Caption It: Guy’s Big Advice

by in Food Network Star, August 12, 2011
Guy Fieri
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The competition wraps up this Sunday night, but before the next Food Network Star is chosen, two of the remaining three finalists will film their show pilots to be reviewed by the selection committee and an esteemed (and opinionated) focus group: the previously eliminated contestants.

Who better to coach the lucky two as they attempt a show pilot? Camera pro and season 2 winner Guy Fieri, of course. In this sneak peek shot, Guy shares some tricks of the trade and tells of his experience filming his own first pilot just five years ago. Will this season’s finalists heed Guy’s advice or stumble under the pressure of their most important Camera Challenge yet?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to see who is crowned the next Food Network Star, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this teaching moment in the comments below.

Don’t forget to tune in to a special Star reunion episode Sunday at 8pm/7c.

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  1. MsJS says:

    Not meaning to be disrespectful, but Guy has a huge personality and this photo captures none of it.

    Well, maybe except for the hair.

  2. Sheridan says:

    If Susie and Jeff are the final two, I think they will both put up great show pilots. This will be a difficult challenge.

    • Dooneygirl says:

      I agree...frankly from a network business perspective, we already have a 'Guy' so I don't see Vic making it.
      Susie might be good for a Mexican-themed show; there is not one now and she has progressed....but I still don't think she has enough 'camera power/strong identity' to last.
      MY BET has been on JEFF from Day #1: there is no one currently that is a cute male, personable, good chef, fun-loving, young-spirited but 'old enough'. He messed up a bit with the inappropriate humor in the beginning, but as someone else posted: this TV/On Camera stuff is TOO MUCH....Start out slower...JEFF'S The TICKET and I sure hope he wins!! (And maybe get some of the dusty-old 'no one watches' shows off: Ann T., Sandra L., Rachel R., Sunny A., Aaron MG and I love Ina but the reruns are now years old; let's get these new faces in prime time!

    • Shawn Cabot says:

      Susie "aced" this one! I was extremely disappointed that Susie wasn't chosen. She outshined Jeff completely. I hope Food Network gives Susie a show because she was spectacular! Her warmth and family ties to her Mexican tradition and food outweigh the Sandwich King any day!!

      • Laurie says:

        Totally agree with applystycx, luvcooking and Shawn Cabot. Susie not only aced it, her show has more promise than Jeff's. Sandwiches every week? Boring!

        Susie was genuine and open from the beginning. You can feel her emotions coming through the camera and that's real. Jeff, on the other hand, could not stop being fake (IMHO) and always appeared to be acting. I felt no real emotion from him, even when he was talking about his kid. I didn't feel the "love" from him. I know I won't watch his show and I do hope they hire Susie for some kind of show of her own. She shines!!

    • Betsy says:

      I think they made a real mistake, Susie had so much to teach us about Mexican cooking. Yes, they both did great pilots, but really a sandwich king.

    • sarah says:

      Thanks Jeff for showing us how to make it to the top of a national tv network despite vulgar humor, profuse sweat and plain food! Thank you!

  3. Sheridan says:

    I do not think the finalists will stumble under the pressure, they will bring out all they can, and do the best they can. This is the final challenge, you can only expect great show pilots.

  4. diane says:

    (capt) Alas your final camera challenge

    Has everybody noticed the amount of camera challenges this season as compared to prior seasons? I have not counted but it sure does seem to me that the emphasis has swung in this favor. Right out of the gate , it was camera challenge, not let's see who can cook what. I don't remember it being this personality oriented in the past, sure it is a big attribute, but somewhere along the line the FOOD aspect of it all has been downplayed. So to me it has become a PERSONALITY CONTEST over a side of mash. Anyone?

    • Rudyboy98 says:

      Well the person vying for a chance to win has to be on doesn't it seem logical that they would have multiple camera challenges?

      Personality is a big part of it. Consider this: Most actors and actresses look good and have a great personality- on and off camera. Now, you don't have to agree with that statement. But it is a great challenge to those that are in front of the camera to consistently bring new life into every role they play.

      That being said, these chefs must do the same. It is not always the best person for the job, but it plays into the ratings of the show- and that my friend, is what they are looking for.

