Team Giada Remains on Top: Your Week One Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, May 21, 2012

philip ippy aiona
The first week vote tally is in, and Team Giada has once again swept the top three spots of the Star Fan Vote. Laid-back Ippy Aiona took Martita Jara's first place spot this week with 21% of the vote. Still in the top three — but down 2% from last week was Martita — followed by Linkie Marais at 13%.

Team Giada had something to brag about this week as they took home their first win. Alton must be feeling the pressure, having been in the bottom two the first two weeks in a row. After coming off a win in the first episode, Team Bobby needs to regroup for week three as the finalists face one of their toughest challenges yet: a Chopped basket.

Why haven't we seen any members from Team Bobby or Team Alton in the top spots yet?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.


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Comments (197)

  1. Dave Egner says:

    They definitely throw them the difficult challenges quicker than previous seasons..they used to hahave a whole challenge dedicated to camera practice now they use it to save themselves ...still an awesome show

  2. Food Fan says:

    Have been clicking on different contestants Videos, and watching/listening.
    Quite interesting.
    I like to see how much they change from their own videos vs. how they appear in the TV episodes. Some, could stand improving. And others, I hope really stay true to themselves as they already are. These are fun to watch.

  3. Guest says:

    It's interesting how all the "fan picks" are from Giada's team. Boring, same ol'. Do we really need yet another Latina cooking on TV? I don't get all the interest in Martita. No one has mentioned Justin but I think he is smart, unique, witty, and creative in the kitchen. Check out reviews on his Brooklyn restaurant Do or Dine. Others I'd definitely watch are Michele and Emily.

    • ksponar says:

      I don't see the appeal of Justin. He's so bland and awkward in his delivery.

      What do people see in thsi guy, because I don't see a thing except that he's wearing Justin Bieber's lipstick.

  4. Yum says:

    I like Justin. I think he would attract a younger generation viewer. Many younger people just don't know what it means to cook. They think throwing a frozen pizza in the oven sums it up. Justin could inspire our youth to take an interest in food preparation. Plus, he is different from the current stars on food network. As far as the ladies go, my fave is Emily. She has a quirky charm.

    • Jerilee says:

      Oh, you are so right. The younger generation needs to learn to cook. They are so fast food!!! Fast food is ok now and then. I think Justn might be the person to bring back cooking. He's young and enthustiac. I hope he goes far. He already owns a restaurant. If he could get his generation into cooking, that would be awesome.

      • FanFare57 says:

        I am no longer of the younger generation (except to the truly Senior Citizen group); but I like Justin too. He gives off a "hipster" vibe with a teeny bit of irony mixed in. He's different from the rest in personality and cooking ideas.

    • Food Fan says:

      I would love to see more young people learning to cook.
      I'm not sure Justin would be the one to do it.
      Do this: Watch both of his videos. Then ask yourself: WHEN?-does this guy ever smile?
      Yes, it takes FAR more than a smile. It takes "chops", and much more.
      But there's nothing "warm" about this guy. Dull. Serious. Its early, and he could be told about this and improve. Hopefully, he will.
      But when you see someone own video and it looks so...serious, then it gives me the impression he is just naturally that way and that smiling isnt all that natural or part of who he is. Not a good way to sell one's self.
      and let me re-emphasize: winning is far more than just having a good smile. But still....

      • FanFare57 says:

        Grinning is not a requirement for being a good cook. Justin takes what he does seriously. That's more impressive than flashing an UltraBrite smile.

        • Food Fan says:

          I completely agree. I would be more impressed with someone's food than their smile, and it takes more than a good smile to win. I think I was clear in emphasizing that, above. But hey---watch his own video. Its there for all the world to see. Its how he sold himself.
          He can always do better at the-whole-package as these competitions progress. Lets hope he will. Its still early. There's time.

        • Jerilee says:

          You got that right!!

  5. Sharp says:

    I like this year's format. It is more entertaining with the stars involvement. I'm glad they all get along, no more drama. I never want to see Penny again, was not happy to see her in Chopped Allstars. Too early to tell who I like best. I do hope they don't just try to keep the teams even, let the chips fall where they may.

  6. bored fan says:

    The new format is boring. I've always looked forward to the show each year. Not any more. The team theme keeps them too constrained & there's alot of childishness. Alton has become more & more pompous over the years. (I always record "Iron Chef" now, so I can FF thru his comments). On this NFNS, he's snide & unpleasant. Giada also has a mean streak that I'd never noticed before. Bobby looks like his makeup & clothes were done by someone whose day job is in a funeral parlor. I fell asleep during both shows & watched the recordings a few days later. This is bad TV.

    • Grandma Joyce says:

      I'm sorry, but I don't see the character flaws noted. I just see three individuals who are doing their very best to mentor "their students". Alton is the serious, all business mentor (but a little humor sneaks out at times). Giada is a mother, she is mothering and comforting her students. Bobby is the "been there, done that" mentor and his students are also the "been there, done that" students. No complaints.
      I do enjoy Aarti's posts, she writes beautifully. If Aarti Party is no longer in production, as the rumors tell, find another spot for her, Food Network, please and thank you.

