New Format and Chefs’ Takes — Star Commentary

by in Food Network Star, May 16, 2012

The eighth season of Food Network Star may have only just begun, but it is already off to an intense start. We know that you all had a lot to say about the jam-packed premiere episode, particularly in regards to the new style of Star and this season’s opponents. Fans Tweeted @FoodNetwork, left messages on our Facebook page and commented on our Star Talk blog to share initial reactions to and thoughts on the premiere.

During our premiere Twitter party, many fans told us they're pleased with the new mentoring aspect of the show and are excited to see how it impacts the competition, while others simply voiced their excitement about an extra Mother's Day present: two hours of Star!

Virginia stopped by the blog to comment: "I like the new format and agree with the several people who commented on the benefit of additional 'one-on-one' time with the mentors. It's also interesting and entertaining to see Alton, Bobby and Giada in these roles.”

Iaini70119 added that “it will be interesting to see the differences in the mentors’ coaching styles.”

The mentors themselves joined the Twitter party during Sunday night’s episode, each supporting his or her team and engaging in a little friendly competition:

Giada used Twitter to explain to fans her camera-focused Star strategy:

Now that you’ve seen the finalists in action and have gotten to know the mentors’ coaching styles, how do you think the remaining 14 contestants will fare in the competition? Which finalist can attain that coveted balance of over-the-top cooking chops and dynamic camera presence? Tell us in the comments below, join the #Star conversation on Twitter and Facebook, and cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

Tune in to this Sunday’s episode at 9pm/8c to see who from #TeamAlton#TeamBobby or #TeamGiada goes home next.


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Comments (250)

  1. Suzy says:

    Wow....I just watched the rerun. When I made earlier comments about Martie staying and Josh being sent home, when I thought Martie should have gone, I had not seen the first 45 minutes or more, and witnessed the abusive speech of Alton, particularly to Marite. Now I understand why she was kept. And that to me is shady.
    Marite was compensated for all the humiliating abuse she took from Alton. This is not good. Alton is quite despicable and the judges integrity got caught in his web, in my opinion - (I acknowledge that people also thought Josh should go) - however, at any rate the producers have a real problem on their hands - Alton. He could destroy this show.

  2. Dishy says:

    Oh, I love his dry humor! And I love that there is a chef on the FN who explains the chemistry of food: how and why things cook the way they do; what happens when different ingredients are mixed together; what happens to the mixture as its temperature changes, and why it has to reach a certain temperature, and so on. He is just a fountain of information! I have been cooking for years but am still just a "home cook" and not a chef, Yet, without naming names, I think if I were in the same room with some of the contestants from last season's show, I think I might want to quickly get away from them too. But I was lucky enough to meet a few of the finalists from last season's show in Atlantic City last summer. And it was such a pleasure to meet them! On the other hand, I can honestly say I am glad that a certain few were not in attendance. I was also lucky enough to meet Robert Irvine: a real class act. Guy Fieri was supposed to be there but he sent an actor "look alike" in his place. How tacky!!

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      When Alton was on last year it was VERY early and the contestants hadn't shown their colors yet so IMO there was no justification for his "I can't believe I'm doing this" attitude. Don't get me wrong, I also love Alton's intellect and dry humor too, and is funny and charming on 'his' shows...which is why it's so jarring (and disappointing) that he's so sour now. To ream out a contestant in front of the all those FN luminaries like he did last night to Martie...I can't believe she didn't burst into tears - even the other judges were taken aback. When Giada tried to lighten things by patting him he snapped "don't touch me!". Yes, he did eventually crack a smile but that undermined his 'tough love' schtick...if he's not really 'mad' and not really 'mean' then why act that way? Or does "be genuine" only apply to those who haven't already made it?

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      PS I love Robert Irvine too...wanna give him a hug. Now THAT's true 'tough love'...laying it on the line tempered with lots of compassion and reassurance. Sorry to hear about Fieri - he seems like such a genuine guy (no pun intended)...I hope the 'stand in' wasn't his idea or his call...would have been better to just explain that he had a last -minute conflict and maybe give info on his next scheduled appearance.

  3. Dishy says:

    I found a website via facebook for 50's retro frames. I'll check it out and hope I remember to post it for you! BTW, have you tried Google for retro frames? I know it sounds obvious, I was just wondering.

  4. cal1970 says:

    This new format is way too predictable. You had to know who was going this week (some one from Giada's team) because they have to even out the numbers on the teams. You can't have any one team totally eliminated before the end because what would the star of that team do? The chefs are not competing against each other fairly because some of the chefs who are still there should have already been eliminated. Very disappointing. The most bickering comes between the FN stars and not the contestants.

  5. bea says:

    old saying " if it aint broke dont fix it" so this show wasnt broke why did they fix it? there is no fun in it anymore no personalty . i used to like seeing the contestants in the house off the cooking,you got to know them their personalties. i have no clue about any of them. this year seems very robotic, cook listen to the mentors and pose.not sure i want to watch it through the whole season. its so stiff.what happened to the commararity the interaction of the palyers. i feel its more about alton bobby and giada this year than the contestants.i think that instead of showing good food with good entertainment FOOD NETWORK is trying to get to highbrow. I was not entertain by this show last night at alla

  6. Suzy says:

    After reading the complaints about Aarti and Jeff, I believe Aarit and Jeff could have had valuable shows; however, Bob and Susie keep insisting on chefs having PERSONALITY!!! FAMILY ANECDOTES!! ETC...ETC...BIG SMILES!!
    Remember back when we all got hooked on FoodNetwork? The chefs were mellow, Sarah Moulton being a prime example. When Emeril started dropping BAMS...the geniuses in the office decided that was the ticket.
    Wonder how Bob and Susie et al are processing that Ippy, who is "so laid back," is clearly a fan favorite. He is a fan favorite because he is refreshing.
    I feel sorry for the contestants when Bob and Susie start hammering them with, "but I don't know who you are; who are you, etc.." FN is a cooking channel, not Bravo.

  7. says:

    i've always thought Alton Brown is an ass. He proved it last night by yelling at the contestant. He really should be ashomed for his rude behavior. Hopefully next year, he wont be asked back to be a judge,

  8. Carol in Florida says:

    The new format is boring and I will not be watching it for the remainder of this season. It's too much about the mentors and very little about the contestants. I like to see them ALL competing against each other....not teams.

    I generally always watch Good Eats with Alton Brown but I can't stand him in this particular format. Number one-what's with the stubble on the makes you look like you forgot to take a bath, forgot to shave and forgot to brush your teeth....and why are you so angry?

    I hope they go back to the old format next time around.

  9. Susan says:

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  10. Shakita Chestnut says:

    I am really tired of African Americans being the first one to be put of Sweet Genious, I am starting to think that Chef Josh is pregidous. Maybe I should send a letter to CNN, this is unfair and it happens more than it not.