Poll: Who’s Your Least Favorite Finalist?

by in Community, August 10, 2011

Season 7 Finalists

We're down to three Star finalists remaining and just one episode to go until one of them has a new show on Food Network. You've been voting for your Fan Favorite all season, but now we've got another question. Of the 12 eliminated finalists, who was your least favorite? Cast your vote for the finalist who you were relieved to see go home.

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Comments (2)

  1. Pamela G. says:

    Ugh - I am shocked that the judges, despite the OBVIOUS dislikable personality (two chips...TWO out of 100) and she's still there?!?! Send Danushka home already! One of the worst videos ever on Day One, then she continued with her sandpaper-like, horrible personality, doing nothing to change and become even a tiny bit more likable. I don't understand why she's still around - two chips, and seemingly nothing other than bitch queen as her personality. I get dry humor, she doesn't have it. Even Don Rickles smiled once in a while - she's just horrible to watch. Please, please, PLEASE get rid of her, she'll sink this great show- mark my words. Even I will stop watching this if she continues to get a pass every time she fails.

  2. Sandy says:

    I don't know where else to comment on this, but please judges, send that train wreck Denushka home. Her food is certainly nothing to write home about. ("Potato Puffs" that turned out to be nothing but under seasoned dense, half raw mashed potatoes fried in a little grease? C'mon!) And although she seems to think that she is the most beautiful, lovely thing walking - she is sadly mistaken. Average looks. Twiggy figure. Nothing extra special there. A mildly attractive big mouth is what she is. I was surprised to hear her comments on the very first episode regarding the names of some of the other contestants...She had some snide remarks about Lovely and her "lovely" name and then announced that she would never watch a show by someone named Nicki Dinki. I'm not so sure I'd watch a show by someone named Denushka. Get rid of her.