Eight Ways to Socialize With Star

by in Food Network Star, May 10, 2012

Food Network Star gameJust a few days remain until Saturday's Food Network Star casting special and Sunday’s season premiere, and you devoted fans already know that Season 8 is bigger and better than ever. Don’t get us wrong — we love each one of our talented past winners. But we’re willing to bet that Guy, Melissa, Aarti, Jeff and company are pretty envious of this year’s crop of finalists.

Three groups of five have been hand-picked by Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis and will be coached by their respective team leader all season long. Win or lose, working closely with one of these Food Network icons is the opportunity of a lifetime for any Star hopeful.

We want you fans at home to be a part of this exciting new season, too. Here’s a rundown of all the ways you can be part of the Star community throughout the season.

1. We’re kicking things off with a pre-premiere Facebook chat with Giada tomorrow, May 11, at 4pm EST. Ask her anything you’ve been dying to know about the new season, from what it was like to compete against Alton and Bobby to how she chooses her (amazing!) outfits for each day of filming.

2. While you’re chatting with Giada, check out our Star Central Facebook tab featuring special content. It’s all Star, all the time.

3. Play the "Who's Your Star?" game to compete against your friends and earn trophies for predicting who will stay and go each week. Check it out now and set your picks for Episode One.

4. During the show on Sunday nights, join in on our weekly Twitter parties featuring talent, trivia and prizes! Follow @FoodNetwork and share your love for #TeamAlton, #TeamBobby, #TeamGiada and just #Star in general.

5. We’ll also post exclusive images from the Star set on Instagram throughout the season. Follow us on the app to peek behind the scenes!

6. Follow our Pinterest boards for Team Bobby, Team Giada and Team Alton and repin your favorite finalists, recipes and moments.

7. Check in on GetGlue to earn cool new Star stickers each week.

8. Join in on the Star chatter with other fans just like you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and right here in the comments of our Star Talk blog.


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Comments (96)

  1. Rocio says:

    I was unable to tune in tonight! Anyone know if they'll repeat it sometime during the week? :(

  2. Guest says:

    It's too early for me to be able to make any certain judgements about this crop of contestants, but I can say that Michelle's physical appearance is really off-putting...Nose rings, lip rings and brow rings?? Please. They should have told her to lose some of the hardware on her face before they let her go on camera.

    • Donna says:

      Food Network execs think they know what their viewers want. They like these contestants to be quirky, or weird, with over the top energy. In my case, they don't have a clue. I like calm, confident, pleasant hosts like Ina, and Ree Drummond of the 'Pioneer Woman'. They can cook; and are happy, and comfortable in front of the camera, so I'm relaxed when I watch them.

      They criticized the Hawaiin fellow for being too flat. Meanwhile, I thought he was just right.

  3. Linda Morehead says:

    Watching as I type.....my final comment for "Blue" the California style would be "Welcome to "Blue" where the sky meets the ocean and we're here to entice you!!!

  4. JLF says:

    They picked the right one to send home tonite, and I doubt Josh will last much longer either. Although I like Bobby the best, he doesn't have the strongest team for TV appeal. Nicky comes across as a slightly less offensive Penny, Michele may be able to cook, but the hair and nose ring will turn off too many viewers, and the rest aren't very memorable yet. I do like Bobby's coaching approach that he looked for cooks first with the expectation that he can train them for the camera.
    That said, of all the contestants on all of the teams, I am most drawn to Emily (retro girl) on Alton's team. She actually seems a bit like AB - knowledgeable, quirky and fun. Glad to see Alton being a nurturing mentor. His appearance in last year's FNS showed him to be grumpy and harsh.

  5. JLF says:

    To the webmaster of this blog - it would be appreciated if you would use the same format as all of the other blogs and have the most recent comments show at the top of the list, saving us from having to scroll through all of the old comments to find the new ones. Thanks.

  6. lynn says:

    Don't think I'm going to like the new format, but will give it a chance. After the petty bickering last season, (which they should have imposed penalties) I do understand the change.But this is TV and therefore entertainment,so how much is scripted.

    Anyway, right person was sent home tonight.

    Did I hear something about Penny David coming back? I hope not! I'd like to know how she got on Chopped all stars, almost made me sick just watching her and her superior attitude. What a witch.

    • FanFare57 says:

      In what capacity would that bad Penny person return? Ughhh. I sure hope you're mistaken.

  7. guest says:

    Well, 2 hours of hitting the fast forward repeatedly due to being bored out of my mind with most of this bunch. Giada is quite annoying, but I like the other 2 coaches. I hope their presence will eliminate the silly drama last year had, and hope they end up with a more riveting addition to the network than the sandwich king. Or Aarti. Track record not good for picking the right concept. Shows I might be interested in...the odd kid with the cool T shirt, the 50's girl, Ippy (the only name I can remember!) and the nosering from Chopped. I like some of the other people, but am not really interested in what they are selling.

  8. Donita Considine says:

    I love the new show format! I love seeing the competition between Alton, Giada, and Bobby as they assist the next winner! BTW I love Alton. He rocks though Bobby always amazes me too. I do agree Giada came across as a "less than friendly Food Network TV star" as judge last season. It is why I like this new format.

    • FanFare57 says:

      I felt Alton stuck by his 'girl" not because he thought she deserved it, but because he hated the thought of losing a team member. His face said it all: he was pissed that HE lost to Giada. Haha.

  9. Kevin Roum says:

    The new format is alot better! I love the idea of the "coaches" competing with each other as well. I hope that the result is more than successful than in the past. Because in 7 seasons the only "star" is Guy Fieri. The bottom line is, whose food do you want to COOK! I am sorry to say I never wanted to cook any Food Network *cough* Star's dishes. I admire them all for what they did and what they do. But, I AM a home cook, I really don't want ANOTHER home cook telling me anything. I want a CHEF! Take the real chefs from the Best Thing I Ever Made (or Ate), and give them a series. It could be like a round robin series. One week it's Susan Fenniger, then Scott Conant, then Aaron Sanchez, and then Mary Sue Milliken, and then Amanda Freitag. Who says a weekend morning cooking show has to be hosted by the same host? Call it like Chefs Bring It Home or something! F the star BS

  10. david says:

    Bobby did it right by giving his people a dish to cook and this is exactly what FNS is looking for. Alton did not let his people cook. ALTON failed at choosing a FNS. Giada was ok but picked poor people compared to Bobby because the dishes she asked her people to make was too open ended. She is nice but not a leader or a teacher like jaques pepin or even Bobby flay. I think both Giada and Alton should repick following flay's criteria and that is having the cooks make a dish in front of the camera.

    • FanFare57 says:

      yes, you make an important point.

    • jeri says:

      Alton was looking for the contestants ability to teach someone, thats why all his choices were asked to teach him how to make Bananas Foster. I think the Selection show proved his theory. Parts of the episode were hilarious. AB's reaction to some of the things was priceless. It showed who had the potential to actually teach someone, rather than just showing someone cooking.