Star Commentary: Finale Loyalties

by in Food Network Star, August 9, 2011

Vic, Susie and Jeff

Well, there’s only one episode left. Come Sunday night,  Vic "Vegas" Moea, Susie Jimenez or Jeff Mauro will officially be named the next Food Network Star. After 10 episodes of trying challenges, dramatic exchanges and emotional moments, loyal viewers and eager commenters on Food Network’s Facebook page and our Star blog have become attached to the finalists, particularly the remaining three, and are fervently rooting for their favorite.

Susie Jimenez

"Team Susie" fanatics write that "Spice It Up" Susie "should win this competition" and "could connect with a lot of viewers ...and be very successful with her own show." One passionate commenter left Susie a message on Facebook: "Susie Jimenez!! I love YOU!!! Your food is fantastic, and your sense of humor is so adorable . . . buena suerte!!"

Vic Vegas Moea

"Team Vic" supporters are equally enthusiastic, having "loved him since day one." Many "Mama’s Boy" hopefuls are wishing "to see Vic take the win next week," and others wrote that "we don't need someone perfect; we need Vic!!!"

Jeff Mauro

Not to be forgotten, "Team Jeff" devotees feel that Jeff is "the total package" with his "exciting and fresh point of view." Many wrote that he simply "needs to win" and that "The Sandwich King is KING!"

Which team will you be cheering on during the finale? Tell us on Facebook and Star Talk. Don’t miss the final moments of Star Season 7 on Sunday, August 14th, beginning with a reunion episode at 8pm/7c and the finale at 9pm/8c.

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Comments (344)

  1. Sheridan says:

    I haven't been so anxiety filled and nervous in my life. I felt like I was there, about to learn if I win or not.
    This is the first time I've watched a season of FNS and after week four I believed Jeff should win. But the thing that continues to scare me is, what happens to the rest that made it so far? Whatta bout second place, do they get something? I'm glad Vic is continuing to go and get better and I hope Susie can get a show on the cooking channel or something.

  2. Lulu says:

    Bummed Susie lost. They all seemed to be nice enough people but TV appeal...Susie was light years. Jeff was good but not believable - hard to find the right word but it is the same feeling when you get manipulated. Hopefully the FN will give Susie a show anyway. You got some serious fans Susie!! Proud of you....

  3. jmbd3151 says:

    Jeff winning is very disappointing since I have no interest in watching a show about sandwiches every week. More importantly how anyone thinks that being the class clown is endearing or entertaining is beyond me. He doesn't register as a star in my estimation. That being said, I'm sure guys will like his show. Hopefully his timeslot will be on Ssundays between 12:00 and 3:00 when the sports games are on so the boys will have to make a decision which show to watch and I will continue to watch In the kitchen with David on QVC. Too, too bad!

  4. Teresa says:

    Jeff - the new Food Network Star? This is the "chef" whose sweat dripped into his food. Ewww! I can make my own sandwiches but I'd love to learn how to cook Mexican. Jeff is a comedian who should stick to comedy and Susie is a true chef who does cook with soul. The judges missed this one. I am SO disappointed, for the first season ever.

  5. Toddski says:

    You chose Jeff - Are you kidding me! He is AWFUL!! I am looking for a professional in the kitchen, not some carnival sandwich maker! What a disappointing season all around.

  6. Sheridan says:

    The show isn't just making a sandwich. It is usin a sandwich to make a great meal or using a great meal to make a sandwich. Jeff turned pretzels into a delicious sandwich. If he can do that, this show will be great and not just making any ordinary cheese and meat sandwich with some mayo. This is a great sandwich made by a great chef and star. He won FNS against a really great competitor, I was impressed for a long time and I think now he is composed.

  7. SHELIA says:

    Although I think Susie has a nice personality and she did very well, I would like to see something different on Foodnetwork. I would like to see Jeff's show. I cook and eat foods from different cultures all the time. I very seldom make sandwiches. I look forward to learning and watching various "gourmet" sandwiches. By the way I would appreciate a host that's really good like Guy. I can not watch the Neely's (sorry). I like some of the recipes but that fake honey, sugar, baby stuff makes me want to gag, and I'm a romanticist. It's too fake, too over the top. Please chill out a little then maybe I can watch their show.

    • Sheridan says:

      There we go, I would watch Jeff's show too. I think people think it's just an ordinary show but it's not. It's a learning experience, learning new sandwiches. He stuck with this POV from day one and I think because of that, he was focused and more prepared which allowed him to win. Can't wait to make a sandwich he made.

    • luvcookin says:

      Shelia, don't be sorry. I can't watch the Neely's either. All the baby, brown sugar, honey, etc. stuff turns my stomach. I find them very fake. It may be real, but from what I've seen from the shows that Gordon Elliot produces, they all have a sexual element in them. I remember an episode from Paula's Party where she told a male guest that she would help him massage his meat! Another Elliot produced show. I was appalled. I do not want to have to explain things like that to my granddaughter.

  8. Dishy says:

    Watched the finale, and I thought that both Jeff and Susie made awesome pilots. I imagine it was difficult for the judges to decide who would be the winner. I had been routing for Susie, and I am sorry she lost. I hope she still gets a show of her own. Love spicy food, and would love to try her recipes. Not into sandwiches--I mean, can you really eat all that bread every day? I think part of his perspective should have been how to turn a sandwich into a meal (without bread), instead of turning everything into a sandwich. Oh well, I am very disappointed.

    • Sheridan says:

      it is, his show is how to make a sandwich into a meal partially. If you don't want the bread don't put it there. I think his intention was kind of like what penny said. She said she could substitute something and make a nice meal using this great sandwich.

  9. Cheryl Norton says:

    After having watched the entire season of The Next Food Network Star, I could not be more disappointed with the final choice. From the first episode I thought that Jeff was immature, displayed too much schtick and found his demeanor to be annoying. His is a show that I would never watch. I found Susie to be engaging, enthusiastic, entertaining and authentic. Her take on the food of her culture would bring a new perspective to Mexican cuisine. I sincerely hope that Food Network would find a place for Susie; she is a success ready to happen and would have a tremendous following.

  10. Larry says:

    I think Suzie was clearly the best one. I would much rather watch Suzie over Jeff. Anyone can make a sandwich, but how many can make Mexican food. I think Suzie was robbed and should also be given her own show. She clearly is that good.