    • FanFare57 says:

      Some of your comments are similar to my experience so far. I've fallen asleep during the shows and have to catch them on demand later. At least I can FF during Alton's droning comments. I have noticed Giada 'being mean" or Bobby's prison pallor.

      • Jerilee says:

        I, too, have fallen asleep during the show. I think Giada's mean streak is part of her character. I've seen it befor. I'm not sure I like Alton's comments, but this is a very different roll for him. I'll give him time. Bobby really does need new make-up, or perhaps less? I thought it was my old worn out projection Sony but I've seen other comments about his pallor, so maybe not. I'm still trying to adjust to the new format. I'll stick it out to the end. Can't wait for the mystery basket episode. Should be interesting. Can't believe it's only in 3 days already!!!

        • Food Fan says:

          I think Giada, Alton, Bobby are doing better in this new role as mentors, than they did as Judges.
          They do need to cut-to-the-chase. And be direct.
          But encouragement and shining-the-Light on how to improve, works better than sarcasm. They seem so far to be more encouraging in these new roles.

      • FanFare57 says:

        Ooops! I meant to say that I HAVEN'T noticed a mean streak in Giada or Bobby's complexion color.

  7. Food Fan says:

    I agree with Vert2013.
    You wanna take whatever ingredients and "milk it for all its worth."
    While people want recipes that are easy-to-follow, I think sometimes Cooks play-it-safe and end up being kinda boring with their dish or not all that memorable. On the other hand, you dont wanna be *so* exotic or maxxed-out that the dish is a turn-off or just weird, either. How about: stuff we recognize, kicked-up 2 notches? where we would say: Daaanng! Thats good stuff, Maynard! :)

  8. Food Network Fan says:

    As a long time food network fan, I have grown a little weary of the "reality drama-trauma" shows that Food Network has started to feature. What happen to cooking and highlighting those who cook? Instead we are getting teams of people who have lots of drama, with a dash of crazy and a little cooking thrown in. Most are not great at entertaining nor do they offer a great "point of view" better know as what makes them- them. Apparently, from the other comments, I'm not alone. I have not watched this year nor last and it doesn't look like I have missed much. However the few ads I have seen, I'm left wondering why Giada's undies are showing thru her clothes?! Really, with all the HDTV, they(she) should wear outfits that don't show her underwear outlines. But maybe she wants a new show called Keeping up with "G"?! LOL

    • Food Fan says:

      Just so people know---I am a different person.
      I have noticed 3 of us on here.
      I--am Food Fan. (just that).
      I am not Food Network fan...or another person who goes by FN Fan.
      I hope readers dont confuse us.

  9. Cheryl <> says:

    As I read through several posts, the thing that makes me smile is the evolution of the foodie (myself included). Lots of people these days have a greater knowledge of cooking and aren't fooled with mediocre dishes. FN helped to create a culinary monster over the years among their viewers. That's a lot of pressure ... keep up the good work! :)

    • Food Fan says:

      (grin)--culinary monster. Made me smile.
      I am glad for Food Network making food so much more accessible to the public and providing a way to see great Cooks, and learn, and re-create yummy recipes.
      Good point you made about mediocre dishes.

      On the one hand, people wanna learn and keep it simple.
      On the other hand, once we better understand some basics, and have some early success in our own cooking and get better....we want to Kick-it-up-a-notch and make something a lil' more creative, or take something common and add a couple new twists to it for variety, great taste and a new Zing!
      This is where clear teaching ability and easy-to-follow recipes are so important.
      When we find a good teacher we can learn from, and cook it ourselves, and then our family & friends rave about "our" new dish, its HUGELY rewarding and encouraging! We wanna see what else we can also learn from the Food Network.
      Its good that more of the public is learning how to cook.
      Maybe they might use a new slogan: "Food Network. Because Life should be delicious!"

  10. Sheri says:

    Ippy the man! He can cook and he's so endearing - just a real guy. Josh - forget about it! I like Michelle also - she's definitely got the cooking chops. Speaking of chops, did I see her on "Chopped" before? She looks familiar. Love the fifties gal too (name escapes me right now). How adorable - a tad odd, but adorable and she also seems real. Keep it authentic and cook your socks off!

    • Jerilee says:

      Michelle was on Chopped, I think 2xs, and was also on 24 Hour Restaurant Battle. The 50's gal is Emily. A PhD candidate and doughnut company operations manager, currently expanding to Bangkok and South Korea.

      • FanFare57 says:

        Jerilee, You're right about Michelle's other FN appearances. Yvan is also from Chopped. Do you know if Justin has competed on Chopped or another FN show.? He seems very familiar to me. I can't quite place him.