Star Commentary: Finale Loyalties

by in Food Network Star, August 9, 2011

Vic, Susie and Jeff

Well, there’s only one episode left. Come Sunday night,  Vic "Vegas" Moea, Susie Jimenez or Jeff Mauro will officially be named the next Food Network Star. After 10 episodes of trying challenges, dramatic exchanges and emotional moments, loyal viewers and eager commenters on Food Network’s Facebook page and our Star blog have become attached to the finalists, particularly the remaining three, and are fervently rooting for their favorite.

Susie Jimenez

"Team Susie" fanatics write that "Spice It Up" Susie "should win this competition" and "could connect with a lot of viewers ...and be very successful with her own show." One passionate commenter left Susie a message on Facebook: "Susie Jimenez!! I love YOU!!! Your food is fantastic, and your sense of humor is so adorable . . . buena suerte!!"

Vic Vegas Moea

"Team Vic" supporters are equally enthusiastic, having "loved him since day one." Many "Mama’s Boy" hopefuls are wishing "to see Vic take the win next week," and others wrote that "we don't need someone perfect; we need Vic!!!"

Jeff Mauro

Not to be forgotten, "Team Jeff" devotees feel that Jeff is "the total package" with his "exciting and fresh point of view." Many wrote that he simply "needs to win" and that "The Sandwich King is KING!"

Which team will you be cheering on during the finale? Tell us on Facebook and Star Talk. Don’t miss the final moments of Star Season 7 on Sunday, August 14th, beginning with a reunion episode at 8pm/7c and the finale at 9pm/8c.

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Comments (344)

  1. Geno says:

    Once again the pompous arrogant fools of the network channel have chosen wrong again. Have yet to follow any of your winners.

  2. Sheridan says:

    Sally, I said the same thing, differently.
    I said I wouldn't watch FN if Susie won, and I'm glan Jeff wins. He brought his A game. Susie was great, but we've seen it all along. Jeff had so much potential, people were so impressed and charmed by him. Susie she was infectious.. but did people exactly think she was a star? I don't know but I think FN made a great choice, and I certainly don't think this is the end of Susie.

  3. Ken says:

    Now it's time for Penny to get her own show. I really am craving one of her delicious Middle Eastern delights. When does the first episode of The Simple Palate air? Count me in!

    • luvcookin says:

      You've GOT to be kidding me!! Penny's attitude alone should never earn her a slot on the FN lineup. I don't care how good her food may or may not be.

  4. Barb & Den says:

    We are thrilled to see Jeff win this one. At the same time, this was obviously a very difficult decision. The final three truly deserved their placement in the finale. But in our home, we have been hoping to see Jeff win for weeks now. We look forward to seeing what he has to bring to our favorite channel on television!!

  5. Carol Shafran says:

    I really wished that Susie would have won. Her food was more appealing and fresh ideas. I don't eat sandwiches so I won't be watching this show. I just didn't care for Jeff at all. Food network this is your loss for not giving Susie a show that was much deserved and that she should of won!!

  6. One angry follower says:

    I think you decision of making Jeff “the sandwich king” the next food star. This guy was dropping sweat over the food. Susie did a better job than that. You can bet I will not be watching his show. And if any, of my friends watch it.. I will tell them about how he drops sweat over food. There are thousands of people who has diabetes and bread turns to sugar, and you will he will be responsible for their health. I will not be watching his show!!! The hell with that!

  7. dave and yvonne says:

    Congradulations Jeff, but I won't be watching your show. Susie out-cooked you, has more personality than you, and we were looking forward to trying her recipes. Great, the next star makes "sandwiches". Jeff's humor was forced, not natural and disappointed in the decision. Yvonne and Dave

  8. deedeeb53 says:

    So disappointed that Susie didn't win. Food Network already has Big Daddy and Guy making sandwiches. How many more "sandwich" guys do we need. Susie would have been a breath of fresh air to the network. I won't be watching Jeff. Hasta la vista.

  9. sukeyhawk says:

    Please give Susie a show, too! I agree that Jeff deserves to be the next FNS! -- but please don't forget Susie! I want to watch her, too and learn from her!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A tie would have been awesome!

  10. Carol Shafran says:

    I will be boycotting his show as it doesn't appeal to me.