Poll: Who Should Go Home on Sunday?

by in Food Network Star, May 17, 2012

Fourteen finalists remain in contention to become the next Food Network Star. This Sunday night, when the three teams board buses to lead New York food tours, which two will end up on the bottom? Who will get a second chance after the Producers' Challenge, and who will pack their bags to head home?

Play our Who's Your Star? game to make all of these predictions and earn trophies (and bragging rights with your friends) for correct ones.

Over on the Fan Vote, you're picking your favorite finalist each week — and hopefully voting for him or her 10 times per day. But Star fans always have their least favorites, too. Who, in your opinion, doesn't have the chops to be a Food Network star? Which finalist do you want to see go home next?

Cast your vote here (and please keep the comments considerate).

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Comments (112)

  1. Quiltgirl says:

    Can't agree more about Michele. Unless this girl has an extreme makeover there is no way I would watch her, good cook or not. Who's idea was it to make presentations on a moving bus? First thing I thought was how motion sick I get and know others have the same issue. Hate the 50's girl appearance but couldn't help but feel empathy with her.

  2. Matt says:

    I just hate the new format of the show. It's like the show is too much about what the 'producers' need to do to make the chefs 'tv ready' and not about allowing the chefs to learn and grow and compete against each other. I used to make time to watch this show... now I just watch it whenever I catch it. It sucks! Go back to the old format, please.

  3. Chef Jackie says:

    Liked this 2nd episode but some of the contestants that rebel against the food task they are assigned (such as Ms. Healthy eating Christie in episode 1 again angry about "getting stuck with the soup" and rebelled with the pastey dish, and this guy assigned to the pickle deli in NYC, who says he's from the south (but couldn't atleast conjure up some famous deep fried dill pickles?)...lets not forget the girl who just got eliminated who couldn't wrap her mind around the chicken waffle idea, and finally Michelle (one of my favs) who had to let it be known how much she detests catfish because they are bottom feeders (best rule out any future crabs or lobster if THATS the case). These chefs need to accept and embrace the challenge that they are given or least learn how to fake it. They will need to make it believable to be a foodnetwork star. I will never be one, because I know I can't fake it and make you believe it.

  4. Chef Jackie says:

    Giada, will you PLEASE stop annunciating MarrrTita's name? As annoying as you and Martita like to flaunt her spicy latina roots, her daunting evil eye and serious stares into the camera scare me enough. If anyone can teach the camera to like this woman, it would be Giada. Now, I'm not going to dog Giada like most people on this blog (although her smile doesn't seem genuine), it does seem she doesn't sleep well (puffiness under eyes). I must try to like Giada because I feel so bad for her with so many people's terrible comments about her. Give the girl a break.

  5. Chef Jackie says:

    Linkie. WHY oh WHY would you make cafeteria cheesecake in the first episode and then decide to do cheesecake inspired cannoli on the second show of the season? I am still wondering why. You are now BANNED from anyother cheesecake inspired dessert for the rest of the season. Do something else please? Someone hide the cream cheese from this girl.

    • Guest says:

      It was key lime pie, not cheesecake, in the first episode.

      • Timakia says:

        Chef Jackie, you seem to be all over the blog without knowing what you chatter about. Go watch the shows again and then make your comments more wisely.

  6. Cristie Schoen says:

    You all know reality shows can portray a person the way the producers want that person to look like. I am not an angry ding bat. The reason I decided to participate in this competition in the first place was to try to make a difference in a positive way, but the food network unfairly made me look angry! Please! They took the 5% of the bad and edited it into a horrible episode for me. Not fair at all. So, instead of immediately believing what you see on TV, please know I am not an angry individual. I am so passionate and loving and I care about what is happening to our society. Does that mean I'm angry and stupid? Heck no!!! It's their loss & I am not done being an advocate to help people become healthy! Thanks

    • Rueben says:

      Dear Cristie, I agree that viewers do know that reality shows can be quite creative in how they edit people and their performances. However, that being said, the powers-that-be cannot edit how poorly a dish looks and tastes. The black-eyed pea and cabbage "soup" in your first challenge did not sound or look appetizing at all. Also, I do not believe the final producer challenge presentation is edited. In that challenge, to me, you seemed unfocused. You did not come across as an angry dingbat, just someone unsure of how to relate their message confidently and effectively to a television audience. I do not think Josh fared any better in the producer challenge. I really think he stayed because his food tasted better, but that is just my opinion. Believe me, I don't think Josh is fooling anyone and as soon as Giada's team loses, I bet Josh will be out the door too. Good luck to you as an advocate for healthy eating. You have a wonderful smile and you will do great things I am sure.

    • Kaye says:

      Being an advocate is one thing - coming across as if your pov is the only one that should be considered is another. I do not care to have someone's beliefs shoved down my throat.

    • girloftheworld says:

      Are you allowed to be on here? Isn't there a contract stating you are not allowed to talk about the show while it is in production?

    • Timakia says:

      Cristie, I think you have a very strong and serious point to make and I am sure you are a good cook that was placed in an uncomfortable, wrong venue. You did not come over as angry. Frustrated? Maybe a little. It was interesting to see how all your ideas was pushed aside and how you were forced into making a dish that you said you did not feel comfortable with. Pumpkin out of season! It is available in stores year round and I can think of many recipes that will be winners in the summer. Maybe some people have seasonal perceptions. Anyway, go on with what you are doing, but choose your venue more wisely. You are young and many more opportunities will come your way. Remember this saying: you cannot keep a good man (idea maybe in this case) down.

  7. Dedee says:

    Sounds like you're the angry one chef Jackie!

  8. Debi White says:

    I think the wrong choice was made last night! Kara should have been selected to stay NOT Judson! He did not use the potatoe correctly in the challange and too flat for me, there is nothing there with him. He cried to get you all too select him! Yaaaaaaaa Team Giada!!!!!!!!

    • Food Fan says:

      This has happened before in previous seasons. We hear the comments from the judges and it seems as if its fairly clear who did better and then when they come back after the commercial, its as if the whole thing was some sort of a fake-out.
      The comments made it appear so likely that so-n-so was going home, and then it turns out to be the other one. I'm hoping we can avoid the all-too-predictable drama of past seasons, this time. No more Penny's (from last season), or the guy who was "the loud frat-boy" or tons of tattoos.

  9. Food Fan says:

    If its just based on appearance (and that is the 1st impression, even before the food), I cant watch street-people-in-grundgy-blue-jeans,-rumble-chains-and-freaky-hair. On the other extreme, I cant watch shirts-buttoned-up-to-your-adam's-apple-and-a-bowtie, either. Just regular, everyday people is good. You dont hafta be freaky to be remembered.

  10. girloftheworld says:

    There was hardly annnny mention of the food. Eric ,so far ,is ahead in my book as the one who seems passionate about food. The others seem passionate about being famous.