And Then There Were 3 (Finale Bound)

by in Food Network Star, August 8, 2011

The Remaining Four Finalists

Mary Beth’s elimination was tough. I liked her so much! Her food may have been unremarkable (and I do understand that’s kind of the point), but her personality was sparkly. I think I was most taken with her genuineness — every word out of her mouth was honest and authentic. Even her parting words to the judges were endearing. Mary Beth can leave this competition with her head held high. As a side note, her line of having to work with Penny again was amazing: “Like a horror movie villain who you think is gone, she comes back.” Loved that.

I’m sort of stunned that Vic has made it to the finale. Yes, it’s impossible to dislike the guy, but he has had some memorable fumbles throughout this competition. But hey, how you recover from your fumbles is what people respect. My hat goes off to the “Mama’s Boy.”

Susie has a smile that lights up a room. Apparently her food is pleasing too, but that smile is unforgettable. As for Jeff, he’s a powerhouse and has been on a strong roll. The judges love his sandwiches, his personality and the guy even won over Alton — if he does nothing else, that alone is out-of-this-world impressive.

Next Sunday is a biggie. The reunion show starts at 8pm/7c followed by the finale at 9. I can't believe we're about to wrap this up (and crown a new star). Exciting stuff. I hope no one gets hurt at the reunion. Maybe Penny ought to come with bodyguards?

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Comments (612)

  1. GCB says:

    I love food network. I’m fan Iron chef especially comments by Mr. Alton. But let me say something funny, when Mery Beth commented, about condiments mentioned sea salt, Alton makes reference of another salt she can't tell, him approaches and tells her “that all salt is sea”. My appreciation for the great work of Mr. Alton but it is clear that not all salt is sea, there are four different types of salt and although the most common and cheap extraction is the salt sea, also consume salt from rock extracted from mines and other ways.
    Sorry my English is no really good is my second lenguage.

  2. CCPN says:

    Food Network is the new Jerry Springer show....way too much drama for me. No more cooking anymore, only drama. As a home cook I am watching to learn how to cook different things with different ingredients. FN is like any other employer, they have their favorites and they pick on those they do not like or agree with. When Giada and Judge Susie defended Penny, I lost interest in the show and FN altogether.

  3. Carl Lamoureux says:

    Vic, watched the whole season. I just want to tell you that you are one class Act!! I wanted you to win so much but when you were told you were leaving the way you handled yourself was exactly how I thought you would! I wish you so much success and happiness in the future and hope that FN will realize how important you are to this network and bring you back as often as possible. good luck and god bless you and family! Carl Lamoureux food network junkie :)