Star-a-Day: Martita Jara

by in Food Network Star, May 3, 2012

Martita Jara

To give you a sneak peek at the personalities of Team Alton, Team Bobby and Team Giada, we’re introducing a finalist per day leading up to the bigger-than-ever Food Network Star premiere on Sunday, May 13, at 9pm/8c. Don’t miss the casting special on Saturday, May 12, at 9pm/8c for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at each finalist’s road to Star-dom, including footage of their final one-on-one auditions with their respective team leaders.

Today we meet Team Giada's Martita Jara, 35, an interior designer and passionate home cook who grew up in her family's Mexican restaurants in Southern California.

Fun facts about Martita from Food Network Magazine:

  • Claim to fame: She grew up in a restaurant family, but she has a magic touch with interiors. Every time she designed a home for a bachelor, he has ended up married or engaged within a year.
  • Dream-show concept: "Mi Tortilla," named after her family's chain of Mexican restaurants; it would feature her specialties, like chiles rellenos and sautéed nopales.
  • Secret Ingredient: Chorizo. She sneaks it into everything, even lasagna.

Get to know Martita in her Star bio video:

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Comments (21)

  1. beachinfrizzy says:

    I don't think it's fair to say that Martita shouldn't be in the running because she comes from a restaurant family. The key is it's her FAMILY's chain of restaurants, not hers. Maybe she wants to prove to herself, her family and everyone else that she can do something on her own. Granted growing up around the business certainly gives her an 'insider' knowledge and perspective that would be useful going forward, but I'm sure she has her own ideas and this could be the perfect opportunity for her to bring them to life. She hasn't been shown any favoritism thus far that I can detect, and she's had ups and downs even this early in the competition so it's not like she's a shoo-in because her family's already in the food business. That said she's camera friendly and I think it'd be great if her design talents come into play to make her stand out (as well as her food) from the other competitors and set her apart from the other Mexican/Latino/a chefs featured on FN. I don't know a lot about Mexican cuisine but I assume it's not "one size fits all"!

  2. Chicanominds says:

    I think Martita has what it takes: talent, know-how, and she looks great on camera. She lost her words last night. I think she needs to use a more "Spanglish" voice and let her words come out however they may. Instead of "Mi Tortilla" her show could be "Cooking con Amor." Food, like language, is a fusion of culture. The U.S. is the 5th largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and many of us mix English and Spanish with ease. That's the way her show should be. And don't forget, Martita, echale amor a tus platos y todo saldra bien.

  3. Mima REBA says:

    I love Martita's graphic print wrap dresses. Wondering if she makes them?

  4. M Garcia Esqueff says:

    So sad that Martita was eliminated! All the Chefs on the show are talented, but Martita has a special warmth and sweetness that makes you want to watch her, even when she doesn't share her stories! I was really shocked when she was asked to leave.