Star-a-Day: Martie Duncan

by in Food Network Star, April 26, 2012

Martie Duncan

In just a few weeks, you'll get to know the 15 new finalists on Season 8 of Food Network Star. Catch the casting special on Saturday, May 12 at 9pm/8c for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at each finalist's road to Star-dom, including footage of their final one-on-one auditions with their respective team leader.

To give you a sneak peek at the personalities of Team Alton, Team Bobby and Team Giada, we're introducing a finalist per day leading up to the bigger-than-ever Star premiere on Sunday, May 13 at 9pm/8c.

Today, we kick things off with Alton's fellow Southerner, Martie Duncan, a "slightly over 40"-year-old entertaining enthusiast from Birmingham, Alabama.

Fun facts about Martie from Food Network Magazine:

  • Claim to fame: Martie has been shot at, beaten up and run over in her previous job as a Birmingham police officer. More recently, she traveled the world to play polo.
  • Dream-show concept: Stress-free entertaining. "Honestly, you can take a frozen lasagna, bake that sucker and sprinkle really good Parmesan over it. A party doesn't have to be perfect."
  • Secret ingredient: Cayenne. She spikes a lot of dishes with it, including dessert.

Get to know Martie in her Star bio video:

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Comments (17)

  1. Suzy says:

    I like her and think a 40 something 'real' woman would do well on FN..but I am a bit concerned that she didn't put salt/or enought salt on deviled eggs.

  2. Lena Jenkins says:

    Is she only in her 40's I thought she was much older. She really needs to stop being so concerned about her age. My mom does crossfit and kicks ass and shes 52 and she gets still gets alot of head turns from collage guys!

  3. NJA says:

    No way could I listen to her talk for 30 minutes

  4. Som says:

    I agree with you NJA one Martha Stewart is enough.

  5. Kathy, FL says:

    We loved you on the show and was so sorry as to the way they announced that you were voted last. Very tacky on their part. We would have loved to have seen a show with you. You are a great gal with a terrific personality. Good luck to you in the future!

  6. Frosty says:

    I think Martie would be a breath of fresh air on FN. She's a down-to-earth, unpretentious, Southern gal. I'd take her over super-hyped, phoney, big mouth Paula Dean any day. I'd love to see FN get rid of the stupid boring Cupcake Wars and that creepy Sweet Genius. Those shows are a complete waste of air space and Martie would be a much more entertaining use of that time. I wish her well and hope that we see her again.