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by in Food Network Star, May 23, 2012

Last Sunday’s episode of Star brought the finalists out of the kitchen and onto the streets of New York City, tasked with creating and presenting in their own way a dish or product specific to their team’s neighborhood. While Team Giada found Italian comfort in the Bronx’s Little Italy on Arthur Avenue and Team Bobby discovered the soul food-heavy cuisine of Harlem, Team Alton headed downtown to explore the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a once predominantly Jewish neighborhood specializing in Eastern European cooking.

Judson was left to spearhead the presentation of pickles after his teammates chose pastrami sandwiches, bialys and matzo. How would he feature this salty-sour specialty that's usually eaten as a snack, a side, a burger topping or a condiment in a creative, unique dish that the judges would relish? "I'm not really feeling it," Judson admitted.

Many fans live-Tweeted with questions and comments about Judson’s potentially sour situation, which leads us to our Fan Tweet of the Week (pictured above) from @AlexisSykut.

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Comments (27)

  1. Phineus says:

    Judson should've made a dill pickle soup. Dill pickle soup is delicious!

    • Cheryl <> says:

      How right you are! That's definitely what dish I would have went for. Such an unexpected flavor profile for those whose never tasted it.

    • Jerilee says:

      Dill pickle soup is yummy!! So is a fried pickle (with corn dog crunchy crust).

  2. beachinfrizzy says:

    He definitely drew the short straw out of that group. I'd think it would be a whole lot easier to come up with an interesting bite with the more neutral, versatile ingredient like Justin's bialy or Emily's matzoh and Martie had a deli full of choices to inspire her. However instead of only using the sour pickles that the pickle store was famous for, he should have chosen an additional product with a different flavor profile (maybe a stuffed hot cherry pepper?) or at least a different style of cucumber pickle (sweet, dill, garlic). That could have given him an opportunity to compare/contrast the flavors by using them in recipes to highlight the variety of the shop's offerings (love the dill pickle soup idea, phineus!) rather than just doing 'cole slaw two ways'. His presentation sounded disingenuous and scripted because...well, it was.

  3. Rueben says:

    Hahahahahaha! That is a funny tweet. In a pickle with pickles! He should have fried them. Fried pickles are the bomb!

  4. vert2013 says:

    While Judson definitely had a tough ingredient, he also passed up the others. He could have volunteered for any of the other 3 but he didn't. He waited for something better to come along and he got stuck with pickles.

  5. Food Fan says:

    Pickles are a tough ingredient.
    I agree--contrast the flavor with different types.
    Also, (i noticed this right away) DO volunteer for the 1st or 2nd thing when yer team-captain is asking who wants this-n-that! Dont be stuck with the last thing that nobody else wants.
    The part I'm waiting for, is to see if and when, any contestant makes the same type of food as someone who already has a much Carttiness will there be? Will anyone feel threatened by a newcomer? Territory might get invaded, so we gotta find ways to not like so-n-so's food? This is why I think anyone who has a show now should be kept out of judging and probably not even give feedback at all to the people who are judging. Think about it. You apply for a new job. You are interviewed and a boss either will or wont hire you.
    Does that Boss take a Poll of all the current employees to see if they like you before he/she hires you? No. Why do it here?
    I'm wondering what steps Food Network will take to minimize "Cattiness."

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  7. girloftheworld says:

    He was in a bit of pickel. But the pouting and whinning was off putting

    • Food Fan says:

      He has to get away from the motivational speaker/salesman thing.
      And maybe he will.
      But he needs to.
      Alton was right. Dont sell me. Just tell me.

  8. markohio says:

    I made a similar observation on the selection of items. Each team seems to have one or two people that jump right away on the options, leaving the others to get the last item, many times that last item is something that person does not want to do. Hopefully, they will learn to speak up more quickly to grab something sooner that they may want to do, rather than hesitating. Another thing to do, is when this type of choice comes up, each mentor could allow the person who got last picks the last time to get first pick the next time. I know it would be something else for the mentors to keep track of, but some people are just faster at responding to choices and getting their choice.

  9. Getinmybelly says:

    I've been to The Pickle Guys and they have such a variety, he could have done a lot more. They even have pickled pineapple - it's delicious with a hint of clove.