Poll: Who Should Go Home on Sunday?

by in Food Network Star, May 17, 2012

Fourteen finalists remain in contention to become the next Food Network Star. This Sunday night, when the three teams board buses to lead New York food tours, which two will end up on the bottom? Who will get a second chance after the Producers' Challenge, and who will pack their bags to head home?

Play our Who's Your Star? game to make all of these predictions and earn trophies (and bragging rights with your friends) for correct ones.

Over on the Fan Vote, you're picking your favorite finalist each week — and hopefully voting for him or her 10 times per day. But Star fans always have their least favorites, too. Who, in your opinion, doesn't have the chops to be a Food Network star? Which finalist do you want to see go home next?

Cast your vote here (and please keep the comments considerate).

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Comments (112)

  1. ksponar says:

    Josh should go.

    He's failed the challenges on both food and stardom TWICE. The only reason he stayed on was because he leeched off the victories from the rest of Team Giada.

    Judson, I wish he just got chopped along WITH Kara. They were BOTH forgettable and the crying made my eyes roll. I think the only reason why he may have stayed was probably because the Cajun cooking style seemed a lot more marketable than the nostalgia cooking.

    I'm glad this new season has stopped focusing solely on the MTV reality show drama garbage, a la Penny from Season 7, but I wish they focused just a tiny bit more on the food competition. That's what I really liked about the show.

    Hopefully the next episode will focus more on competition since it seems it'll go by the "Chopped" formula.

    Right now, if you asked me who I would watch, I would watch Emily or Martie. Emily is adorably geeky (and I feel sorry for her getting carsick) and Martie really sold me on her story (unlike Josh, who went on for way too long, while stuttering and repeating words).

    • Food Fan says:

      Seems to be a better batch of contestants this season. Hurraaayy!
      I'm glad to see less people who already own a restaurant.

      Am also hoping we can avoid the drama of past seasons (remembering last seasons Penny, and also "the immature loud frat-boy" and tons of tattoos).
      Each season doesnt always have to have:
      the Bully
      The hyper, nervous one
      the timid soft-spoken shy one
      The health-fanatic
      the tough street-person
      the ditz.
      "You don't have to be weird to be remembered."
      Just make awesome food
      explain it simply

      I LIKE the emphasis on Genuine-ness and not coming across as a motivatinal speaker.

  2. Ron says:

    Josh should have gone home. Seems that women are held to a higher standard (like Chopped and American Idol). They would never get it right if the food was judged blindly.

  3. Alina says:

    Stating one of these contestants shouldn't be allowed to be on THIS particular show because they've already been on a competition show before is like saying a dental hygenist can't become a dentist. Aim high and higher until you get where you want to be and never stop trying! If Michele or anyone else of these contestants were on other shows, it just proves to me they have what it takes and are pushing themselves to succeed. If only most people nowadays had that same ethic and motiviation!!!! These people are doing what they love to do and are trying to show the masses what they have - who are any of us to ridicule!? If you don't like her, don't vote for her; but I can tell you I like Michele and will be voting each and EVERY day for her to stay! She's the fun and confidence TV shows need! Best of luck to her!

    • Athena says:

      Several of these contestants have been on other shows. I don't know why such a fuss is being made over Michele being on Chopped.

    • susan says:

      I'm with you Alina. She brings more life to that show than any of the other cookie cutter contestants! Finally someone new and fresh and lively. She loves what she does and you can see it in her cooking

  4. Food Fan says:

    You do hafta have "chops."
    But chops alone wont do it.
    Appearance alone wont do it either. And it shouldnt.
    But, it does matter.
    Ask yourself, would you wanna get a mortgage loan or buy a new car from someone who looks like...__________ (take yer pic). It matters.

    • susan says:

      That statement is appalling. Who made you to judge what people should look like?