      The executives study their Nielsen Media ratings like a Bible and they only produce what will win viewers to watch the network. The FOOD part is not being downplayed as much as you may think. It is most likely your take on it - and that's okay. What I would like the FN to do is to raise the bar and let more of the viewers become involved in the process. Have the viewers win a contest to be a judge on the panel. Have a food critic challenge. Challenge the chefs to create a brand new dish and see if the recipe becomes a staple. That's my .02.

      • diane says:

        I concur on several levels, it is important to be in front of the camea,"it is a big attribute" but in seasons past, less weight was given to this attribute, the emphasis is now geared to all charisma and little creativity. What they are looking for and what people tune in for is exactly my point. They are looking for personality well above the food. If I were the only one that tuned in to the food network for creative variations of different dishes, I would be fine with it. I don't however tune in to watch Giada act the role of someone that can cook Italian food. She cooks from the heart, with passion, that has been handed down from genertion to generation and that is reflected in her food. Yes, she might put a modern spin to it, but I don't watch just because she is Giada or Guy etc.

        As far as the judging goes, YES, I couldn't agree more, anything would be better than what was proven this season. I am simply saying as a viewer of this channel and the cooking channel that is on like wall paper, I watch for the food even if it is a rerun I watch for the food!!!

        Maybe I am the only one?

        • JamesinAlaska says:

          I think the high-point of the Food Network is when Emeril used to be on. He was a definite success. Now he's gone.
          Question: Who--has been the next-best successful person to come along after Emeril? I would say probably Guy Fieri.
          Notice Guy's yellow hair and armbands, etc. It "worked" for him.
          And--what do we see now? Vic--and his "industrial-strength" tattoos.
          I ncant help wonder if they (Food Network) are thinking: Hey, it worked for Guy. Lets try and create another "Guy". This may help explain why Vic was "forgiven" for messing up so much in the beginning. Can I prove this? No. I cant.
          But on the other hand, I dont think its all that unbelievable either.
          I still think Susie is outperforming both Vic and Jeff. Its hard to predict how this next challenge will pan out.

          • diane says:

            Emeril L. Is now on the cooking channel he has several shows, a very down home cooking kind and a roving investigative type, maybe even another?
            Can you prove it, you just did, Vic is a nice guy, but his cooking has not blown anyone away, so why then is he in the finale. You said it, they are looking for the next stereotypical "GUY"
            it's as if all we want to see is a channel full of fieri programing. It works for Guy, but he is a one of a kind, like us all.
            Susie has been consistently good throughout, she even steped up her game last week I was very impressed. The next challenge will be so edited you will never see anything other than what they want you to see. THE NETWORKS POV!!!

        • Dishy says:

          No diane, you are not the only one. I too watch the FN for the food. I am always looking for new recipes. For this reason, I hope that Susie wins, because I would enjoy her food more than Jeff's or Vic's. I don't eat sandwiches, so I don't think I would watch Jeff's show if he had one. I have the FN on all weekend. The only shows I don't watch are the ones about cakes, cookies and candies, because I don't eat sweets.

          • KimbaLion says:

            Dishy, I'll jump on this bandwagon. I am completely overwhelmed with shows about cookies, cakes, candy, cupcakes, etc. I don't serve my family mountains of sweets, and I couldn't be less interested in shows that revolve around them. The only thing less entertaining is that awful show "Extreme Chef." I don't cook handcuffed, and I don't care who can :-)

          • JamesinAlaska says:

            YES! I wish they would just simply discontinue altogether shows like:

            Cupcake Wars (how they ever thought this was interesting, is beyond me. Could it be more hyped? I just think: you've GOT to be kidding).
            #2---Unwrapped. Do you really care at all how M&M's are made? Pffft. Go buy a trivia book.
            By "Axe-ing" those 2 shows, they could put 2 other good cooks on in the evening! Who would you like to see? Melissa? Tyler? Someone else?
            Who makes up the stupid rule that all the "instruction" is daytime--and that evenings has to be all Mega-rush adrenaline super-competitions? Its just to fake and over-hyped.

