Star Commentary: Finale Loyalties

by in Food Network Star, August 9, 2011

Vic, Susie and Jeff

Well, there’s only one episode left. Come Sunday night,  Vic "Vegas" Moea, Susie Jimenez or Jeff Mauro will officially be named the next Food Network Star. After 10 episodes of trying challenges, dramatic exchanges and emotional moments, loyal viewers and eager commenters on Food Network’s Facebook page and our Star blog have become attached to the finalists, particularly the remaining three, and are fervently rooting for their favorite.

Susie Jimenez

"Team Susie" fanatics write that "Spice It Up" Susie "should win this competition" and "could connect with a lot of viewers ...and be very successful with her own show." One passionate commenter left Susie a message on Facebook: "Susie Jimenez!! I love YOU!!! Your food is fantastic, and your sense of humor is so adorable . . . buena suerte!!"

Vic Vegas Moea

"Team Vic" supporters are equally enthusiastic, having "loved him since day one." Many "Mama’s Boy" hopefuls are wishing "to see Vic take the win next week," and others wrote that "we don't need someone perfect; we need Vic!!!"

Jeff Mauro

Not to be forgotten, "Team Jeff" devotees feel that Jeff is "the total package" with his "exciting and fresh point of view." Many wrote that he simply "needs to win" and that "The Sandwich King is KING!"

Which team will you be cheering on during the finale? Tell us on Facebook and Star Talk. Don’t miss the final moments of Star Season 7 on Sunday, August 14th, beginning with a reunion episode at 8pm/7c and the finale at 9pm/8c.

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Comments (344)

  1. Noelle says:

    Very disappointed with the judges decision. Jeff, with his super sized ego that outweighs his talent and his sophomoric sense of humor, is not someone I will watch. How to make sandwiches is not an interesting topic especially since I've already been using Hellman's mayo on mine all my life.__Susie was a very warm and interesting personality who would have been great to watch. Her show sounded far more interesting. Shame on the judges. By the way Bobby, this is one woman who did not succumb to Jeff's adolescent charm.__

  2. louise says:

    I will never watch the "sandwich king". He is a loser. Susie was outstanding and would watch her shows. the "sandwich king" comes across an ugly, heavy set man with little personality.

  3. Sagebrush says:

    I wanted Jeff to win and he did, but if Susie won, I wouldn't feel the need to trash her since the person I wanted to win, didn't. I can't imagine how it would feel to be one of them and read some of the angry unkind comments made about them from people who don't even know them.

  4. Diana says:

    I'm currently watching the preview to the finale. I have to say, that this is hands down, the overall most unlikable group of contestants I have EVER seen on ANY reality competition show. At least in the finale, most of them try to show some class and some professionalism. This group was all about themselves and didn't seem to care whose feelings they hurt. They didn't care how they presented themselves. They are all vying to be on a network that prides itself on family values and warm fuzzies. Not one of these people exudes those values. Not during the season and not now. This has been one of the most disappointing series every. I'm not sure I'd be really interested in watching any of them on a show, especially knowing how they really are and how they don't care how they are perceived. Not good at all.

  5. Sanita Riker says:

    We all have a right to voice our opinion, but from what I have read on these blogs, how would you feel if someone posted unkind words about you just based on a tv show? All of the contestants are someones son,daughter,mother,father brother or sister.

  6. Samantha says:

    I am glad Jeff this economy - many will probably be eating more sandwiches...and his concept is original to FN.

  7. Karangelgirl says:

    A few years ago Food Network made a mistake with a season winner and her show lasted like 5 episodes, and unfortunately they made another one this evening. The true star of this show was Vic!!!!!!! Vic, if you read any of these posts, please know that the viewing public WOULD watch your show. Hopefully The Food Network exec's mend the error of their way and cast you in your show. If you ever open your own restaurant and it's in Southern California, you will be so busy you won't have time for television. Your passion and caring nature makes you an instant winner in the viewer's eyes. You won us over. Much success in your future because even without winning you are a winner in our eyes and a true star.

  8. Lily says:

    Jeff and Susie were both great, I wish they both could have won. I just want to say to Susie, "you were fantastic," and I wish you the best of luck on your new adventure. Don't ever stop dreaming.

    Love you,

  9. rhonda says:

    I just love Vic I would watch his show anytime.I think they voted out the wrong person.