And Then There Were 3 (Finale Bound)

by in Food Network Star, August 8, 2011

The Remaining Four Finalists

Mary Beth’s elimination was tough. I liked her so much! Her food may have been unremarkable (and I do understand that’s kind of the point), but her personality was sparkly. I think I was most taken with her genuineness — every word out of her mouth was honest and authentic. Even her parting words to the judges were endearing. Mary Beth can leave this competition with her head held high. As a side note, her line of having to work with Penny again was amazing: “Like a horror movie villain who you think is gone, she comes back.” Loved that.

I’m sort of stunned that Vic has made it to the finale. Yes, it’s impossible to dislike the guy, but he has had some memorable fumbles throughout this competition. But hey, how you recover from your fumbles is what people respect. My hat goes off to the “Mama’s Boy.”

Susie has a smile that lights up a room. Apparently her food is pleasing too, but that smile is unforgettable. As for Jeff, he’s a powerhouse and has been on a strong roll. The judges love his sandwiches, his personality and the guy even won over Alton — if he does nothing else, that alone is out-of-this-world impressive.

Next Sunday is a biggie. The reunion show starts at 8pm/7c followed by the finale at 9. I can't believe we're about to wrap this up (and crown a new star). Exciting stuff. I hope no one gets hurt at the reunion. Maybe Penny ought to come with bodyguards?

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  1. sʞuıʇs ɥʇǝqʎɹɐɯ says:

    After 5 straight weeks as one the bottom contestants, Marybeth is FINALLY gone. Woohoo! She never deserved to get to the final 4 to begin with.

    GREAT twist next week as one of the finalists gets booted after the initial camera challenge and only 2 finalists get to shoot their pilot promo - talk about heartbreak for whoever gets axed first.

    • vert2013 says:

      I feel like this week was kinda a waste of an episode. I said before that last week would have been the perfect week for double elimination and I'll say it again. I know for scheduling purposes the show has to go a certain number of weeks, but it just seemed like a complete waste last night. I still believe that Whitney should still be in the competition, though I don't know which of the final three wouldn't be because they've all proved themselves.

      As far as the judges go...Jeff can do no wrong. Granted for the most of the competition he has been he most constant, but he hasn't been called out for things that others have. I think he'll win, but I'm still struggling to figure out if FN will give him a whole show about sandwiches. I think all of the final 3 will end up with a show at some point down the road, maybe even Whitney and I hate to say it, Penny too.

      EDIT::: I have no idea why this came up as a reply. It was supposed to be a new post, not a reply.

      • subdjoe says:

        As far as the judges go...Jeff can do no wrong. Granted for the most of the competition he has been he most constant, but he hasn't been called out for things that others have.

        Jeff has also not really push the envelope either. If he isn't taking the risks, he isn't likely to get called out on things. He does stick to his CPoV. In years past anyone who stuck to it as closely as he does got nailed for being 'boring' and 'too one note.' Of course, when they then acted on that and tried to broaden their PoV they got nailed for not being true to it.

        • vert2013 says:

          I couldn't agree more! I don't understand why FN wants them to stick to their POV so much. Yes a general POV is great, but it would be great if we could actually see the extent of their cooking skills outside of sandwichs, mexican, italian etc.

        • foodgoddess says:

          I would agree, completely about your comments on POV. These judges don't know what they want, with the exception of Flay. Bobby wants Good Food. The man loves to eat.
          And make it Spicy!!

          The female judges piss me off. They constantly change their criteria, depending on whom they are speaking to. I wish they would write down the critieria at the very beginning of the show. Maybe then, the contestants would know what to expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          And I wish Giada would lose that flippy hair thing and those low cut blouses. If we want to see skin, I'm sure we can find a better show. I don't approve....

      • Connie says:

        I think it is possible Mary Beth might get a show. As for Penny, I don't think so because of her behavior when she was brought back as a sous chef. She was clearly NOT helping MB in any way and was trying to be a hindrance; chopping VERY slowly and, if you noticed, not evenly chopped. Everyone knows veggies and such cook at the same rate if evenly chopped. The judges noticed and I don't think that's the type of person they want on the FN. The other sous chefs were very gracious.

