Team Bobby’s First Farewell

by in Food Network Star, May 22, 2012

Team Bobby was riding high after taking home the first win of the season, only to come crashing back to reality in Episode Two. On their food tour of Harlem, caterer and fitness guru Kara Sigle hoped a strong presentation would distract from her lifeless chicken and waffles. Unfortunately, she stumbled, lost focus and completely forgot to tell the crowd — and the judges — about her dish at all. She wasn't surprised to end up in the Producers' Challenge, going head-to-head against Judson to create the ultimate potato dish and make it memorable.

When Bob and Susie decided that Team Alton's Judson was the better gamble to keep around another week, he was the one who shed tears. Kara left the competition with her head held high and still hopes to see Team Bobby come out on top. "They become your family immediately," she said of her team. "I think they’re going to go all the way. That’s the final four right there."

Hear more from Bobby, Susie and Kara in her exclusive exit interview. Do you think she deserved to go home so soon?

Flip through Kara’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Two.


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  1. Food Fan says:

    While we're waiting for more people to discover this new thread and start posting....I thought I'd share something:
    Have you ever noticed this?...

    A contestant submits an audition-video to become a contestant on the Next Food Network Star. In his or her video, they look into the camera, and seem at ease.
    And yet---when they *are* a contestant and on camera, they tense up quite a bit more and are more nervous. Why do you think this is?
    In one sense, I can agree with you if you say it should be obvious...but aside from that.....if we say "a camera is a camera" and if they can relax in front of their own camera, why not just pretend the TV studio camera is "your" camera and show the world yer stuff--and Go Forth like a confident Champion! ??
    Yes...America is watching.
    Yes...its fast paced...and new.
    But they all knew it would be, going in to this.
    And if they can look into their own camera and be at ease, why do you think it isnt easier for them to just pretend the studio camera is "their" Camera and do better on that aspect of things? Any opinions?

    • Info says:

      Check out recent old posts for new hits.

    • vert2013 says:

      I think it's because they are often put on the spot with little time to reherse. When they submit their audition tape, they have been able to go over what they want to say as many times as they want and tape it as many times as they want. Also, they're often presenting a dish that they came up with on the fly, as to their audition tape which is probably a dish that they've made a thousand times.

      • Betty Crocker says:

        I agree, and I would imagine that knowing what comes out of their mouths next, in addition to whatever food they've created, could result in them going home, probably adds to the nerves.

  2. markohio says:

    I am looking very forward to a "Chopped' competition. I think this style of competition will show some separation between those that can really cook and create on the fly! On another note, why does Alton always have to look so dour on the show? When I saw him a few years ago in Cleveland at the Fabulous Food Show, he was very entertaining, with quite a sense of humor. Many people here seem to think with having the three teams, the show will try to keep the teams even as they go through eliminations. I think we should all reserve judgement as the show progresses. So far, no one seems to dispute the first two that were eliminated. As you all know, it will get tougher after the first few are eliminated, as in past shows.

    • Food Fan says:

      The Chopped competition will test their ability to be creative and think on their feet.
      So far, I think the right people have been sent home. I want to give the new format a chance.
      Im sure we're in for unexpected surprises.
      Past seasons have shown that fairly often, whoever is loved and doing great early-on, is often not the eventual winner in the end. And different people will be "hot" on different competitions.
      I hope Food Network isnt looking to "fill a niche" this time around. I hope they are looking for a new Cook who can do it all. Show "Range." And be good at a wide variety of foods. I hope the judges tell us viewers early on.
      It'll be fun to see which contestants do best in a variety of settings and show skill and growth and adaptability and genuineness.

      • Ry33 says:

        I agree with your 'fill a niche' sentiment. Martita is good but the network doesn't exactly need her. 'Mexican Made Easy' just began a new season. Plus 'Viva Daisy' & 'Simply Delicioso' didn't last very long.

  3. vert2013 says:

    I'm pretty sure everyone is going to disagree with me but I don't see how having Little Italy gave Team Giada any advantage. If Giada was presenting yeah it would have been a huge advantage, but her team was just as familiar with LIttle Italy as the other teams were with their neighborhoods.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      I was going to disagree, vert (I mean, who isn't familiar with Italian food? Russian/Jewish, "soul food", not so much)...but thinking about it, when Giada said "Arthur Avenue!" her team initally stared at her like, huh? Linkie had no clue about canolli. Whereas for Bobby, Michelle and Malcom were psyched for Harlem immediately, and on Team Alton, Justin jumped at the bialys and Emily was all, "I'll do matzoh! I'm all over matzoh!" So you're right, each of the teams had contestants who were familiar and unfamiliar with their assigned foods. Thumbs up! : )

  4. Rueben says:

    Bye Kara! Good luck! Anxiously awaiting next week's episode with Chopped baskets. This episode should bring out the creative genius in everyone deserving to be on the show.

