And Then There Were 3 (Finale Bound)

by in Food Network Star, August 8, 2011

The Remaining Four Finalists

Mary Beth’s elimination was tough. I liked her so much! Her food may have been unremarkable (and I do understand that’s kind of the point), but her personality was sparkly. I think I was most taken with her genuineness — every word out of her mouth was honest and authentic. Even her parting words to the judges were endearing. Mary Beth can leave this competition with her head held high. As a side note, her line of having to work with Penny again was amazing: “Like a horror movie villain who you think is gone, she comes back.” Loved that.

I’m sort of stunned that Vic has made it to the finale. Yes, it’s impossible to dislike the guy, but he has had some memorable fumbles throughout this competition. But hey, how you recover from your fumbles is what people respect. My hat goes off to the “Mama’s Boy.”

Susie has a smile that lights up a room. Apparently her food is pleasing too, but that smile is unforgettable. As for Jeff, he’s a powerhouse and has been on a strong roll. The judges love his sandwiches, his personality and the guy even won over Alton — if he does nothing else, that alone is out-of-this-world impressive.

Next Sunday is a biggie. The reunion show starts at 8pm/7c followed by the finale at 9. I can't believe we're about to wrap this up (and crown a new star). Exciting stuff. I hope no one gets hurt at the reunion. Maybe Penny ought to come with bodyguards?

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Comments (612)

  1. Megan565 says:

    I'm so thankful most of Penny's shots ended up on the cutting room floor. She totally showed the immature brat and inept cook that she is.... and what a role model! LOL... Is your daughter proud of you now?????

    FN - take note - we NEVER want to see Penny's face again!

  2. Ex Fan says:

    Why don't they have a contest each year of their viewers who watch the show and pick 2 who are everyday people and watch food network and make them judges and then also have 2 food network judges. This way you get the judging of the very people who watch the shows and and know what they want and what they as home cooks would watch and whose food they would actually make. I feel the current judging is just food snobs. I am a home cook I don't have time to make mayo from scratch everytime I want a sandwich. My budget doesn't allow for lobster and beef tenderloin. I want to watch someone who is likeable and will make things that I have the time and budget to make. Don't get me wrong I like a nice elegent dinner and like to learn how to cook one but that is not possible every day. Give me someone who can show me something good to cook even if it is using mint jelly or a jar of mayo

  3. Jorge says:

    I believe that Vic has the heart and soul of a chef. Just get rid of those tattooes!!

  4. Guest says:

    Regarding Bobby Flay: Those who can't do, judge.

    Flay would never make it out of the first round of FNS with his unlikable personality and lack of good stories.

  5. JamesinAlaska says:

    What do you think?
    I would say, the "high-point" of the Food Network, is when Emeril used to be on.
    No one will deny he was a total success for Food Network. But now he's gone.
    What, or who, has been the next most successful since Emeril left? I would say:
    Guy Fieri.
    And isn't it "interesting"? If you think of Fieri's Yellow hair and, we see a contestant (Vic) with mega-tattoos. Hmmm....are they thinking "if it worked for Guy, it might work for Vic" ? Maybe. Maybe not. But the thought has crossed my mind. I also think Whitney looks somewhat like Rachel Ray on camera.
    Too bad they cant put more emphasis on clear teaching/instruction (with a warm smile) and not so much "drama".
    It seems as if all the "instruction" is "daytime"---and all the evening-stuff is "realty-show" or "all adrenaline, all the time". Its overdone, and even "fake".
    I wish we could see Tyler Florence on at 8pm, for example. What if Sandra Lee was on at 9pm? What if Melissa (on weekends) had a prime-time show. You get the idea.
    Who makes up the stupid "rule" that evenings somehow has to be all "extreme" or adrenaline mega-rush super-competitions? They may justify it and say the evening show are a "success" but the counter to that is:
    everyone is home from work and evenings always get better ratings than daytime shows, anyway. So its not really so much success as it is winning by default.