          • JamesinAlaska says:

            (Just thought I'd share)....
            For those of you who like good recipes--and yes, there are many of them here on the FoodNetwork website....but you can also check out:
            1. ...and...
            2. Enjoy! :)

          • KimbaLion says:

            Love it, James! Cupcakes????? That's what mothers who can create way better things are forced to bring into the whole kindergarten class when it is their kid's birthday. Love your expression, don't know if I can spell it: Pfffft.
            And, Unwrapped. How completely NOT entertaining. Even my 9-year-old is not interested in how they make all those things!

            I do like all the real competitions, among qualified or interesting or creative chefs, but do NOT like all the sugar-laden shows (and isn't Duff gearing up for a new one?) and "filler" material like Unwrapped.

            Let's get back to food!

          • Rudyboy98 says:

            @James: You're absolutely right! Axe Cupcake wars. How in the world that would be interesting? Just do a one time show. Not a daily one. Cupcakes are not as interesting as a ton of other pastries. If they could create a show similar to "Iron Chef America" where the pastry chefs were challenged to create multiple pastries with a "secret" mystery ingredient- I'm in!

            "Unwrapped" is also a one time show to me. Show me how the food or candy is created once in blue moon. One or two shows please. Not an entire season. Filling time is best done by doing what the network is supposed to be about: ALL FOOD.

            How about having a show that highlights the staple cuisines of countries all around the world? Now that would be cool and downright interesting. The Travel Channel briefly does it while their host is travelling the globe. The FN can surely showcase something better, n'est pas?

          • mlp says:

            I agree wrt Cupcake Wars but I enjoy Unwrapped for the same reason that I toured breweries in Milwaukee, Dole pineapple in Honolulu and drove out of my way once in Indiana to visit a marshmallow factory. I like to see how things are made and other people must, too. I also like the host of the show.

          • JamesinAlaska says:

            There is absolutely nothing wrong with you touring Dole Pineapple.
            I'm just saying that for everyone like you who does, there must be at least 300 others, who don't. You are definitely the exception.

          • diane says:

            The only sweet show I enjoy is challenge, were pastry chefs/artists create decorative cakes in their interpretation of the theme "challenge", very creative show. In the beginning this show showcased foods and fruits, etc and eventually evolved into cakes and is still a good show. Not that I'm going build a bridge with sugar or anything it is just interesting to watch.

          • Celia says:

            I liked Challenge in the past, but feel it's just gotten silly. For example, having 'gremlins' come into the kitchen and hide the chef's utensils, or having them run around a park looking for flags!? What does that have to do with the test of a chef's ability?

            I want to watch talented artists build amazing creations from sugar, chocolate, fruit etc - not a stupid game show and it appears to me that's what Challenge has become. Too bad.

          • Dishy says:

            KimbaLion, I SO agree with you! I can't imagine why they ever put on a cooking show called "Extreme Chef!" Nothing the contestants do make any sense, and have NOTHING to do with RL cooking. Have you watched the new show "Heat Seekers" with Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking? I love spicy food, so I like the show from that point of view. Plus the two of them seem to have so much fun filming the show, so it is very entertaining.

        • Myra says:

          You're right Diane, it's all about personality, the judges believe that all a show host needs is a personality or a gimmick, then they'll just place food in front of the person and people will watch. Unfortunately for many viewers, this is true. I watch Food Network because I'm bored, not because I think I can learn anything. I spend most of my time screaming at the TV saying "Rachel, there is NO sugar in a scallop, you can't caramelize it". And it's "JUS" people! "au jus" is "with juice" saying "with au jus" is saying "with with juice", you can't make a "with juice". AAARGH! Can't Food Network teach the basics to it's "cooks"? That I'd love to see, "Food Bootcamp" for their show hosts. Teaching Food Network stars about cooking.

        • Terrie says:

          You're right. The judges were very distracting to me, and they were rude. Judges should be helping all contestants to improve their dishes to meet the next challenge. Instead, Flay calls most of the males "Dude", grow up Flay. The contestants are very serious about their cooking and the judges belittle their skills and personalities. Let the viewers judge then we can eliminate the egos of the judges.

  5. Donna says:

    I think whoever doesn't win on Sunday will eventually get a show on The Cooking Channel, just like last year's finalist: Herb Mesa. I'll be looking forward to watching whoever wins. GOOD LUCK to all the finalists.