  5. beachinfrizzy says:

    Kara's attitude did her in (I'll leave the 'it was Bobby's team's turn to have someone go' conspiracy theories to others for the moment). There were contestants on all 3 teams who either didn't like or were unfamiliar with what they ended up with. Michelle hated catfish but gave it a go (unfortunately her slider wasn't very good...looked like McDonalds); Linkie had no clue about cannolli but tried to relate it to her familiar cheesecake; Martita did a successful job of applying Italian flavors to a Mexican technique (ceviche). Kara had such a bitchface when Harlem was many times did she complain that she wasn't 'comfortable' with soul food? Fried chicken and waffles? Sounds yummy to me! : )
    But seriously, instead of trying to imitate Sylvia's recipe exactly (destined to fail), she should have taken inspiration from the flavorings...maybe created a spiced chicken wrap using a buttermilk pancake flavored with the spices that were mentioned, or some kind of crepe or beggar's purse with a crunchy nugget of fried chicken inside.

    • Olehshalom says:

      beachin that is really point on. Kara croaked herself into elimination and I the way I see it was she sort of had a culinary bias towards the "Harlem Soul Food". When I was in culinary school the one thing is that adaptability is the greatest tool in being successful. And so true it is. I am still going to stay behind Michelle Ragussis, Martita, and Ippy. They seem to be the strongest but yet that may change. I am surprised like that of chopped none of them knew what adaptability is about. Thanks for the insight beach truly appreciate it. :)

    • Food Fan says:

      (grin). I think you're right.
      Its not nice to "tempt the Gods." Meaning: if a contestant acts like they rocked, and have it in the bag, they will often lose. Humbleness works better. Yet, I have faith in the judges to see thru being dis-in-genuine, too.
      Also, not n ice to tempt the Gods with "I dont do _______ (name an ingredient)." or saying something is lousy (even if it is). Just dont say it. Making an effort to do-the-best-with-what-ya-got and take a positive attitude and say (if they say anything): "It's a challenge, But I'm gonna do my best and see how good I can make this!" Much better.
      On the flip side---I have seen in past season people (in my opinion) acting overly-humble with the "I'm going home" as if they'll be kept out of pity.
      Bobby had a great point early on this season (even though it applies to all seasons)---Be Genuine!

    • Athena says:

      You need to be on this show, beachinfrizzy. That spiced chicken wrap sounded awesome! :)

  6. former fan says:

    Not loving this version of FNStar. I think it contrived. Not that anyone cares. I think the only reason Bobby lost a member was that they didn't want Alton to lose 2 in a row. How many times could they say that the guy on Alton's team really didn't meet the challenge with the potato being the star? Yet he won. Big surprise. I'm not thrilled with the "all or nothing" wins. The first week, the guy from "wine country" should have gone home but because the team won.... please. It sucks this year FN.

    • anneeee says:

      Finnally someone who understands what im thinking about this years fn star! Theres no way that fn would get rid of altons two weeks in a row........that would mean that giada or altons team member goes home next.... food network is getting very perdictable! :(

    • MC1 says:

      What saved Judson (from Alton's team) most was that in the last episode he was one of the best, while Kara didn't impress either week with her personality. Each of the team's has people who should be trimmed - if Josh (from Giada's team) is eliminated next week its less that the team's should be balanced, and more that he probably would have been eliminated this week if Giada's entire team wasn't safe.

    • Frankie says:

      I agree with you. Judson should have went home he did not star the potato in the challenge I think what saved him was he is a sniviling little crybaby God be a MAN about it i am writing this as i am watching the new episode and he is whining already They made a mistake they should have kept Kara

  7. beachinfrizzy says:

    Contrived is right, former fan. Also pathetically derivative. After Restaurant Wars last week (oops, wrong network), I wonder just how many will to be told "You're Fired" (oops, wrong big-time celebrity judge) before the tribes merge (oops, wrong concept) and the bottom two complete a timed challenge using a secret ingredient to keep in the running to become the Next Iron Chef (oops, wrong designation), ultimately hanging their fate on who the voters want to see as their American Idol (oops, wrong industry).

    Although I am curious to see what items are contained in next week's mystery baskets (oops, wrong TVFN show). Silly me, "mystery baskets" is the gimmick for Chopped. Oh, wait...