        • vert2013 says:

          The only reason I say Penny might get a show is because of her POV and her cooking skills. Definitely not her personality. Unfortunately for those of us who have seen Penny on this show, there are probably a lot more FN viewers that don't watch this competition than do watch it. With that said, there is a large market of FN viewers that don't know that Penny isn't exactly the nicest person around. She also has a POV that FN has never tapped into before and it's almost too easy for them to go to her instead of looking for an different Middle Eastern cook.

      • ktwoo2u says:

        A whole show about sandwiches. Can you say BORING??!!!

    • tripmom says:

      If anyone hasn't been deserving, it is Penny. I was appalled at her unprofessional, immature, and unethical behavior. I hope Food Network will take this into account and never offer her anything but a boot out the door. I don't think she should even be allowed to be on the final show. Why continue to show her when she behaves this way? I don't care if she can cook. GET RID OF HER AND DON'T INVITE HER BACK!!!!!!

      At the same time I have been very impressed with the amazing attitudes shown by all of the other contestants and my hat is off to all of them.

    • Casey says:

      Haha, this is funny, but sucks. Theres a photo, considered to be a spoiler, showing Jeff and Aarti along other FN execs. It was kinda obvious he was going to win already. What a damn scripted show.

    • RKarlinChicago says:

      I finally caught up with "and then there were.." after having recorded it last week. Mary Beth is talented, but perhaps would perform better in the production end and not as an on-air performer. I hope food Network recognizes that. What I'm really bugged about is the slaughter of the English language that went on during this show. "Commentate" is NOT a word. A person comments on something or provides commentary. The fact that Giada and Bobby both used the term shocked me. Maybe they all need someone to "orientate" them with a guide to English usage. Oh, wait, that's not a word either.

      Sorry all, I love the show and the network, but I'm an English teacher and misuse of words by professionals just makes it harder to teach kids the right way to say and write things, especially in this age of texting.
      UR Gr8

      • luvcookin says:

        verb \ˈkä-mən-ˌtāt\
        Definition of COMMENTATE
        transitive verb
        : to give a commentary on
        intransitive verb
        : to comment in a usually expository or interpretive manner; also : to act as a commentator

      • swolfette says:

        ori-en-tate ˈȯr-ē-ən-ˌtāt, -ˌen-

        Definition of ORIENTATE:
        intransitive verb: to face or turn to the east
        transitive verb: to orient
        First known use: 1848
        Synonyms: accustom, familiarize, initiate, introduce, orient, acquaint

        NOTE: This definition for "orientate" and the one provided by luvcooking for "commentate" also appear in my Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary (1984) .

        So, it sounds like there's at least one school teacher in Chicago who would benefit from a dictionary.

    • Ellieg19 says:

      i totally agree to this comment! marybeth should have gone awhile ago and against jeff, it was so ovious who was being eliminated!

    • caralynn says:

      I so agree with you, MB is gone YAY!!!!!!

      • CarolJE says:

        I am also really glad that Mary Beth is gone. The judges said that none of her food was exceptional and that she needed the cooking tips that Food Network gives so how did she make it to the final four? It also seemed that as the show progressed, MAry Beth came off as being kind of nasty herself. I'm glad she's gone she never would have been a successful FN star.

  2. LadybugCindy says:

    I can't say that I am surprised about the elimination of Mary Beth, but as much as I like him, I am surprised that Vic is in the finale. I am a bit jaded about the whole process anyway because of what they did to Jyll. It seems to be true as many have observed here that the judges have in mind who they want and the reactions from them do not seem honest. If they want a certain type of show, then just do it. Why even have a competition like FNS if the outcome is not real?

    • Sandy says:

      I agree. Susie fell in love with Jeff at the beginning. I don't know that he can sustain an audience.

    • Casey says:

      Haha, this is funny, but sucks. Theres a photo, considered to be a spoiler, showing Jeff and Aarti along other FN execs. It was kinda obvious he was going to win already. What a damn scripted show.

    • Donna says:

      I agree with you. It looked like the Selection Committee wanted Jeff from the very beginning. Just like any job, first impressions count the most. I'm hoping if Susie doesn't get her show, The Cooking Channel will sign her up. I love Mexican food, so, I'm hoping she does win this competition.

