Team Bobby’s First Farewell

by in Food Network Star, May 22, 2012

Team Bobby was riding high after taking home the first win of the season, only to come crashing back to reality in Episode Two. On their food tour of Harlem, caterer and fitness guru Kara Sigle hoped a strong presentation would distract from her lifeless chicken and waffles. Unfortunately, she stumbled, lost focus and completely forgot to tell the crowd — and the judges — about her dish at all. She wasn't surprised to end up in the Producers' Challenge, going head-to-head against Judson to create the ultimate potato dish and make it memorable.

When Bob and Susie decided that Team Alton's Judson was the better gamble to keep around another week, he was the one who shed tears. Kara left the competition with her head held high and still hopes to see Team Bobby come out on top. "They become your family immediately," she said of her team. "I think they’re going to go all the way. That’s the final four right there."

Hear more from Bobby, Susie and Kara in her exclusive exit interview. Do you think she deserved to go home so soon?

Flip through Kara’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Two.


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  2. Nadia says:

    There was almost no reason to watch this episode because it was sort of obvious Giada would win because she choose little Italy for her place and team bobby already won. That means some one from bobby or alton goes home, but since alton already lost a person, it's going to be bobby.
    I'm willing to bet that alton will win the next challenge and some one from Giada goes home, preferably josh.

    • vert2013 says:

      I have to disagree. While yes Giada is a primarily Italian chef, her team isn't. They didn't even know that Aurther Ave was Little Italy until she told them. If Giada was presenting than yeah that would have been an unfair advantage but her team knew just as much about their neighborhood as the other teams knew about theres.

    • garden_diva says:

      I agree on all of those points. I like the new format so far but feel it will probably all be laid out as you said, one team losing one week, another the next and so one until there is only one member from each team. I feel set up in watching this series sometimes. I predict they will go for Ippy (who I do like) or (shoot, can remember his name right now) the "Does he wear lipstick or Not" guy. The others seem to not have a fresh POV. That's MHO. - cat

  3. anneeee says:

    These chefs aren't half as talented as last year!! bob and susie should get rid of like half of them in the next challenge cause its so obvious that none of them will win anyways.......

    • Food Fan says:

      But what makes you say that?
      Any examples? Who?
      and Why? What about them?

      • anneeeee says:

        Susie, penny, chris, jeff, and many others had the talents (amazing chefs) but also very entertaining personalitys! You have to admit that Yes chris was very immature but he actually had a very funny and bubbly personality! I'd rather watch him run around the kitchen then for example Kara (who just went home) because most of the chefs this year are just really boring to watch on camera...thats why foodnetwork star should have more challenges of persenting there dishes on camera like last year :) that way susie and bob know who persents well or who flops.

        • ksponar says:

          Penny was entertaining only to the people that watch "Jersey Shore" or whatever MTV-like garbage.

          Doesn't matter if she could cook, she was a completely AWFUL person. She still acted like a jerk in the Chopped competition, onyl with a bigger ego. Glad she didn't win.

          • Food Fan says:

            I'm ssoooo tired of all the drama.
            Hopefully, this new format will at least -reduce- the drama and cattiness.
            I dont even like it when contestants comment on other contestants.
            I wish Food Network would ask the person *themself* how they think they are doing or what they are feeling, rather than contestants judging/rating/advising others or announcing how someone else is feeling.

          • annneeee says:

            I completely agree with you about penny! she IS an awful person! I wasnt saying she was good but you have to admit that there really isnt anything DRAWING people in about the season.....when people see the NEXT TIME ON FN STAR Last year they saw little clips about pennys rudeness and it drew them people say"oooo i wanna see how this plays out.." Nothing about this seasons format draws me in IDK about u.

        • Food Fan says:

          I didnt see Chris as funny. I couldnt wait for him to just shut up.

          I agree that I wouldnt wanna watch Kara run around the kitchen, either.
          But to me, they are people who got eliminated and then we found the true Gems of the group and saw them develop & shine, later.
          Soon enough, I bet we'll see viewers deciding on the favorite 3 or 4 they'd like to see win, and who they'd love to send home next. But its still early. Even if we said right now...we may change our mind 3 shows later.

    • FanFare57 says:

      I guess talent is in the eye of the beholder. It's not obvious that "none of them will win"... Obviously, ONE of them WILL win. It will come down to the last person standing. Who that is, is still too soon to say.

  4. Athena says:

    Hurry up, Sunday! Can't wait to see what is in the chefs' Chopped baskets!

    • Food Fan says:

      The "Chopped Challenge" will definitely be a lesson Creativity.

    • Jerilee says:

      Should be interesting since Michelle has Chopped experience. To really see who does best all should be sequestered and have identical baskets!!! But that probably won't happen.

      • FanFare57 says:

        I agree with you. Yvan has "Chopped" experience as well. I like Chopped because it's always interesting to see how the chefs put together an edible dish out of disparate ingredients.

  5. susan says:

    What we need to watch is something new and fresh! I love Michele. She has a style of cooking. New England. I would love to cook more fish, not the crap they sell in stores.. talapia, catfish etc. give me real fish! How about a real New England Clam Chowda. Let's see a real chef and learn to cook. Not that Alton Brown kind of ridiculous "Pee Wee Herman"kind of show or Giada, I've had enough of her style already big time over kill. And who voted for Artie! Are you kidding me. PL
    EASE lets get back to cooking some really good food. VOTE MICHELE!!

