Team Alton Cracks the Top Three: Your Week Two Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, May 29, 2012

Our week two Fan Vote tally is in, and Team Giada's Martita Jara and Ippy Aiona continue to duke it out for first place. Martita regained her preseason lead this week with 24% of your votes, while Ippy stayed strong at 21%. But this week, Team Giada's sweep of the top three was broken as Team Alton's Emily Ellyn claimed third place with 11% of the vote.

Will Team Alton keep gaining momentum after their "unofficial" win in the Chopped desserts challenge?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Two Fan Vote results:

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Comments (105)

  1. Food Fan says:

    Quick side-note.
    The picture above. At the top of this thread.
    What, do you suppose they are all working on or studying?
    A shopping list?
    Mentor notes?

  2. Dinner for One says:

    I'm at the point I'm not sure who my favorite is-with the team format some are able to stay under the radar and you don't know if they can cook or not. However, Martie drives me up a wall. I got it she's old and she's been everywhere and done everything and blah blah blah. Emily also leaves me unsettled. She reminds me of that church lady from the early 70's that was good friends with my grandmother and was going to make me like meatloaf. In any case, the show is decent entertainment. Whoever wins will wind up with some show at 6:00 AM on Sunday while the network continues to show marathons of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Chopped.

    • Jerilee says:

      Oh, you get all those re-runs too?

    • SGO says:

      You're totally right! Why isn't Aarti being given a weekday slot? The only time I ever saw her was on that Chopped: All Stars episode.

  3. suzy says:


    This is one MESSED UP SLOPPY SITE. Why can't you hire someone who knows how to post a site that can be navigated?
    And why in the world for example, are there THREE LINKS to one site??

  4. Guest says:

    Something is wrong with the voting... Martita is cheating... Fix this problem please webmaster.

    • Guest says:

      I am also highly suspect of this. Why not use a log in or a captcha if you really want to control who the true fan favorite is. Speaking from experience, the site is just way too open to the use of bots. Therefore, it turns into a contest of who has the geekiest friends who can hack the system.

    • Vinny says:

      It comes down to who has more friends (Or I guess, who promotes themselves more) on Facebook, Twitter....go do a Google search. I think I've seen radio interview on youtube of Martita so she put herself out there. The Latin community is HUGE in southern California.

      I'm also unclear what the voting even means. I mean, they reset it each week....if "The Network" is eliminating people...what the heck do the votes do? I don't think they mean anything.

      • Sara says:

        Not sure they do anything either besides force people to vote between one or the other in the end. For example, right now, Martita has 20% of the vote for THIS WEEK and has been in the top 3 all along. Say she goes home this Sunday. All those votes are now useless because she's prevented from acquiring any additional. Doesn't make much sense...

      • SkepticalFan says:

        If you think about it realistically, how many friends you have wouldn't matter. Most people have lives outside of this show, and unless they are absolute believers or followers, are going to stop voting simply because it is too inconvenient, takes too long, whatever. I guarantee if you ask a hundred friends on your friend's list, only a handful would continue voting religiously. There are several people on here who discuss the show daily, and have admitted they do not vote. I may have used a different google from you, but when I googled Martita, and Malcolm, I came up with almost identical first pages, and Malcolm is at 2%? Yvan is another example. He has the whole Venezuela, and according to you, it would stand to reason that he would have the support of the Latin community also, yet again, he is at 2% also.

        Perhaps the network put the fan vote out there to see who America would like to watch on TV for a potential future deal? Just because you couldn't hack it under reality show pressure does not mean you can't still be good on TV.

        • Vinny says:

          I'm still not clear how the votes come into play here with this format but, I'm sure the network is not going to ignore how popular someone is, even if they lose. As far as Yvan goes with regards to the Latin vote....I'm not sure. I'm in California and I saw a Team Giada/Martita poster at a Jamba Juice and a few other businesses here. And while I was driving to work in the morning, I heard Martita on the radio doing an interview. I can't say I've seen Yvan anywhere else other than the old re-run of a Chopped episode that I saw. I don't think you can apply the same logic from contestant to contestant. Example....I think Ippy is likely going to get the Pacicfic Islander/Asian vote....more so than Eric....even though technically, Ippy is just Hawaiian/Italian. more likable. Eric, is more talented...but likable will get more votes ;-)

          • SkepticalFan says:

            I understand that completely. I think it would be crazy if the food network ignored the popularity of a person, but if in fact the voting is rigged as someone has suggested though, it would be bad not only for this group of contestants, but also future contestants as well as FN. I can't help but wonder though, if it is just state/city wide where the contestants live that the posters and radio shows are. Who are actually doing the marketing for the contestants? If it's the network, they should put posters of all contestants where you would be able to see it, but if the contestants themselves are actually putting up these posters, then it would be understandable that you would only see Martita's where you live, which again throws out the theory of more friends voting for one person, because there's still the rest of the country. Who knows though. It would be interesting to see how it plays out.