  3. lasaboteuse? says:

    Last night the judges were finally forced to recognize what the viewing audience has known all along -- Penny does not have what it takes to host a Food Network show. Whitney, Jyll, and even Chris were admirably professional as sous chefs -- kudos to them. Penny was just the opposite. At best she was incompetent, and at worst deliberately tried to sabotage Mary Beth. In fact, she was uncharacteristically zombie-like, and her knife skills were shaky. I had to wonder if she was on some sort of mood-altering substance. FNS really dodged a bullet by eliminating her, and hopefully after this season we will not be seeing her again.

    I finally got to see Susie as the competent chef that she is, and I was impressed. Her food looked delicious, and apparently tasted even better than it looked. She was in her element as a chef in this challenge, and deserved to win. I still wonder if she has the ability to command in front of the camera, though.

    Vic, Mary Beth, and Jeff were all off their game in this challenge. Considering both the cooking and commenting segments together, I thought Vic's performance was weakest, and if he had been paired with either Jeff or Susie he would probably have been eliminated. I don't know what threw Jeff off his game (possibly the lack of avocadoes?), but he never really recovered and his food unfortunately showed a lack of imagination. And bottled mayonnaise in every dish -- as the judges said, not in an Iron Chef challenge, please!

    Mary Beth's food did not live up to expectations again, and this was the night she really needed to shine. Unlike the judges, however, I do not feel she should have been expected to rise above the challenge of an incompetent sous chef -- I doubt that the real Iron Chefs ever have to worry about the possibility of sabotage from one of their sous chefs, and they always have two of them. Jeff lucked out with Whitney -- the judges kept commenting on how his lobsters were perfectly cooked, and Whitney was shown doing most of the lobster cooking. That said, I still think Jeff was just a little bit better than Mary Beth in this episode, and the right person was eliminated.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the final episode -- congratulations in advance to whoever wins!

    • vert2013 says:

      I agree with almost everything you said except Penny being incompetent. As much as I dislike her, she is a very good cook when she feels like cooking. Last night was just Penny being Penny, a pain in the rear.

      • lasaboteuse? says:

        As a sous chef Penny came across as incompetent. Whether this was deliberate sabotage on her part or she truly lacks sous chef skills, even the judges could not ignore her lack of professionalism, and excellent food would not compensate for this on a Food Network show. Her knife skills were so weak last night I was actually afraid she was going to cut herself when slicing that sweet potato!

        • vert2013 says:

          I will agree that last night Penny was not on her A game, but I blame that more on sabatoge than her cooking ability.

        • foodgoddess says:

          I hate to say it, but Penny should have been interrupted by a judge, and booted off, then replaced with Flay or someone else to help MB. That would have been JUSTICE!

          • NatalieK says:

            I thought that's what Alton was going to do when he questioned her. It's ridiculous that she was allowed to sabotage Mary Beth like that.

          • kim says:

            you know I still do not understand why food network bring back penney to help the four finalist there are so many other cook contestant will help out the four finalist I am sure they will not sabotage the finalist contestant. I agree with everyone they should have booted Penny out and have an alternate cook helper to help Marybeth so the contest would be fair.

          • Rudyboy98 says:

            Instead of bringing back Penny..they could have brought back Orchid..or heck...a celebrity surprise chef...However, it was clear that the network wanted there you have it.

          • Louisa says:

            That's a possibility but the tradition is that the last 4 people eliminated come back as the sous chefs. Penny was eliminated right after Orchid so if Orchid hadn't been eliminated before Penny she would have been able to participate.

            That being said, the way the commercials played up Penny's return like saying "SHE'S BACK!" like she was Freddy Kreuger or something (though Freddy probably cuts faster than Penny did) and the fact that Penny got paired with Mary Beth is more evidence to suggest it was to give drama.

            But I'm going to go out on a limb and say Penny probably wasn't interested in sabotage. If you remember her in the food truck episode she took forever to get her food ready to the point where people were lined up waiting. I think Penny just takes forever to get her things ready.

            But then again, I think at that point Penny was thinking that she had nothing to gain by helping Mary Beth. Obviously she's hustled before to get her food done in challenges.

