Star Poll: Pick Your Dish

by in Food Network Star, May 24, 2012

For the bus tour challenge, Team Giada ended up right in their mentor's comfort zone: Arthur Avenue, the Bronx's answer to Little Italy. Maybe this added a little pressure — as Team Giada, they couldn't mess up Italian food! They stepped it up, made some tasty food and won the challenge.

Three dishes really stood out for the judges. Martita's Italian-Inspired Ceviche (pictured above) won raves; Susie Fogelson said it was one of the best ceviches she's ever tasted.

Ippy's Eggplant Zuppa, inspired by Arthur Avenue Trattoria's famous eggplant Parmesan, was another highlight: "I found all the flavors of eggplant parm in that soup," said Giada.

Linkie was out for redemption after last week's flawed Key lime pie, and her Ricotta Cannoli Cheesecake delivered. Giada loved it, and even Alton agreed: "That's not cafeteria food."

We know it's tough when you can't taste the food through the TV screen, so we have all of Team Giada's winning recipes for you to try out at home.

If you were a tourist on the Star bus tour, which of these three winning dishes would you most want to sample?

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