Team Giada: Down to Four

by in Food Network Star, May 29, 2012

Team Giada held strong in the first two episodes. Week one, Josh Lyons made it successfully through the pitch room, and then the team took home a win in week two's food tour challenge. Giada still had all five of her finalists going into week three — but not for long.

After ending up in the bottom of the Chopped desserts challenge, Josh faced the Producers' Challenge once again, and this time Giada's pitch-room plea wasn't enough to save him from elimination. Bob and Susie thought that as the front man of a rock band, Josh would be more comfortable in the spotlight, but he continued to stumble over his presentations. "I think he's talented," said Giada. "I just don't know that he was ready for this."

Hear more from Giada, Susie and Josh in his exclusive exit interview. Do you think it was Josh's time to go?

Flip through Josh’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Three.



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Comments (130)

  1. melinda says:

    I have watched NFNS every season and Love the show, I think that Martita is good if she really has the cooking chops, I also think Ippy has the chops but would get boring after a few shows. I think Emily has the skills and the presence but needs to improve some her genre of remade home classics would have more lasting power, for the most part I am not as impressed with the contestants as I was last year. Love Giada though, and she is talented, smart and beautiful, can't wait to see what happens

  2. P.T says:

    Have to comment on mentor Giada. Can't help but notice her always staring at Nikki. Yes, Giada get over yourself. Nikki is much more beautiful than you are. No reason to slam her food or her presentation. Nikki watch your back---it is evident the cat claws have come out. Hate when women do this!!!

  3. Awareness says:

    While I'm still unsold on the new format for FNS, in the very least, it's interesting & "watchable" which is probably what the network was aiming for. The comments about Giada, especially her "failed" show & lack of culinary skills, I don't know. Honestly, I understand people have different tastes. My fiancee & I are network addicts; I love Giada, he can't stand her because of the way she pronounces certain words. But really? I'm pretty sure Food Network's bio includes the fact that Giada graduated from a French cooking school & has worked at the Ritz-Carlton & Spago. I don't think you can call a show "failed" when it has won an Emmy or Giada talentless when she also works on NBC in addition to Food Network either. Not trying to knock anyone's opinions but, just saying. I haven't seen anything I'd call inappropriate behavior (besides Alton telling his team member to shut up) but guess maybe I'm not reading anything deep in the actions of someone who seems naturally outgoing.

  4. Josh Lyons FNStar says:

    thank you all for the comments :) enjoy the rest of the season of FNS. Dont forget to check out my website Cheers.

  5. Nancy says:

    I love Ippy! He is GENUINE and a real representative of his home land of Hawaii. WHY would Suzi and Bob want him to be something he is not when he tells them, honestly and sincerely that this is how his people are? He is being real and has (to me) a very clear POV. Of all the contestants on this season I would watch him or Justin's show without a doubt. Martita is beautiful but come one FN, I can't even understand her as she speaks in her foreign language most of the time......she .lost me the last time she described her "dish".