    • Rudyboy98 says:

      I agree with you on Emeril being the high point..and Guy Fieri being the next best thing to Emeril's "BAM!". However, I didn't watch the competition when Guy won and I don't know if TRIPLE D was already in the works and Guy just took it over either.

      We'll have to wait and see how this pans out for Vic.

    • COOK CRAZY says:

      I agree with you! Why did they drop "the Naked Chef" c/o the BBC? His name is Jamie Oliver and he had a great show that got even better once his show started airing from his new country home in England. He "ALWAYS" took the time to give you exact cooking times and all the ingrediants for every dish he made. I've seen him on the FN's sister show on channel 122 on Comcast but not on the FN anymore. There are other chefs they dropped and replaced with sub-par chefs. The really good chefs are on at times when most of us are working. How about redoing the schedule and putting the really good Chefs on in the evening when we all can see their shows! And "YES", bring back the great chefs you dropped, that is if they didn't get tired of the FN and dropped the FN!!!

  6. Rocco says:

    There's no doubt Jeff will win. He has the silly TV personality and some level of cooking skills. Suzie won't win, but seems clear enough she will receive a show of her own as well. The woman clearly can cook and seems to be a favorite with the judges.

    With regard to Penny, she is a great competitor. She doesn't like to lose. It's a pity she didn't show more class and left the judges and viewers with a more positive image of herself.

    I was rooting for you Penny - but clearly you are a wicked, wicked person. Perhaps they'll bring you back for a Halloween special.

    • joyce says:

      Your comments are spot on! Jeff will be the winner whether he deserves it or not...that is a mute point!

  7. ktwoo2u says:

    Whether Mary Beth needed to go is a moot point now. She was unfairly sabotaged by a person who should have never been allowed to return to the show, even in a subsidiary role. Penny showed herself to be a person of low ethical standards and, put simply, a selfish, bratty sore loser. For this reason, the competition was not administered equitably nor honorably by the people who should have taken a stronger leadership role. Very disappointing.

  8. Janice says:

    Go Jeff!! You rock!

  9. Deb says:

    I, too, was surprised to see Penny back, and she should have been humiliated to have Alton speak to her,but seemed to just shrug it off. I hope this shows the network that she isn't really worth bringing back for some other show as they have done with other FNS contestants. I wasn't wild about the "Sexy in the Kitchen" theme and will not watch her if she is given another shot. Pity she brought such a caustic personality to the show and the cameras. Surely she would know that they would "highlight" her attitude.

  10. Rudyboy98 says:

    It's pretty fair to say we all agree (to some degree) that the Food Network is out of touch with the viewers.

    If the FN really wants to produce another one of these shows...they should consider dropping Giada, Susie Fogelson, and Bobby Flay as judges. We (the viewers) cannot take their criticism of the contestants seriously.

    Bobby can actually cook and should stick to having his own show, IMHO.

    Susie Fogelson always has an issue with someone or something she doesn't like. Keep her off camera. For as much as she criticizes others for not being camera-friendly, she isn't either. Obviously TV is about looks- that's why she's there. That's my .02 .

    The V.P. makes decisions to hire or fire someone- and I guess he should stay since he runs the Network.
    Of course, if he wanted a top chef for the show, he could actually ADVERTISE a position locally and hire the best qualified chef. DUH!

    IF the Food Network really wants viewers to learn from the "chefs/stars to be" have a studio audience taste the food and judge it themselves. There's Kitchen Stadium- and it can accommodate a live studio audience. Use it and let the people decide. Either that or (as someone here suggested) have real FN viewers be part of the judging team.

    Of course IRON CHEF's secret ingredient is not so secret and is revealed to the contestants in advance. They are able to shop beforehand and plan their cuisine. So, it is not inconceivable that the entire (FNS) show has been scripted with prejudice from day one. If that is so, then I am extremely disappointed.