Sandwich King

by in Food Network Star, August 15, 2011

Sandwich King Jeff Mauro

We have a winner! Jeff Mauro is Food Network's Star. Congratulations, Jeff — you've earned every bit of your success.

Fans, thank you so much for watching this season and for your participation here at the Star Blog. Good, bad and indifferent — you have let us know exactly what you're thinking. The team at Food Network has enjoyed hearing from all of you.

Be sure to join Jeff for a live chat on Food Network's Facebook wall Wednesday at 1:15pm/12:15c. And, of course, watch the series premiere of Jeff's new show, Sandwich King, Sunday at 11:30am/10:30c.

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  1. Joanna says:

    i have been making sandwiches for my family for over 60 years I don't need a kid telling how. He is to loud and his arms and hands are moving all the time it is distracting. I would like to have had Susie teach me how to cook in a Mexican way there were 2 plus Jeff making sandwiches, enough.I also liked Vic even though he made chocolate asparagus .

  2. RachaelMChgo says:

    I thought Jeff was the clear winner form the beginning. Chicago is a magnificent food town and he is showcasing it well in his first episodes. His personality is down to earth, very Chicago, he has a really charming and witty personality. The others on the show did not shine- Jeff was almost hard to contain as a clear winner! Congradulations Sandwich King! I've watched the show Loved it, the recipes are outstanding! Cant wait for the next one!

  3. sue says:

    I still he cant say enough great things about jeff... The judges made the correct choice. I cant wait to watch what he is making this week...P.S he also has a beautiful family..Congrats to all of them.

  4. jb harris says:

    Just watched Jeff's new show. He did all right, but he needs to STOP saying "right" all the time!

  5. Michelekd says:

    I just watched the 2nd episode of Sandwich King (caught the first one as well). I love Jeff!!! He is incredibly knowledgable and funny. The tip about keeping fried foods in a low oven on a wire rack - so useful. And Jeffometry - hysterical. I love him. If I can't watch I will DVR.

  6. jim says:

    Sandwich King, a one trick pony. CLICK

  7. Sandy says:

    Really like the new show. So glad Jeff won. We are at church on Sunday mornings, but we record it every week. For a busy mom with kids running off to dance, karate, Bible study, etc, full dinners aren't always possible. We probably have sandwiches with a side about two to three nights a week. Great ideas and fun presentation. I like it.

    • P. B. says:

      Just watched the show and I am so disappointed. Jeff didn't seem like he was having fun, and I didn't have fun watching it. I hated his "English" accent. Really boring. I found his talk about being a Sandwich Prince really beneath the show and insulting as an audience. I won't watch it again. I so wanted Susie to win. PB

  8. Linda says:

    I think there are alot of friends of sore loosers this season blogging. I LOVE this show and the recipies....Easy, simply and delicious...It IS the way America eats. I am from Chicago originally and this is how WE eat!!!! I have tried all of the past shows recipies and have loved them all. Quit complaining about your friends who didn't win. There is a reason they didn't!!!!!!!!

  9. Bob Toren says:

    I'm really liking the show a lot. I like how Jeff gives props on a regular basis to the places he gets his products. Also Jeff seems to be getting more and more into a real good comfortable groove with the show. A good balance of great sandwiches, the right amount of humor, and overall looking more and more like a veteran instead of being new at this.

  10. jeri says:

    Yep, just goes to show! You got to give it a chance before you condem it. My whole work schedule is based on sandwiches. I work 8 straight and get lunch when I can. My patients well being is of utmost importance. My lunch? A sandwich, of course! Something I can grab on when I can. Best of luck to Jeff and his new show!