Star Scrapbooks: A Look Back

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Star Journals

We started with 15 finalists in Los Angeles. Six moved on to New York City. And last Sunday night, a winner was crowned: Jeff Mauro is our new Sandwich King!

To put this exciting and exhausting journey in perspective, take a look back through the finalists’ scrapbooks from the competition. Upon arrival in L.A., each contender was given a Food Network journal and a digital camera. We compiled their best pages and photos to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the unique experience of each Star finalist.

Who filled page after page with heartfelt reflections? Who drew lifelike sketches of their dishes and who wrote meticulous prep lists? Who took hilarious snapshots in the Star house? Flip through the pages of the finalists’ scrapbooks to see.

Jeff's journal

Jeff Mauro (Winner!)

Susie's journal

Susie Jimenez (Runner-Up)

Vic “Vegas” Moea (Third Place)

Mary Beth Albright (Eliminated Week 10)

Whitney Chen (Eliminated Week 9)

Jyll's journal

Jyll Everman (Eliminated Week 8 )

Penny Davidi camera shot

Penny Davidi (Eliminated Week 7)

Chris Nirschel (Eliminated Week 7)

Orchid's journal

Orchid Paulmeier (Eliminated Week 6)

Justin Davis (Eliminated Week 5)

Justin Balmes (Eliminated Week 4)

Alicia and Justin journals

Alicia Sanchez (Eliminated Week 3)

Katy Clark (Eliminated Week 2)

Juba Kali (Eliminated Week 2)

Howie Drummond (Eliminated Week 1)

Howie and Vic with journals

If you missed the intense season finale or hilarious reunion show, catch up here with full episodes. You can even relive all of Season 7 online.

See you next season, Star fans!

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Comments (34)

  1. subdjoe says:

    All in all, not a bad show. He was much smoother than Melissa was her first season. And an interesting twist using the fig spread on a hot sandwich. I've used it on cold sandwiches before, not on hot. It may not be as bad a series as I had thought it would be.

  2. Richard says:

    WEAK SHOW, Glad I made the decision not to watch food network anymore, watched a few minutes just to confirm my feelings. Stopped watching 3 weeks ago and have not missed anything on Foodtv. I have so much time to watch good TV now

  3. Bob Toren says:

    I thought although there is room for improvement, it was a pretty good first show. Also good move showing the sandwich shop that inspired the sandwich and giving them the props they deserved, really says a lot about Jeff's character. The finished sandwich looked great and I like the idea of having leftovers of the meat to make a stew or whatever later on.
    I will continue to watch and enjoy his show, I'm sure.
    Also still hoping for a show to pop up with Susie.

  4. sucks says:

    Call me silly but when the heck did the finale show on Food Network in Canada? I set it to auto record, I searched the guide, I looked all over and nothing until this week.

    The winner has been posted on the Food Network website for a week, and I stupidly checked it out... way to ruin the show!

  5. Kay says:

    I don't get the sandwich concept. We are getting away from bread,especially non whole grains, I have been looking to make my southwest cooking more traditional Mexican, Just asked a Mexican friend how she was taught to make enchilada sauce.

  6. @skimmilk2 says:

    Although I like the idea of putting the scrapbooks on the website, I feel like this is an invasion of their privacy.____Besides that, because we can't comment on videos, I'm going to say something here. Bob Tuschman is an idiot. I just saw his final interview with Susie Fogelson about the reunion and he was like "The most vocal ones at the reunion were the finalists who stayed closer to the end, which shows that we picked the right people (with great personalities) to go to the top." And I was like you're an idiot. The reason why they were so vocal was because they had stayed in the house long enough to actually have opinions about other finalists, you retard. Do you think someone like Juba would have that much insight after staying in the house for only a week? I don't think so. Do you think Mary Beth and Penny would hate each so much after both of them were kicked off after one week? NO. Would Jyll have gone through Wolfgate had she been eliminated earlier? Of course not. Sheesh. I wish the judges would grow some brains. I am so sick of them.

  7. dwindibim says:

    Ignoring whatever most of the other bloggers said, THIS GUY (Jeff) IS GOING TO BE BIG, BIG, BIG!!!

  8. Mike says:

    Loved watching the show, will say congratulations to Jeff, but his arrogance will stop me from ever watching his show big turn off. Would have much rather seen Susie or Vic win much more personable.

  9. sue says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE JEFFS SHOW.... He reminds of howie mandel and tyler florence combined which could only mean he will be a huge star and i hope so because his show is my new favorite.I wish him all the the luck in the world.

  10. Dallasmom says:

    I'm happy Jeff Mauro won. I love his new show! He's really funny, and I like how he visits new restaurants in Chicago every week. Also, the producers did a great job on his introductory montage. I will be trying some of his recipes! I also like Aarti and Melissa D'Arabian. Aarti's show is fun, and Melissa has some good recipes.