          • Vinny says:

            I think the whole "voting is rigged" claims are wishful thinking. People don't like it when the person they like...ain't the one getting votes (For this very same reason I stopped watching American was less about talent, more about tween girls voting. And the ones I liked, weren't getting the votes :-P). Ippy won last week. Was it rigged then? ;-) Know what I mean? Plus, they must be tracking votes because it only allows a certain number from each connection. That is a very simple thing to implement. But you CAN vote from your smart phone, laptop x 10/day etc. ...which not everyone is doing, I'm sure.

            Oh...and I would imagine if these episodes are "in the can" sort to speak, some of these finalists probably stopped promoting themselves to their friends on Facebook so we see those votes going to someone else.

          • SkepticalFan says:

            Hmmm, valid point. I would blame the voting on tween girls in this instance, but since I've seen comments about Giada's anatomy, I'm going to say middle aged men. AND I mean no offense to anyone! Lol

        • Guest says:

          I truly don't think the votes have THAT much of an impact. This can be assumed from their marketing alone. When on the show, besides the 2 second mention in the intro, do they say ANYTHING about the voting? They never remind you to vote at the end of the show. Many people I've talked to don't even know that a voting option exists this season. In addition, they are being kind of sketchy about how the voting works and what it determines vs. what weight the network has itself.

          I really agree that it is for informational purposes only, and they will weigh each competitor's overall performance throughout the season with the popularity for future appearances on other shows--not necessarily to win in the end on THIS show.

          • Cupcake says:

            Watch for silent ads during the shows

          • Vinny says:

            Is it me, or are those commercials for "Sweet Genius" creepy as hell? Specially at the end, with the strange bald guy staring at the camera.

  5. Vinny says:

    There seems to be a lot of comradery among these guys. It's kind of annoying actually. Maybe the challenges need to be more extreme. The chopped challenge was pretty awesome except, it was a lot tamer than the actual Chopped competitions. These guys were given easy ingredients and the judges were nowhere near as mean as they normally are.

  6. working mama says:

    I loved Martitas Radio ad... And being in the industry in DownTown, I see her posters at 2 of my fav restaurants/bars! I know I've been asked to vote... I just don't know what it does!? All I know is that Ceviche looked amazing!

  7. JustSaying says:

    Maybe I'm becoming a little Prudish and to be honest I don't see who's preparing my meals in a restaurant, and the sanitary conditions they're working in but to watch it on T.V. it is not very appealing to watch someone like Michelle with things sticking out of her nose and Tattoos all over her body or Malcolm with his Dreadlocks swooshing all over the place and then to realize they are preparing meals for public consumption. Could this be a possible contribution to a lot of our Food Born sicknesses. Does anyone notice you never see any Chef wash their hands before they prep their foods?

    • Vinny says:

      Yeah....I thought the same thing. If you watch Chopped...they seem to be more concerned about that kind of thing on that show than on this one.

    • Toni says:

      The nose rings bother me too. I keep thinking it's going to fall in the food.

      Does anyone else notice that Giada doesn't even really try the food? You see everyone else taking a bite or a spoonful. Not her. How can she comment without trying the food?

  8. To Skeptics says:

    I agree with the comment about, there being a lot of comraderie between the teams and on that note, i'd like to say name calling is uncessary. Someone used the word cheater. There are many things that factor into a following. it's a popularity contest and we all know Team giada is built of people who have a lot of friends. They are all so vibrant, welcominig, and even Emily (team Alton) said, team Giada could be qualified "cheerleaders" (aka the popular kids). I live in Martita's area and let me tell you, the girl is working! i've heard her on the radio, her facebook is very active, and i've seem her posters and foodnetwork literature everywhere; from any mom-and-pop, to the hottest dining spots of Downtown San Diego. I follow her facebook and she has lots of sisters, friends, and family in Southern California who all help with posting voting reminders, regularly. Ippy is another who is way up there and it's no coincidence that he is team Giada. Also, i'm glad Emily is getting up there, I like her, she adorable.

  9. AMK says:

    Interesting that they had a "Chopped" comptetion. Michele and Justin aare both "Chopped" losers. That was never mentioned. I clearly remember Michele with that hair and oeircings.

  10. Sophie says:

    I'm just waiting for the judges to ask Linkie if she can make anything other than cheesecake.

    • Guest says:

      Uhm, she only made cheesecake once?

    • vermonter says:


      How does Linkie get to stay? After this week's episode, she should have been dumped! She stuttered and stammered, does not know how to cook, and comes across as just another "dumb blonde".

      • Nancy says:

        I beg your pardon. I happen to have known Linke for several years, and she is a wonderful person, and very qualified to be the food network star. She just happens not to be dumb, but very intelligent .

        • Jerilee says:

          I have no doubt Linke is intelligent and articulate. I don't think she is "just another dumb blonde". I would welcome a baking show on TV. Not like Ace Of Cakes, but one that actually teaches baking skills. I'm kinda like RR, I can cook, but I can't bake!! Too exact, I just want to put stuff in a pan and have dinner!! If Linkie can help me make anything baked I would love her forever!!!