    • Rudyboy98 says:

      @Donna: Sorry..I have never seen any of the previous FNS before this one. And I have never, ever heard or seen anyone named Herb Mesa on the network. Sounds like he didn't last long. Perhaps I am mistaken. If so...I'll stand corrected.

    • luvcookin says:

      What show did Herb get? I watch FN and The Cooking Channel. I haven't seen Herb on either. I'd much rather watch him and his cooking healthy approach than Tom whose show just promotes gluttony or the giggle like a teen-age girl Aarti.

      • Dishy says:

        I haven't seen Herb on FN either. I also don't care for Tom's show for the same reason you stated.

      • anon says:

        Herb is on the show United Tastes of America on Cooking Channel :) It's kind of like Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I'd rather see Herb cook, though.

        • Robert Ostrowski says:

          i agree that Herb should do a cooking show - actually, he DID have an EXCELLENT plot idea in mind as a NFNS finalist - "Cooking Con Savor" - I watched it and he was EXCELLENT in his approach to cooking. He practically out-did the others, and he kept himself in real good shape throughout the whole competition!

        • Guest says:

          I believe you are mistaken. The United Tastes of America is hosted by Jeffrey Saad who as a runner-up to Melissa D'Arabin the previous year.

        • luvcookin says:

          That Jeffrey Saad that is on United Tastes of America, not Herb.

  6. Dishy says:

    (caption) "Don't freeze up!!"

  7. Dishy says:

    Don't think there will be a problem because Susie will win it!!

  8. mel says:

    There were Three Pilots Shot, we might only see the ones left after the Final Challenge sends one home.

    Remember the sequence we see things is not necessarily the sequence of the way things went down.

    I posted the following on Melissa's and copied here for those who are not following all the various days Blogs.

    Up until Season Four, I don't believe any of the departed constants, received a show or are employed with Food Network.

    Season Four ended up I believe with 3-4 hanging around :)

    In Season Five, only Jeffery I believe is still around.

    Season Six to my knowledge had nobody.

    Now its Season Seven and I don't believe the talent here will have anyone getting a show either, has there isn't two or more standout finalists all are mediocre at best.

    Mary-Beth on the other hand while not getting a cooking show, would be an excellent candidate for a travelogue style show similar to what Jill Cortese did a few years back.

    That's the View from The Top Has I See It, good bad or indifferent.

    • Kevin W. says:

      Season 6 has Tom Pizzica (sp?) who hosts Outrageous Foods are something like that.

      • KimbaLion says:

        I really liked Tom when he was on Star, and I'm glad that FN gave him a show. That said, I don't watch it because despite his lovable personality the premise disgusts me. It's like watching those unbelievable contests to see who can eat the most hot dogs (or whatever) in a short amount of time. It's just gross.

    • luvcookin says:

      Kelsey Nixon from season 5 has a show on The Cooking Channel that is produced by Bobby Flay and it is excellent! And the ridiculous Adam Gertler has a couple of shows that I don't watch. Don't remember his season.

      • mel says:

        Luvcookin, Kelsey and Gertier both came out of Season (4) when Aaron McCargo won.

        I remember Lisa Garza, Aaron, Kelsey and Adam if I'm, not mistaken he hadn't been eliminated at that time being in las Vegas with Paula Deen being the guest Judge there.

  9. diane says:


    I know some of you think I have been bashing Vic & Jeff for various reasons, this is not the case. We have all burnt a roast or ventured a creation that was better left unthought of. I have depicted these instances merely as avenues in which to direct my point. As mentioned before it is not the contestants I have a problem with it's the contest. I mean what is not to love they ALL share the same passions I do, culinary arts and achievement. They are ALL winners to me. It is just the manner in which the network chose to showcase that passion I have been troubled with. As a culinary perspective the only chance they have for vindication is if Susie wins. She is the only one left that can describe her food and heritage on a plate without ever saying a word. It is the proverbial "box" or "corner" they have painted into that I speak of, and that is not without giving a great amount of reasonable doubt as to how they derived at their decisions to come to this point, the finale.

  10. Ex Fan says:

    caption: Did you see the mouth on that Penny chic