    • Food Fan says: wheels are turning.
      ..."before the tribes merge"---(3 teams)...and then....eventually, 2 final contestants...and then at that point, suppose that:..."the bottom two complete a timed challenge using a secret ingredient to keep in the running " be the next FoodNetwork STAR...and then, a final Fan-vote as people: ..."want to see as their American Idol."--(in this case next FoodNetwork STAR). It would be interesting to save the 1st paragraph of yer post, above...maybe tape it to the Fridge....and at the end of this season, see how close it comes to how things play out.
      it may go quite differently.
      But now you've got me curious. :)

    • Dan's mom says:

      Speaking of Chopped, I wonder how they will work Giada's team since there are five members as opposed to four members on both Bobby's and Alton's teams. Usually the Chopped episodes begin with four chefs.
      What do you think?

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        My guess is there will be a 'Quickfire' type challenge (hey they took Restaurant Wars from Top Chef, so why not) at the start of the episode; someone from Giada's team will win and get an 'immunity' to sit out the Chopped round, and maybe even get to sit as a 'judge'.

  8. Food Fan says:

    The only thing that bugs me (not really that bad, but a lil' bit) about Chopped is:
    In Real Life---who would ever put such an odd combination of wildly different ingredients in the same meal? I dont cook like that. Do you?
    On the Positive side--it IS a really good way to test someone's ability to think on their feet and be creative now.
    I would enjoy seeing TWO more competitions where contestants are told: Tonight, there is no list of ingredients. There is no specific dish to make. Tonight--its YOUR Call. Impress us! Make anything you want for us. Just show us what you can do and knock-it-outta-the-park. Go for it!
    Better still, let the judges AND everyday-public-people sample/taste the food...sorta like when Bobby Flay had people eat the food at a Throwdown.
    But Im also curious to see what the team-captains come up with this year. Its gonna be fun to watch. :)

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      The odd combinations make it a challenge and more fun to watch...can you imagine if they said "your ingredients are: tomatoes...angel hair pasta....littleneck clams...and garlic flavored croutons. " That said, did you notice that during the Chopped Championship and Celebrity All Stars episodes, there was a conspicuous lack of such curveball ingredients as gummy worms, marshmallow fluff and Cheez whiz?

      • Food Fan says:

        True. The wild ingredients will make interesting.
        I hafta say I missed the championships. I only tune into chopped now n then. But enough to know what it is and how strange the food-combo's can be.
        With Chopped, a contestant knows where they stand. No mincing words.
        This was good and here's why I liked it. This was bad, and it was bad because____________. I do like how definite and very specific the feedback is.
        Sometimes, I sit-n-think of my own wild combinations: (for example)
        Crab meat
        Black licorice
        shredded carrots
        There. That oughtta get 'em! hehehehe

  9. channel says:

    What the heck is wrong with Alton... giving his team such UNINSPIRING FOOD for the food tour challenge... even Julia Childs is rolling over... c'mon making meat loaf from card board... caviar on a bagel... just killing the joy of cookin'.. even the judges knew it and gave the team a break

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Oh I don't know, I thought Willy Wonka's Matzoh Factory was interesting...or maybe Emily's enthusiasm just made it interesting?

  10. FanFare57 says:

    I finally got to see the entire recent show. Geesh, JOSH! What a long winded and pointless ramble. The story wasn't even funny. At least he didn't somersault into the bus' cabin and end up on the tourists' laps. In addition, his homage to the great sausage was very pedestrian. I could have prepared that. As for Bobby's loss - what goes up, must come down. Kara was as dull as dishwater. I did think her potato dish looked good in the cute kettle she used to serve it. However, I also thought Judson't potato crusted salmon looked very good AND it was something different.

    • Cheryl <> says:

      I think some of the food being prepared needs to be ramped up too. Ho hum. No I don't want to do the show but some of the stuff being made, unbelieveably novice! Hopefully we will have a better kick-off on creativity with this next episode.

      • Food Fan says:

        I would like to alot more of:
        "here's something a-little-more-beyond-the-basics, but I'm gonna show you just how EASY it is to do it, and impress yer family n friends."
        I think we want more people to learn cooking, and thats good!, but then to get them interested, we sometimes make it too basic. I dont want 17 ingredients, but something simple but kicked up a notch might be really fun. This is where easy-to-follow teaching skills come in. :)

    • Jerilee says:

      That was rather long and pointless. His dish was not inspiring at all. I totally could go for that salmon.

      • Food Fan says:

        Salmon is yummy!
        Long-winded stories that ramble, are not.
        Be informative. Tell why you like this dish. Keep it short.
        "Last night I went I went to "Eddie's Place" in downtown New York. Tried their ________. One bite and I was in Looovve! It has A, B, and C in it. YUM! Today, Im sharing the same dish I loved, with all of you. Enjoy!"
        There. how long did it take to say that? What it is. Where its from. Whats in it. Enthusiasm. Brief. :)