    • C.L.Vincent says:

      I think Mary Beth's elimination was fair, (I too am kind of surprized that she made it this far), but I can NOT beleive how Penny
      blatantly tried to make sure she lost. I hope Bobby or Alton (or someone) talked to her after that little stunt and told her straight to her face that it wasn't her food skills that got her eliminated - she was actually a very good cook - it was the fact that she is a mean, spiteful backstabbing b**tch. That combined with the fact that her personality turned to mud as soon as the camera started rolling is what got her cut.

      • Louisa says:

        I agree with you.

        For one of the only times this season, I agreed with the judges eliminating the person at the time. Mary Beth was good but she wasn't amazing. But Mary Beth had one of the best exits of the series. She could only be second to Jyll in this respect. She was able to be gracious and thankful and proud of herself. She was able to say that she didn't win the competition but she had grown and won things she didn't expect to win.

        So kudos to you Mary Beth. I wish you well.

    • William says:

      It was really interesting to hear all the judges gush about how great the lobster was cooked (by Whitney, who they booted off the show)

      • foodgoddess says:

        I agree, totally. I hated to see Whitney go, just because she cried during the roasting. After all, the judges keep talking out of both sides of their mouths....They want people to be "real", but when they are, and their true feelings come out, they get axed. How contradictory is that?? I mean, Jyll got reprimanded because she held all of her feelings in during the improptu Wolfgang Puck cooking lesson. I'll bet if she had cried, they would have found fault with that as well.

        One word to the judges.....Please quit changing YOUR POV. If you want authentic feelings, then don't dismiss chefs when you get them!!!! Whitney deserved to stay. She was absolutely adorable, and yes, I did like her more than Mary Beth....I would have watched Whitneys show, hands down...

        • diane says:

          The judges?, change their POV to suit their needs, it's is like running a fixed race, contest, fight, there is no point in it, yet they subject us, as the viewer audience to this rubbish, If they just want a perticular person, persona, they should just interview applicants as such, and spare us the grief. If they want the next TRUE FOOD NETWORK STAR, they should let us, as the viewer audience determine that. (vote) The judges should be there as proxies for us, giving their honest opinions and acting as our palates, with direction. Whither it is your Fav or their Fav or mine that won, it would be on an even playing field because the viewers would have spoken, not just the narrow mindedness of the networks' POV being shoved down our throats in what is so apparently a rigged contest.They have made it nearly impossible to watch. Shame!

      • Rudyboy98 says:

        That is so true. I hope Whitney got a good paycheck for those results too!

    • subdjoe says:

      We got to see the others actually communicating with their sous chefs. MB we got to see a clip of her reviling Penny as something out of a horror movie and telling her to cut the rack into chops. NO other instruction. Maybe if MB could have set aside her hate and actually communicated her plan other than "I'm the lamb chop queen!" Penny would have given a bit of a damn.

      When you are given vague instructions and then ignored it is both hard to do the job right and to give a damn.

      • Paul says:

        We only saw what they choose to show us, which is about maybe 10 minutes of an hour of cooking. We have no idea what instructions MB gave to Penny.

        • subdjoe says:

          Yet somehow FN managed to show the other three communicating with their sous chefs. You did notice that when Penny was knee deep in chops she finally spoke up and said that until told otherwise she would just keep cutting them, then MB snapped at her that she only needed seven for each dish. That tells me that MB did not give Penny any instructions on what she wanted done. If you don't tell you assistants what you want done, and make it clear to them that you don't want to have anything to do with them, don't blame them for not doing what you want and for not really caring about it.

          • foodgoddess says:

            I disagree that the head chef should have to give a sous chef step by step instructions.
            I am sure Penny has a mouth and she can open it and say, "I have 20 chops cut now. Is there something else you need me to do??" Mary Beth was busy taking responsibilitly for her part, and cannot stand over Penny and give directions like a kindergartner teacher.
            Penny has enough knowledge in that devious little mind of hers to act like a trained chef and get with the program, responsibly. She drug her feet on purpose, and we all know it. She obviously doesn't give a damn what the world thinks of her.

