it is to win the lottery. What are the odds?
    Do these posters know each other? Maybe not.I cant dig through 250 posts again now in different threads trying to re-find it, but it seems the same 4 names enough to put this into my awareness and make me think of it.
    1 or 2 people I could see. But the odds of FOUR people? the same ones?
    Hmmm. Funny how it "doesn't jive" all that much with the fan vote. (and no, it doesnt have to)...I dunno. Just seems a bit odd and remote. You and I might pick the same top 1 or 2, but what are the odds we'd pick the same 4? I suppose I could be wrong, but it was enough to activate a gut feeling. I just dont think things are that clear n definite yet.

    • LaVerne says:

      Maybe some of these fans you noticed don't bother with the online voting process. For example, I don't vote. I used to - but with taking the time to vote 10 times a day - ugh. The other aspect is that while we posters hash out our feelings, there may be the power of persuasion at work to convince other posters who is rising to the top and why. It's just human nature.

    • JLF says:

      Perhaps the viewers are astute at separating the posers from the true contenders and there are 4 fairly obvious contenders. Actually, I think I see more like 6 names being repeated in multiple entries, and I don't see that as some sort of on-line scam to get pre-selected contestants voted in. I have yet to vote, so I'm not contributing to any ballot box stuffing conspiracy, but I do favor several of the stated lead runners.

      • Food Fan says:

        Not a problem. I might favor some of them myself.
        No one was accused of not being astute.
        I dont know that its any sort of "scam", at all. I wouldnt make more out of it than what i intended.
        I just thought I might've seen a lil' more variety, in the people who name 4 names at once. More so when it doesnt match with the current fan votes.
        Then again, as I think about it more, with thousands of us all across the country, odds are also, that some are bound to pick the same 4.
        While many of us probably already have a few we like and dont like, I dont think things are obvious this early on who the winner should be.
        People can like and vote for whoever they want. Carry on!...

    • Jerilee says:

      I don't Facebook or Twitter. I don't vote either. Some of us posters just choose to make our own choices. We watch the show and make our decision based on what we see and hear (mostly what we see, we don't get to hear everything). We can only go by what the judges tell us is good, we can't smell or taste the offerings. Some I suppose have read bios or looked up contestants on line. I don't know any of the posters, just through posting. Perhaps some in the same approximate age group pick the same contestant based on their own cooking ability. Some may pick according to their own age group. Still others pick based on looks! Why is it funny it "doesn't jive"? The fan vote, in my opinion, is popularity. I dont put a lot of weight in it.

  4. [...] the article here: Team Giada: Down to Four This entry was posted in Food Network and tagged challenge, comfortable, giada, josh, lyons, [...]

  5. Guest says:

    Josh got exactly what he wanted--free publicity for his band.

  6. mel says:

    I don't particularly like this years format, its to much like Worst Cooks or some such Co-Hosted by Burrell and Flay.

    The mentor idea isn't bad but teams again take away from what this should be *But Never Is* a competition amongst individuals.

    Tushman and Foggelson always use the excuse that *Well you have to get along with others on the Network, while that may be true how many actually do that??

    The only time or the main time is around the Holidays and there are plenty of Hosts that are *Never on or in any of those shows*.

    This Network needs bad another *Main Chef* for a night time show like Emeril was, along with a Chinese Chef show.

  7. mel says:

    Now has to this years crop of contestants goes the only one that shows me the most is Ippy if they were to shoot the show from his home location and he was allowed to do a strictly *Hawaiian Food Format* That show would become an instant hit I believe.

    Next to him would be Lee if again they shot the show at the Winery.

    The visuals from those shows would be more inspiring that the studio effect that all the other shows portray

  8. Food Fan says:

    Yes, we all saw it coming, and its what alot of us wanted. Josh rambled too much. Too long-winded. And he got eliminated.
    I'm a bit curious. I'm pretty-sure that at the time of going home, he was #1 on the fan-list of "who should go home next?" with the most votes to be sent home.
    It'll be interesting to see if this continues--to see if the one who leaves next is also the one who matches the poll-vote. Makes ya wonder if its us deciding, or Bob T. and Susie F.
    Quite a few contenders look promising!
    At this point, I think its a bit easier to pick the next 3 we'd like to see sent home.

