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by in Food Network Star, May 23, 2012

Last Sunday’s episode of Star brought the finalists out of the kitchen and onto the streets of New York City, tasked with creating and presenting in their own way a dish or product specific to their team’s neighborhood. While Team Giada found Italian comfort in the Bronx’s Little Italy on Arthur Avenue and Team Bobby discovered the soul food-heavy cuisine of Harlem, Team Alton headed downtown to explore the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a once predominantly Jewish neighborhood specializing in Eastern European cooking.

Judson was left to spearhead the presentation of pickles after his teammates chose pastrami sandwiches, bialys and matzo. How would he feature this salty-sour specialty that's usually eaten as a snack, a side, a burger topping or a condiment in a creative, unique dish that the judges would relish? "I'm not really feeling it," Judson admitted.

Many fans live-Tweeted with questions and comments about Judson’s potentially sour situation, which leads us to our Fan Tweet of the Week (pictured above) from @AlexisSykut.

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Comments (27)

  1. Elise says:

    He should have gone home. Guess he knew when to turn on the tears.

    • Food Fan says:

      Speaking of crying, it reminds me of something else.
      It sure would be nice this year, if we could vote for whoever does best, and not vote for whoever has the best sob-story (the Pity vote). .i.e.."my dad owned a restaurant. He died and his last wish was that...someday..i would carry on...for him..for the kids...the neighborhood...the city..and on and on. Its SUCH a buzz-kill. No one wishes bad on anyone, but thats not at all why I watch anyone's show! Rather, its because your FOOD "Rocks!"--and i like YOU.
      Not yer childhood, health problems, divorce or history or family struggles.
      Thats what we have the magazines up front at the grocery check-outs for.

  2. Shirley Chua says:

    Giada's dresses are getting shorter and shorter and seems really inappropriate. What's up with that??

  3. CCPA says:

    I guess we can thank food tv for allowing less drama this season. Unlike last season where I immediately lost interest in the show and respect in Judge Susie and Giada for their defending of Penny who caused all the drama.

  4. caroline says:

    I really hope this show gets ride of Emily I don't really like her all that much

  5. caroline says:

    I'm not sure maybe she seems fake to me maybe she will grow on me we will wait n see

  6. Ron says:

    Actually I preferred last years bunch to this year. Giada has the only team members I would watch if they had their own show. Bobby and Alton have mostly members that are unwatchable.

    Someone mentioned Giad'a's short dresses. Are you serious? You need to get out more. Geeze.

  7. Lake girl says:

    Get ride of Alton he just has no personality ! !!

  8. Gator nation says:

    I agree that Penny drove me nuts last year. Ive seen her on a couple of shows this year and haven't changed my mind about her. I think there is some talent there this year but I think there have been stronger competitors in the past

  9. Barly says:

    This show used to be my #2 favorite cooking competiton (#1-Top Chef), but I find this season really uninteresting. The show is saturated with Food Network Stars (which we see all the time) and it's more about them than the competitors. I like the old format much better and probably won't watch the rest of this season.

  10. JPMontnana says:

    OMG,,,,,Alton is as rude as I have seen. If this is what you think brings in the viewer you should rethink!!