Star Poll: Pick Your Dish

by in Food Network Star, May 24, 2012

For the bus tour challenge, Team Giada ended up right in their mentor's comfort zone: Arthur Avenue, the Bronx's answer to Little Italy. Maybe this added a little pressure — as Team Giada, they couldn't mess up Italian food! They stepped it up, made some tasty food and won the challenge.

Three dishes really stood out for the judges. Martita's Italian-Inspired Ceviche (pictured above) won raves; Susie Fogelson said it was one of the best ceviches she's ever tasted.

Ippy's Eggplant Zuppa, inspired by Arthur Avenue Trattoria's famous eggplant Parmesan, was another highlight: "I found all the flavors of eggplant parm in that soup," said Giada.

Linkie was out for redemption after last week's flawed Key lime pie, and her Ricotta Cannoli Cheesecake delivered. Giada loved it, and even Alton agreed: "That's not cafeteria food."

We know it's tough when you can't taste the food through the TV screen, so we have all of Team Giada's winning recipes for you to try out at home.

If you were a tourist on the Star bus tour, which of these three winning dishes would you most want to sample?

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Comments (22)

  1. Logan says:

    Yes, Ippy is adorable BUT I don't think I could watch him on a regular basis . Now Linkie is a whole different story! I could watch her make mud pies er...cheesecake all day long. I'm even going to make the Cannolli cheesecake this Memorial Day! YUMM !!!!

  2. Food Fan says:

    Just thinking out loud....
    It seems that contestants fall into 3 broad categories:
    1. Those who are "on FIRE!" -and rock-the-house! :)
    2. Those you cant stand and hope they are next to be sent home.
    3. the ones who aren't really terrible, just not all that exciting or memorable.
    It will likely be tempting after the chopped challenge to start thiking of people being in this or that category. But then....i think about it some more....and I realize, whatever category a viewer may put a contestant in, it doesnt mean they will stay there. One Hot Night doesnt make a final winner. Things can change. Some peak early. Some learn and grow. Some are just "hot" and excel at most anything that is thrown at them. Who has "the Chops" AND warm likeability AND simple, clear teaching? Its early. I want the Chopped challenge to go by, and the challenge after that. Then, I wanna narrow it down to a half-dozen favorite contestants (that might be two from each team). Even then, i may change my mind later. Who will be consistently excellent over time? (grin)...i need to keep watching.

  3. girloftheworld says:

    It is hard to want to eat any of them... I would go Ippy... because he was the only one who actually described his food in an appealing way.

  4. Feaad says:

    I love chesecake it's just the best

  5. L Barnwell says:

    ok, I just went to the grocery store for the cheescake ingerdients, we can't get cannoli where I live so give me a substitute. ( i was thinking of crumbling up fortune cookies?) My grandaughter and I are cheesecake lovers. Going to make this for her graduation!

    • Cheryl <> says:

      You might try vanilla wafers other recipes call for them in cannoli cheesecake. I'd search on-line for a desired recipe to be safe. The fortune cookies might work...who knows, but I'd be leery about taking the risk right now with such an important event. Good Luck.

  6. Rueben says:

    I voted for Ippy's eggplant zuppa! The ceviche looks like there is too much juice, but I would definitely try it too. I also would like to try Linkie's dessert!

  7. StaceyF88 says:

    I have to say it was Ippys that made me want to look in the refrigerator only to find nothing close in comparison! On that note, did anyone find it disturbing that Michele obviously lied in her presentation about her " I love catfish," comment when away from the challenge she basically felt catfish is not good enough for her high standards? And she doesn't like it at all really? She even admitted she was "selling" the product...
    It just really turned me off of Michele.and I liked her until this point so I'm rather dissapointed. I just feel how can I trust that your recipes are good when you can so easily lie to people for your own gain? J's :) but I love Alton Brown hes awesome and also a fellow Georgian so hes definitely the team I'm rooting for!

  8. Becky says:

    I think I must have overlooked it, but didn't I see the cannoli recipe posted somewhere? I want to try and make it! It looks delish! That ceviche looks like something I saw after a long night out though. Blech.

  9. Kid Croat says:

    Glad to see the "Rock Star" go. Real food and rock don't go together. Good stiff whiskey and beer, yes. BBQ and blues, Hungarian food and rhapsodies, caviar, champagne and balalaikas, German sausages and oompapa (sp), chiles rellenos and mariachi, are all fine, but rock? Then he started fusing Asian with Danish--good luck!