    • Maria says:

      I definitly agree with you on that about Giada!!! Enough! But I loved Alton's remark when he was announcing where each team would be much she "paid" to get her team to Lil' Italy!!! I loved it!!!

      • LISN says:

        Alton's facial expression was disdainful and envious. There was no attempt at humor there. Just some sour grapes.

    • akrock says:

      I maybe would vote for her if she took her nose ring out and didn't stand there hunched over with her hands on her hips looking like a line backer!

    • Robert Ostrowski says:

      Susan - I am all in favor of Michelle being the NFNS. Speaking about a real NE Clam Chowda, that is my NUMBER ONE FOOD FAYVORITE! I have very fond memories of being introduced to it in July of 1988 when my family and I were in Boston and Cape Cod for the FIRST TIME IN OUR LIVES! We went to Legal Seafoods of Boston and in Cape Cod, the Lobster Pot in Provincetown, and both of those places, along with Captain Parker's Pub in West Yarmouth, are where I will go every day for nothing less than a WHOLE HEAPIN' KETTLE-ful of the good stuff if I one day retire to there. And if Rachael Ray can do so to manage on $40.00/day, so can I - and WILL.

  6. John Lapham says:

    Next week will be in huge favor of Michelle and team Bobby as Michelle as already appeared on an episode of Chopped. Which I feel gives her an unfair advantage. Im not disrespecting her in anyways, however I feel this will be an unfair advantage for team Bobby.

    • Athena says:

      Yvan was on Chopped too.

    • FanFare57 says:

      Yes, Michelle (& Yvan) have the advantage for the Chopped challenge. However, it's no more unfair than if a Polynesian theme (for Ippy) or a dessert challenge (for Linkie) crops up. Each of the cheftestants may be advantaged due to their individual experiences and / or POV.

      • Food Fan says:

        I hafta disagree, somewhat, here. You are right about themes & advantages.

        However, I make a distinction between that---and:
        having already used a certain kitchen before and:
        having already gone before specific judges before.
        Thats a different sort of advantage.

  7. MaryPA says:

    WOW- that was oh so quick/who knows what they're looking for, they do! hum!!
    Will see, keep it chopping!!

  8. Food Fan says:

    to MaryPA,
    Your online name, above, is displayed in Blue. Not Black, like John Lapham's above your post. Also, your's has a "65p" highlighted in yellow and his does not.
    How did you get yours set up this way? Any info appreciated. I didnt see any Help section to click on.

    • Teachmetocook says:

      I think when the person's name is in blue... It is linked to their facebook or twitter. ( not positive)

      Also Yvan was on chopped as well... So michelles not the only one with cooking chops! i like him. I dont care about all the haters.

      • Food Fan says:

        Thank you!
        That would make sense. Mine isnt in Blue and I'm not on Facebook or twitter.
        I appreciate the reply.

    • MaryPA says:

      Hi Food Fan
      I joined the blog about 6 years back at the HGTV site. I think the intense debate site.
      Watson a guy at the site created this new area, which many didn't feel comfortable with,but it grew on me so... u gain points for your comments. If I didn't work I would blog daily. I try and jump around to different areas Blog cabin, HGTV etc. some of the bloggers are harsh but just blow it off,they put them in (time out) they won't let you comment for a time, hey its only right.Love the chopped show etc. why did they give u a -2 hum what gives?

      • Food Fan says:

        Gain points for comments? Hmm. As many comments as i have, I still dont see any yellow highlighted "65p" like you have, above here.
        I simply write on different conversations/threads on here and new ones as they come up. These "points" people get. Can you do anything with them? Is there something we need to click on to get points? Does anything happen when you get 100 points?
        Oh well.....the important thing is just getting to post our comments. points or no points. I love reading all the different opinions.
        Thanks for your reply. :)

  9. firstblog says:

    I do have to say I found it a bit insulting that for Jewish cusisine Food Network couldn't think of better representations of Jewish food than Matzoh and Pickles. How about Chicken Soup, Brisket, Hanmmentashen, Potatoe Pancakes, Blintzes. If the lower East Side doesn't have enough of the old school left it shouldn't have been chosen. Also, I agree that having Giada doing Little Italy was a bit unfair. All that being said I really enjoy the show's new format

    • FanFare57 says:

      I completely agree with you!!! I was disappointed the way Alton described it too. He made is seem as though it was obviously the worst food choice to get stuck with. His choices were merely side components - not actual meals (i.e. brisket, chicken in a pot, corned beef and cabbage, etc.)
      Only Emily seemed to embrace the challenge with a positive attitude.

    • Robert Ostrowski says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with your suggestion about Chicken Soup and Brisket (among other things) being worthwhile to promote on Jewish food, and if I were in NYC, those are among the things I would want to find via the local neighborhood. It's a good thing that out here in Denver CO, we have a restaurant called the New York Deli News where I can get both of those things anytime I want - otherwise, I'd be headed straight to NYC for my comfort food fix. I am hoping that the FN will keep this idea of NFNS hopefuls being tour guides for next season and EXPAND on the concept - if I am right, NYC is a melting pot with SO MANY good neighborhoods to expore culturally and promote via the NFNS format.

    • Sheri S. says:

      I am surprised that you like the new foremat. "If it ain't broken..." We don't get to see enough of each contestant's preparation and presentation.

  10. Hollywood says:

    Seems as though both Cristie and Kara sentenced themselves to doom by dissing their dishes. Does every star LOVE every dish they make? The really good ones make it seems they do...