    But on the good side:....(in my opinion)...
    Eric is doing good. But not sure he can keep-it-going with the everything from scratch approach.
    Ippy would be something new. Has good flavors. Likeable guy.
    Martita can cook. And good energy.
    Linkie knows her kitchen (and has credentials) and is sincere/real.
    Emily is easy to listen to. Dont think we've seen her full potential yet. I'm curious.
    Wondering if Judson will lose the motivational speaker mannerisms. He may improve.
    Justin might cook good but he comes across as too serious. Flat. Even a bit of an arrogant vibe. Sorry, this one just doesnt interest me.
    Will Martie make better dishes? Will she surprise us? Dont know yet.She could.
    Wondering if Yvan will come out his shell and be bolder *too* much and go to an extreme..?
    Wondering what I might learn from Malcolm? The simple & soulful at least has my curiosity.
    Several possible contenders.
    Different people will be "hot" on different nights.
    Who will be *consistently* great? Who will improve the most?
    It'll be easier after 5 or even 6 more get sent home. Maybe they should have Two double-eliminations.
    Looking forward to next challenge. Several people have really good potential.

  9. mel says:

    less we forget folks, these shows were all shot (3-4) months ago so the winner is already chosen, and their (4) shows are already in the can.

    • Food Fan says:

      You are right.
      And even so, hundreds of us will still bother to post and comment and ask questions and offer opinions & speculations anyway.
      And I'm glad we do. Its fun to read.

    • RuthAnn says:

      While I feel certain that the shows we are seeing are already in the can; the winner has not yet been chosen. For this season FN has gone back to allowing the viewers to pick the winner, like they did Guy Fieri's year.

      • Grandma Joyce says:

        I think the comments here give Food Network ideas on what viewers across the country, and beyond, are interested in watching. Shows were offered to Kelsey Nixon, Jeffrey Saad, and others perhaps based on viewer replies (and perhaps the fan vote, but I think the comments could have more influence than the vote which could be contrived). Perhaps, a show was not offered to Penny who did offer a Middle Eastern viewpoint, her food was said to be good, but her nastiness could just not be tolerated by viewers. I know she tried to explain it away when she was on Chopped but her looks to other contestants in time of their pain did not go unnoticed by this grandma.
        I'm sorry I really did not want to comment again about Penny, was just using her as an example of a possible purpose for this link.

  10. TN Dave says:

    This might upset people that like her but Giada is the most annoying person on Food Network. That big toothy smile and the way she over accents the way she talks grates on my nerves like finger nails on a chalk board. How she ever got to have her own show is beyond me. Disagree if you wish but I just had to get this off my chest.

    • John says:

      A nice rack goes a long way.

      • Ray says:

        I was going to say that the key word TN Dave used was "chest."

      • Chef Chris says:

        John, on the episode where the bus tour occurred, did you notice Giada leaning over Alton Brown in an attempt to place her "rack" in his face? It was disgusting, but that's how she keeps her job. Otherwise, she is worthless............. Chef Boyardee could top her in a minute.

    • FanFare57 says:

      Typical male response. You guys act like hardhat construction workers who enjoy whistling to women as they walk by you.

      • Jerilee says:

        Did you know there was a survey that showed a majority of women said they were actually flattered by that???

        • FanFare57 says:

          Hi Jerilee,. Which women (if you know what I mean)?

          • Jerilee says:

            I have no idea!!! Just heard about a survey on the radio on the way to work!! Perhaps the ones on the TV look(pause) healthy????

    • Chef Chris says:

      Hi Dave. I could not possibly agree with you more. How did she get her job? Through the famous "Bob", the much hated judge on NFNS. She thought she was "pretty". No talent, no creds either. When first hired, FN ordered her to wear simple cotton blouses, buttoned up or turtlenecks. She flatly refused and said "This show is to be about sex". That's a quote from a magazine interview. I think that quote speaks volumes...... The half-dressed look makes up for the shark teeth, (oversized and over-whitened dentures), over pronounced Italian AND English, bobble head, and hook nose. I'll betcha ANYONE watching FN is able to boil water for pasta or make simple syrup. That's talent? I don't think so............... And she's a judge? Don't make me laugh! Puhleeeeeeezzzzzzeeee

      • Rosie says:

        You've really studied Giada for a while. Don't you have something better to do with your time?

    • Susan in PA says:

      Totally agree.I don't need to see your molars every time you smile. The FN keeps putting her put there as some big star, and nobody watches her. As soon as I saw this seasons format, I thought UGH, more Giada.