      • Food Fan says:

        What planet are you living on?
        It isnt appalling at all.
        I didnt say what they had to look like.
        But alot of people (and businesses) all across the country have feelings about
        what they *dont* want someone to look like! I'm not talking about the face were born with or size-acceptance. And I never said we should only have fitness models who've been airbrushed as TV hosts. Not at all. But people can CHOOSE their style of dress, what to do with their hair, their tattoos, and make-up. Maybe yer idea of fashion is the rebel-grundge type who works in a coffee-shop. Anytime any of us are out in public,we make an impression. People on TV do, too. Nothing appalling about it. Its reality. Imagine a couple sitting in a restauarant booth talking. They see some new person walk in the door. They give 'em a "once-over" and look at who walked in. They'll probably never ever see that person again, but in that brief moment, they get some impression. The person may be tall, short, thin, fat, sloppy, neat, loud, quiet, nervous, calm, angry, smiling. On and On. Impressions.

        • Cheryl <> says:

          When you go for a job interview (appearance matters how well you are dressed) depending on the type of job. Whether you act like you give a flip when applying for a job matters. Being in the public eye has a certain appearance responsibility within it. Example: Went to a restaurant server looked dirty (hat covered in hair and falling off filth) overall dirty atmosphere in the place. Did not eat there! Appearance in this case mattered. Neatness does count whether you admit it or not.

      • FanFare57 says:

        What do you find "appalling" in that simple statement? There were no curse words or derogatory remarks.

  5. Alyce says:

    Maybe someone else has asked this, and I've missed it, but I KNOW I've seen Michele on another show. Chopped? Or was it Rocco's dinner party show? I've been thinking about it and thought it might just pop into my head, but that hasn't happened yet!

  6. lesliejane says:

    I was excited about this season's new format, but am disappointed thus far. The only finalists I would even CONSIDER watching are Emily, Ippy, and Judson-in that order-and I'm only lukewarm on that trio at best. The others' obnoxious, over the top attempts to appear "passionate" and "memorable" only make them seem trite and very forgettable. If the "rock star" (I believe his name is Josh) were any more cliche he would simply disappear. Hopefully, the quality of the finalists, and their food, will improve over the next weeks and I can look foward to watching again.

  7. Timakia says:

    In any contest there are the rookies and the experienced ones. That is just life and it shows here on the FNS also. This is a national competition and just like the Olympics, the cream of the crop was chosen. All of them have something to offer and we should give them a chance to show what that is.
    Unfortunately we live in a country where teaching goes hand in hand with entertaining, so drama is needed to win more viewers.
    Voting at this stage is difficult to do, but first impressions are often lasting and I am sure even the judges had to work on very little in order to make their choices. I see this contest as the “real interview”. The one that wins it is the one that will be hired and that will be the one that has the full package of skills. All the best to all contestants. May the best one win!

  8. cindy says:

    I think the next one to go should be Giada. When she smiles it looks like someone plucked a dog bone out of her mouth. I can't stand looking at her. On her own show she is ALWAYS chewing with her mouth OPEN. GROSS

    • susan says:

      I'm with you cindy. Giada gets more air time than anyone. Unfortunately her tv shows are on repeatedly on Food netwrok Channel all day long. I'm so tired of seeing them I've started watching the cooking network instead. It's Giada overload. I hope Food Network does something about this. Get some new shows and new chefs. Why is it only Giada and Barefoot Contessa and Paula Deen all day long?

      • Food Fan says:

        I am glad they moved Melissa D'Arabian (hope I spelled her name right0 off of weekends and put her on in the daytime during the week. I think that was a good move on Food Network's part. She makes things I would actually eat and want to try, myself. Good to see her during the week.

  9. lesliejane says:

    It's pretty likely that Josh will be eliminated this week...maybe Martita will go the following week. Although not to same extent as Josh, she's too attention seeking and dramatic to be taken seriously.

    • Food Fan says:

      So far, I haven't seen that in her. My impression of her is outgoing and upbeat. Without being hyper or too dramatic. So far, so good.

  10. susan says:

    Hopefully you are never judged by what you look like.