          • subdjoe says:

            I'm not saying detailed step by step micro-managed instructions. But some basic communication at the start - 'I'll need 21 chops, better make it 24, three onions medium diced, sweet potatoes peeled and sliced 1/4 inch rounds, about 2 cups" wouldn't have been asking too much, would it? The assistant shouldn't have to drag information out of the chef with hot pincers.

          • foodgoddess says:

            Yes, I concede to your point. Mary Beth did not seem capable of thinking ahead enough to give those instructions. In my opinion, both could have done a better job at working together.

          • empty plate club says:

            Right on! Anyone who thinks they are good enough to win FNS should be good enough to handle sous chef resposibilities without someone standing over their shoulder. Watch the sous chefs on the real Iron Chef shows - they work independently but ask questions when appropriate. Penny knew what she was doing (and not doing).

          • swolfette says:

            I agree. On Iron Chef, they sometimes show the very beginning of the challenge, where the Iron Chef/challenger tells the sous chefs what dishes he/she wants to make. The sous chefs then know what they should be doing and know to ask questions if they need clarification. So, if Penny didn't have any idea where MB was going with her dishes, she should have asked for clarification. On the other hand, when MB saw Penny dragging her feet, she should have given Penny directions, which is what actual Iron Chefs do during competition. (Bobby Flay does it all the time on Iron Chef.) Of course, with Penny's attitude problems, I could see her totally ignoring MB's instructions in addition to dragging her feet, but then the judges would have at least seen (and maybe acknowledged) MB's attempts to take control of the situation. Unfortunately, MB's pairing with Penny put her in a no-win situation and her food suffered because of it.

            I don't think I'd watch a MB cooking show but I could see her hosting a show like Unique Eats on the Cooking Channel.

          • Rudyboy98 says:

            I think Penny would have ignored anyone she was paired with...regardless of stature.

          • Guest10 says:

            Good point about giving MB a show where she gets to report about food, the way Adam Gertler, Jeffrey Saad and Tom, whose last name escapes me, from last season's FNS, do. All of them have been successful. That sort of show would suit her talents perfectly. Maybe they could even design a show where MB attends culinary classes to help translate her food writing skills into better cooking. What am I saying? FN seldom does much that challenges one's intellect.

          • foodgoddess says:

            I completely agree 100%!! Thanks for your comments!!

        • Connie says:

          Agreed. Penny looked like the bitch she is.

        • Donna G says:

          Good point and well said. Everything is scripted. My son was on a PBS show several years ago and basically they walk you into a mind set that is predetermined and then edit at will! That's show business folks.

      • lasaboteuse? says:

        A sous chef learns to check his/her ego at the door. The phrase actually means "beneath the chef". And the chef always assumes that a sous chef is competent enough to get the job done with minimal instructions -- it is not the chef's responsibility to hold their hand during food prep. Mary Beth told Penny to cut the lamb into chops and to prep the vegetables, basic skills any cooking expert should possess.

        Mary Beth's comments about Penny were taped outside of the actual challenge -- in the kitchen she was polite to Penny, if not friendly. And in a professional kitchen you are expected to give a damn about the food regardless of your cooking partner(s), because poorly prepared food reflects badly on the entire team. If Penny's ego caused her to engage in spiteful behavior while assisting in cooking for the judges then she deserved to be called out for it. Her ego is what got her eliminated in the first place. She has no charm, warmth, or humor, so when forced to lose the ego she is left with nothing to fall back on. It was sad that Mary Beth could not trust Penny to cook some of the lamb, but with their past history I don't think I would trust Penny either.

      • Donna G says:

        I'm sure MB responded the way she did because she knew Penny would put forth little or no effort and possibly even sabotage MB's recipe! Remember although Penny is a proficient chef, my husband and I are convinced she was brought on by the network to create drama, conflict, increase viewer ratings and finally to see how other contestants would cope with unprofessional-ism and immaturity.

    • GINGER says:


    • Mary says:

      I have to say, I thought it was unfair that they had lobster for Jeff's battle. You can't make that many sandwiches with lobster. Additionally, why didn't they have avacado?

