Caption It: Goofing Around

by in Food Network Star, May 25, 2012

This Sunday's new episode of Star is an intense one. Just when they're getting comfy in their teams, the finalists must compete against their own teammates in Chopped-style dessert battles. When the wacky mystery baskets are revealed, the finalists aren't the only ones who are stressed — their mentors are competitive, too! But no matter how heated the competition, with fun personalities like Alton, Giada and Bobby, there's always time for a lighthearted moment like this one. Alton's goofing around on the judges' panel has Giada in stitches.

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this silly moment in the comments below.


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Comments (62)

  1. PaPete says:

    Looks like a war zone here.

  2. Rosie says:

    Bobby says, "Watching Alton eat like that, turns me off this food."

  3. Wicked says:

    "Hey, Alton - you really need to remove the shells of the shrimp before you eat it."

  4. Jerilee says:

    Giada: "if you can't talk and eat at the same time, shut up and eat.". Alton: "yes, mam. Sorry."

  5. Brian says:

    To add to my previous post I say stop treating these Chefs like they are criminals. They are NOT. They are aspiring Chefs. Let them compete and let us watch without your ridiculous uneeded drama.

  6. 1Dishy says:

    *Bobby Flay to Giada:* Did someone bread and deep fry Alton's tongue?

    • 1Dishy says:

      Why the thumbs down? To me it looks like he is sticking out his tongue and it has been breaded and deep fried. Sorry. Maybe ya'll have a better caption for this than I do.

  7. Mary Woods says:

    Just turned the tv off, I have always loved food network, but these food network stars are acting like stuck up snobs, just being plain rude to the contestents. I dont know if I will ever watch Alton again and he has always been a fovorite. I dont know if it's the bosses idea that it's cool for these guys to be acting this way, I have news for you, not cool at all.

    • Jerilee says:

      Glad you turned off TV. Don't need to stress yourself.

      • 1Dishy says:

        What did I miss? I didn't see him being rude at all. Just honest.

        • JLF says:

          Whether you would say he was rude, or harsh or just tough, Alton seemed to be much edgier last nite than I've ever seen him. The other judges were all giving him "What the ___ " looks. He seemed to be almost in full panic in Marti's cook-off, and I think he crossed the line in giving her the technique of the grillpan on top of the salmon. If she couldn't think of that on her own then it was an unfair advantage to give it to her free.

          • MaryPA says:

            I know, who gave pointers to josh. That was so not right oh poor marti Im soooooo old- dah pitty party.
            Well it worked. How on earth does that gal make a living hope not cooking. Oh I can't lift this skillet I'm to old Alton darling! can you please get that.

      • FanFare57 says:

        Hahahahahahaha!!!! Your comment was the funniest one on this thread.

  8. 1Dishy says:

    The show tonight was Chopped. (Ok, stating the obvious.) These contestants have never done this before (except for Michele) and the judges were just trying to help them. Didn't you see how slow most of them were? And they only had 30 minutes to finish and plate their dish. So they were yelling out words of encouragement!! I watch Chopped all the time, and it seems that, if a chef is making something baked for a dessert, they manage to whip up the batter in about 5 minutes or so and get it in the oven to bake. Then they move on to the sauce or whatever. The contestants tonight were still whipping batter after 15 minutes had elapsed. That's why the judges were encouraging them to "get it in the oven." And when time was running out, they encouraged them to "get something on the plate!" I think that if the judges and the three team leaders had sat there speechless, I bet there would have been someone who would have had nothing on their plate. Yet you translated their remarks as "conniving?" Wow! All I have to say is watch something else next Sunday night.

  9. Debbie says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE ALTON BROWN. He reminds me of that strict teacher you had in school whose high expectations made you reach for the best. The teacher had a reputation of being hard but you ultimately knew it was because they cared. Keep up the great work and ignore the naysayers as I'm sure you already do.

  10. bweaver says:

    Alton, why do you need to be so rude to the contestants? I mean, I know you're a food "expert" and all, but does that give you a reason to treat people in such a rude manner? All that does is make you look bad, as well as FN, and if that's the way you really are then who needs to know you? My 12-year-old used to love to watch Good Eats, I'm not so sure anymore. After all, your'e just a guy, as a friend of mine used to say (no offense to polite guys out there, by the way). If you Bobby, Giadia, and Alton are supposed to be "mentors" then act like them--mentors teach, I don't think they are supposed to put their people down every chance they get, when does that ever help anyone learn anything?