Your Pre-Season Picks, Revealed

by in Food Network Star, May 14, 2012

Martita Jara

The Pre-Season Fan Vote tally is in! Before viewing last night’s premiere, 20% of you cast your votes for Team Giada’s Martita Jara, a spunky interior designer who grew up in the restaurant business and loves to cook with her family's Mexican flavors.

Team Giada’s finalists seemed to give the best first impressions, as they swept the top three. Laid-back chef Ippy Aiona from Hawaii was right behind Martita with 19% of the vote, followed by South African cake artist Linkie Marais at 15%.

Did Team Giada live up to expectations in the premiere episode? Do you think the challenge-winning members of Team Bobby or the quirky underdogs from Team Alton deserve some recognition? The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Pre-Premiere Fan Vote results:

Pre-Season Fan Vote


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Comments (64)

  1. Tucker says:

    Not sure if I like the new format or not. It could work (if they replace Alton with someone else). I've always thought that the Next Foodnetwork Star has always been selected before the first challenge is even introduced. The show is just an elaborate (and scripted) way to introduce them. The writers, however, are starting to repeat themselves. When Josh needed eggs and asked Yvan to pick them up for him. Hmmm, where have I seen this scenario before?? What a shocker when Yvan forgot to get them. Never saw that one coming! And every good soap opera needs a resident b**ch to stir up trouble. Looks like the writers have assigned that role to Nikki this season. And as for the audience getting to vote at the end of the competition. Well it's most likely an empty gesture since, as I said, the winner has most likely already been chosen. Hey, I'm cynical.

    • Janstew says:

      Tucker...I have often wondered the same thing!! I do like the new format...just hope they keep it real...if it is in fact real at all.

  2. steve says:

    well i could look at Martita all day long. so much today is looks and personality and this chica is smokin

    • JLF says:

      I liked Martita's video and I liked how she performed in the team challenge right up until she got too star struck to speak. I predict she'll shake off the nerves and do better next week. To me she's got more going for her than just smoke.

      • jeri says:

        She was pretty good. I too predict next week will be better, or should be. Some of the nerves should be gone. All should be more settled.

    • guest says:

      She is one beautiful lady.

    • Vinny says:

      Same here. She be hawt to the damn! I hope the focus the camera more on her!

  3. Jim W says:

    I agree with all the Alton Haters. He seems to be the "Anti" of what the Network seems to want. I still can't figure his instructions on the last NFNS on not using cue cards. And how many of their on air people do that? I would say probably none, Alton! And I wish that Susie had a show. Could look at her all day.

  4. Irene G says:

    I wish that there wasn't so much background noise (music??) while the performers are trying to talk so that I could hear!

    • jeri says:

      Sorry, hadn't noticed. Maybe to get the contestants to enunciate and project over ther whir of blenders and food processors??

  5. Novelist Kathy says:

    I don't know if I like the new format yet or not. Like someone else posted, it's too much about the star Chefs and less about the contestants. It's become The Voice for chef wannabes. I'm not at all surprised that Martita is #1 right now because she has the sparkle, the look, the personality, but we have to see if she can cook too.

    • jeri says:

      She's an interior designer that grew up in a restaurant family. Well see if the restaurant skills stuck to her

      • JLF says:

        She certainly showed the skills to run the team's restaurant, going out to the front of the house to work the room when the kitchen was slow getting the dishes out. Shows she can think on her feet and is willing to take charge and problem solve.

  6. Buby 29 says:

    Josh too much rock n roll. Has he ever watched Food Network shows that show professionalism? Bob and Susie said they did't trust him. Why didn't he get booted?
    Have concerns about the audience making final decision. People that love and enjoy cooking should think long and hard before voting. The next Food Network star should should make the Network even better.

  7. Janstew says:

    I don't know who had the vision of the new format for Foodnetwork Star but it was genius! I LOVE it! Sooo engaging. Congrats Foodnetwork!!!! I look forward to the weekly challenges especially with Bobby, Giada and Elton. After one episode...I am pulling for Michelle and the 50's girl too but the jury is still out...

  8. Bryan Zimms says:

    This voting concept while a nice one does not work, I have never been able to get it to work in Internet Explorer, the site always seems to have crashed due to volume, with the whole "10 votes" it seems a bit excessive to me, whatever happened to the text in your vote? This decreases the odds of people utilizing bots to tilt the odds in their favor. This years is just one big mess to me and I agree is more about the 3 personalities versus the contestants. The older format I think was better. Good concept for this one but too many glitches!

    • serious says:

      Maybe you should change search engines. I haven't had any problems safari with on my iPad or firefox on my laptop, and I'm one of those that are "computer illiterate"!!!

    • Vinny says:

      I didn't really have any issues but then again, I stopped using Internet Explorer a long time ago. It sucks.

  9. Vinny says:

    Martita definitely shows promise. It took about 10 minutes into the show before I grew extremely annoyed at Josh and his constant references to his band or rock and roll. That made me think this cat was strictly in it for exposure because he wants to put his band out there....and competing in the music/signing shows wasn't an option due to his band's shortcomings. Get rid of him please. I think "Ippy" is a cool kid....if he's my second choice but, Martita seems to be well rounded and I can picture her in front of a camera running the show. I'm not a huge fan of the emphasis on teams though...I find no point if ultimately, it's about the individuals.

  10. Somethingfishy says:

    I'm not sure if anyone has noticed this interesting fact. This is season 8 and not one
    women over the age of 45 has been a finalist for the show. If I were to guess conservantly, I would think about 5,000 people try out each season. So out of a very conservative guess,45,000 applicants, not one women over 45 is qualified to be a contestant?
    This leads me to believe cooking skills is not as important as other things. Good thing Ina didn't have go this route!

    • JLF says:

      Are there any men over 45? Is it an age thing instead of gender? I think American Idol has set a upper limit on age for their contestants, and perhaps FN has too, thinking that a younger contestant will have the potential for a longer career - more return on their investment? Not saying I agree with that strategy (being well over 45 myself), but it's a corporate reality these days.