Star Scrapbooks: A Look Back

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Star Journals

We started with 15 finalists in Los Angeles. Six moved on to New York City. And last Sunday night, a winner was crowned: Jeff Mauro is our new Sandwich King!

To put this exciting and exhausting journey in perspective, take a look back through the finalists’ scrapbooks from the competition. Upon arrival in L.A., each contender was given a Food Network journal and a digital camera. We compiled their best pages and photos to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the unique experience of each Star finalist.

Who filled page after page with heartfelt reflections? Who drew lifelike sketches of their dishes and who wrote meticulous prep lists? Who took hilarious snapshots in the Star house? Flip through the pages of the finalists’ scrapbooks to see.

Jeff's journal

Jeff Mauro (Winner!)

Susie's journal

Susie Jimenez (Runner-Up)

Vic “Vegas” Moea (Third Place)

Mary Beth Albright (Eliminated Week 10)

Whitney Chen (Eliminated Week 9)

Jyll's journal

Jyll Everman (Eliminated Week 8 )

Penny Davidi camera shot

Penny Davidi (Eliminated Week 7)

Chris Nirschel (Eliminated Week 7)

Orchid's journal

Orchid Paulmeier (Eliminated Week 6)

Justin Davis (Eliminated Week 5)

Justin Balmes (Eliminated Week 4)

Alicia and Justin journals

Alicia Sanchez (Eliminated Week 3)

Katy Clark (Eliminated Week 2)

Juba Kali (Eliminated Week 2)

Howie Drummond (Eliminated Week 1)

Howie and Vic with journals

If you missed the intense season finale or hilarious reunion show, catch up here with full episodes. You can even relive all of Season 7 online.

See you next season, Star fans!

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Comments (34)

  1. Janet Woods says:

    The Sandwich King made reference to his mother-in-law being from Hazard county, Kentucky. Sorry no such place. Hazard is Perry County, Kentucky.

  2. blmjnm04 says:

    I'm a little disappointed with the results. I really wanted Susie to win, but Jeff did do a good job at his pilot and I think that he will have a good Show.

    Hopefully since Susie was the runner up she can get a show also.

  3. Ed G. says:

    I really thought Jeff would have a better show. But I'm done with it. I tried two episodes and I couldn't make it through either one. I expected a certain level of frat-style humor, but wow. This is awful. The last straw was when he went back to the bowl of German potato salad with a dirty fork and told us "I'm going back for more, just deal with it."

    Well Jeff, I have and you aren't even remotely in my Food Network viewing schedule anymore.

  4. lola says:

    I was really disappointed that Susie didn't win. I watched Jeff's show twice. I really can't get into to it. He is too silly and a bit over the top. I hope Susie does get a show or publish a cookbook. I would love to see her recipes.

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