      • vert2013 says:

        Jeff was in a pickle last night. You can't make that many sandwiches with lobster which put him at a disadvantage. I would have liked to see what he could make besides sandwiches but I know the judges wouldn't approve. I still don't understand why there is no flexibility with their POV. You'd think FN would want a well founded chef/cook.

        • Guest says:

          I like the sandwich point of view but he could have made a lobster bisque or something like that for one of his dishes and paired it with some kind of sandwich.

      • William says:

        Way too funny!

    • Wayne says:

      Penny's performance was pathetic. I was hoping one of the Iron Chef's would have stepped up, told Penny to leave and took over the Sous Chef duties for Mary Beth.

      • foodgoddess says:

        Yes, Amen to that, Brotha!! A good ol' butt whippin' from Bobby Flay is what she needs!!

    • Jan says:

      It is so great that someone else noticed Penny's actions! To me she showed just how immature and selfish a woman she really is. I do believe she deliberately tried to sabotage Mary Beth; however, I'm not a fan of Mary Beth either as I feel she egged on a lot of Penny's reactions during the episodes. Most of all though, I didn't think she had the cooking expertised.

      • Rudyboy98 says:

        When Alton walked up to her...I half expected him to toss Penny out on her ear...she wasn't a bit embarrassed by him. Which in turn says to me: "Network setup".

    • JimH says:

      I tink I got to see what I wanted to see and that is who can really cook and know what they want to do. Suzie knows what she can do and she can do it well.

      Jeff although he knows his stuff is pretty limited in what he can do. This sandwich guru thing doesn't work for me. But Jeff would need the least grooming to get him ready for a show which could be his advantage in the final.

      Vic, is just too much of a project to get him ready for prime time and it was Mary Beth who should have had his spot. Mary Beth kind of grew on me and I got to like her over the last few episodes. I think Giada might be right about her knowledge and making people feel comfortable trying to reproduce what she does. Still, I would have preferred MB in the final on a close call.

    • Susie Kaylor says:

      I think the Penny woman was the Omorsa of Food Network. What a sorry speciman...I was so impressed with how Alton confronted her. I hope we have seen the last of her FOREVER AND EVER on Food network!

    • mhchenery says:

      __Personally I thought that Penny was deliberately sabatoging MB-- talk about passive aggressive behavior! Regardless of whether her food could cut it or not, she should not have been penalized with Penny's outrageous disregard. I'm sure that if she had been assisting someone else she would have not behaved in that way. I was upset that the judges let her get away with this, and didn't give MB more credit under the circumstances. Bobby was especially dismissive of Penny's behavior which I felt was unfair.

    • paula says:

      Yes...Did you notice the speed, concentration and obvious expertise of WHITNEY in the kitchen, a true professional! She gets the job done, lucky Jeff! Not to mention she is gorgeous!!!! Also Jyll and Chris were professional too. Penny......not so much!

    • Casey says:

      Haha, this is funny, but sucks. Theres a photo, considered to be a spoiler, showing Jeff and Aarti along other FN execs. It was kinda obvious he was going to win already. What a damn scripted show.

    • vereader says:

      I was really impressed by Susie in this episode. She pulled ahead of the pack for me.

      I was pleased (and surprised) that Chris proved to be such a good sous chef--and Susie was really good at delegating as well as communicating with him.

      As for the avocado--when Jeff mentioned making the BLAT, I thought about the 4th of July episode where Susie used Avocado instead of mayo in her dish . . .

  4. Guest1969 says:

    Marybeth's elimination was tough?--- She should have been eliminated weeks ago.

    Every word out of her mouth was honest and authentic? --- I always thought she was a complete phony.

    Susie, Vic, & Jeff come across as WAY MORE authentic & genuine than Marybeth ever did.

    • yvette says:

      I so agree with you! I stopped watching the show because of her--now I can resume to see who wins--love Susie! I don't understand why the judges kep MB on so long--so phony!

      • M&M says:

        I am sooooooooooooooo routing for Susie! She is so charming and real - unlike Mary Beth. I would so watch her show because she is not only a pleasure to look at but she know about food and I can learn a few things from her.

        Suzie - whether you win or not on the actual show, you ARE THE WINNER in most viewer's eyes.


