Sandwich King

by in Food Network Star, August 15, 2011

Sandwich King Jeff Mauro

We have a winner! Jeff Mauro is Food Network's Star. Congratulations, Jeff — you've earned every bit of your success.

Fans, thank you so much for watching this season and for your participation here at the Star Blog. Good, bad and indifferent — you have let us know exactly what you're thinking. The team at Food Network has enjoyed hearing from all of you.

Be sure to join Jeff for a live chat on Food Network's Facebook wall Wednesday at 1:15pm/12:15c. And, of course, watch the series premiere of Jeff's new show, Sandwich King, Sunday at 11:30am/10:30c.

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  1. BobbyD says:

    I love the show, I think it is brilliant. Is there anyway to find out what the black saucepans, with the riveted cast iron handles, that he uses are? I want them soo badly, but I cannot identify the company.

  2. BJD says:

    I just don't care for Vic. There is something about him that makes me NOT want to watch his show. He acts silly and not in a funny or good way. Susie is the real winner. Now she will definitely be the big star on the Food Network. A lot of people are not happy with the result or the topic of sandwiches. There should be a rematch.

  3. irenedesf says:

    Jeff, I am horrified that you are using throw-away paper towels to dry your hands everytime you wash. Please please think of the environment and use cloth towels. I didn't think your food was worth winning on the show, but i am giving you a chance to give me a recipe for a vegetarian meal. Also, at the beginning of the show, how about gathering for a shot all the ingredients before starting (including the bottled seasonings)?

  4. Christy says:


    This was the first year my family has watched the "Next Food Network Star". We really enjoyed the series. Towards the end of the competition we really only had 3 favorites and were delighted when you all made it to the final 3. We were especially delighted when someone from Chicago won the competition. Even more excited when you opened your first show with our families all time favorite, "Chicago style Italian beef". I want you to know that we were delighted to modify a couple of your recipe's to meet our family's taste bud's but the Italian beef was a keeper. We love the tours of some of the Chicago hot spots. Congratulations and keep up the funny.

  5. sandwich lover says:

    I was happy that Jeff won and have thoroughly enjoyed all his shows. Why so few? When does Jeff''s next new episode air?

  6. suze says:

    Food Network used to be one of my top programs to view ... but, then, that was before they became spoiled, stuck on themselves celebrities, trying to sell their wares on the side. At least, Rachael gives the proceeds of her dog food to the animal welare programs - good for you Rachael!