    • foodgoddess says:

      I don't necessarily find MB phony. I think because of her food critic experience, she speaks in a more eloquent, if not more professional way about food, almost like a newscaster telling a story.
      I think sometimes past experience can actually "hurt" you in that you come across as somewhat of a "know it all." I saw her be very professional, and likeable in that she had a seriousness about her that others did not have. She was almost too serious, and that might be what you thought was "phony." If I had some advice to give her, it would be to cook, cook, cook. Then come back on the FNStar to show us what you've learned, and pair that with your ability to host and narrate. She then might actually have a shot......She is a pretty lady with a nice smile, also.....

    • JustLittleOleMe says:

      I agree! Mary Beth comes across to me as fake, annoying, uptight and condescending. Good Riddance.

      However, I do LOVE the concept of a show about Sunday Suppers. I'm sure they could find someone else to do it. Just like they could find someone else other than Penny to do something Mediterrean/Middle Eastern.

      • jeff201 says:

        I couldnt handle Penny .... but i do miss the idea of mediterrean/mid.east cook... all we have now is another Mexican cook on the air if she wins.... I like Mexican food ...but its at the low end of favorite foods to me

    • Mary Wadley says:

      I live in Colorado and have met Susie. She is as wonderful as you see on TV. She is a wonderful young woman who deserves to Win!

      • Lynn says:

        I really hope Susie wins...I would certainly watch her show. Jeff is good, but I can't see him cooking week in and week out...his show will end up being one of those travelling/interview shows about sandwhiches, which can be entertaining, but I want to learn more about Mexican food.

    • laura says:

      If you look at the coming next week scenes, Vic is shown to the lower left of the screen. That means it is Susie and Jeff.

    • Lynn says:

      I agree...I always felt her SNL "Coffee Talk" (like butta) act was phony...if she had acted as she did in her casting video I would have liked her much better. Whitney should have stayed...she may not have the sparkly personality, but her food was much better.

    • M&M says:

      I could not agree with this comment more. Mary beth should have been eliminated weeks ago! I found her to be false with this stupid grin from ear to ear. I certainly would not have watched her show.

    • Julie says:

      Exactly! I can't believe Mary Beth lasted this long. How can you be a Food Network Star and not cook? Jeff and Susie make me smile.

    • Christine says:

      Thank you! I totally agree with you about MaryBeth

  5. ohiomark says:

    I agree.....I would have been disappointed if Mary Beth made it to the final three, based on her past performances. While on-air personality is necessary, they also need the to be able to cook great food. It was good to see Whitney back on this episode as one of the assistants. When this series started, I had originally picked Susie, Whitney, and Orchid as the three I thought would make it to the finals. I still wish it was that three. ____It was amazing that Mary Beth had Penny as her sous chef. I wonder how 'random' that drawing truly was. Watching Penny work (or not work) was very painful, as no one going that far into the finals should have to put up with that. Looking back at the comments Penny made about some of the other contestants, it does not surprise me in a way she acted as she did

    • coco says:

      I completely agree. I think this put Mary Beth even more disadvantage, and was disappointed that the FOODNETWORK bosses allowed that to happen. There would have been a whole host of others that would have at least worked with Mary Beth, and Penny looked absolutely evil didn't she? She came with an agenda and got what she hoped to accomplish for being booted off. Her food was fabulous, but her personality STUNK. Mary Beth would cook out of her capacity, but her personality sparkled. I disagree with Bobby in that "sometimes you have to work with difficult people". NOT WHEN you are going for the Next FOODNETWORK STAR!! Mary Beth deserved a better shot than that.
      In the end, the 3 that are left are fabulous and talented. I'm enjoying most of what has happened this season.

      • Connie says:

        Mary Beth got stuck with Penny waaaay too much of the time. Also, when you have your own show, you have alot of help and prep time, none of this constantly timed challenges and you are in charge and would do things you are comfortable with or practice in advance. Therefore, a good personality is very important. This FNS challenge is very artificial, although they do have to have some basis for judging. I think that is why MB lasted as long as she did. Her camera work was very effective.

    • Margot says:

      Totally agree. i was very upset that mary beth made the final 4 and not whitney. it's karma for penny to be working with mary beth. i laughed at that.

  6. ohiomark says:

    While I expected Jeff to select Whitney as his sous chef (who wouldn't?), I was surprised when given the chance to select who he would cook against that he selected Susie, and not Mary Beth. In the end, it all worked out, but it might have kept him from being in the bottom two at the end had he competed against Mary Beth.

    Next week should be very interesting, to say the least. Susie has been, for the most part,m very consistent throughout the compettion, Vic has had his ups and downs (especially with his on-camera performaces at times), and Jeff has been hitting his stride well lately, until this last episode with all the mayo. If I had to predict the final two, it would be Jeff and Susie.

    The reunion show could be really interesting, with all the drama and tension seemingly created by Penny while she was on. I would have thought they would have shown the reunion show AFTER the season finale, however.

  7. D. Jacobs says:

    I didn't think Mary Beth would have made it this far in the show, however I'm glad she did! She was funny and interesting to watch! I think food network should hire her for her own show were she talks or judges a traveling show or like "a kid in a candy store" show.

    • Russ says:

      Bingo! I posted elsewhere: we have not seen the last of her on Food Network!

    • swolfette says:

      My thoughts exactly! It seems like the contestants who do not win, but have a great camera presence, end up reappearing either on Food Network or the Cooking Channel in their own shows. I think the big difference is management takes a little longer in developing a show for them and their shows do not get launched in prime time. For example, Kelsey from season 4 ended up with an online show on the Food Network site, which moved her into her own cooking show on the Cooking Channel. Another good example is Adam Gertler. So, we haven't seen the last of Mary Beth or Whitney ... though, hopefully, we have of Penny.

    • nicole says:

      Really like MB's personality, would definetly watch her as she is very funny and entertaining and charming/genuine. Hope they definetly hire her at some point:)

      • valentace says:

        Could not disagree more. She's even less likable than Penny. At least Penny is honest. MB is completely fake. Completely fake--just watch her facial expressions.

  8. Debbie says:

    What a shame that Vic didn't leave last night...He can't get it right in front of the camera...Mary beth would have been someone I would have watched...I just hope Suzie makes it thru the end.

    • TammyF says:

      I adore Vic, what a sweety. He is the first to comfort and/or congratulate. He never says anything bad about anyone. BTW Vic may take time to get the camera right but Artie did too and she won, so you never know. Not only that, he is awesome with a live audiance.
      And who wouldn't want mamma's home cooked italian meals, yummm.

      Brings me to Jeff, (the tin man). Sandwich King??? I mean come on. All the network stars have their recipes for sandwiches, look it up. Jeff is ok, but I don't like his cockiness, and he seems to be a one hit poney.

      Susie, I starting to like more and more, but there is only one week left. So I'm rooting for Vic first and Susie second.

    • Casey says:

      Haha, this is funny, but sucks. Theres a photo, considered to be a spoiler, showing Jeff and Aarti along other FN execs. It was kinda obvious he was going to win already. What a damn scripted show.

  9. stoutboy says:

    Once again, Grant proves he's a shill. I hope they're paying him good money for these nauseating articles void of any penetrating analytical ability. Others have already stated the obvious: MB should've been shown the door WEEKS ago, rahter than Orchid. Paul (MB's husband?) is her only true fan. It should've been down to Orchid, Jeff or Vic to get the ax this week. They are weaker than Whitney or Suzie.

    • Chris says:

      Enough with the Orchid whining. If Paul is MB's husband, I take it you are somehow related to Orchid? Orchid did not have what it takes to win this competition.

    • brian says:

      Are we really still stuck on Orchid? She was eliminated, let it go already!

      • Stoutboy says:

        Brian and Chris, the Twin Numbskulls:

        'We' are not stuck on Orchid. (Are you pregnant?) I'm just saying that MB was a subpar chef who never should have made it this far. As for Orchid, she did not deserve to win, but she certainly deserved to go farther in this competition. MB over Orchid? Are you freaking kidding me? Whitney, however, really deserves to be in the final. Class, beauty, brains, and cooking know-how: no wonder Clueless Susie Fogelman, "Giada" (the fake twin cities), Paula Deen and every other female now with a show on FN were so intimidated by her.

  10. Jorge says:

    I'm calling "Sabotage"!