Caption It: Look Who’s Back

by in Food Network Star, August 5, 2011
Iron Chef battle sous chefs
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No, this is not a recycled image from a previous episode. This sneak peek shot was taken on the set of Sunday’s episode of Star, during which the most recently eliminated contestants – Chris, Penny, Jyll and Whitney – return as their former fellow finalists’ sous chefs in an Iron Chef battle.

Don’t let their calm demeanor here fool you, though. The competition gets heated in Kitchen Stadium as these four join forces with their once-rivals in order to impress Iron Chef Michael Symon, Alton Brown and the selection committee. Will the remaining contestants be satisfied with their sous chefs, or will the latter add chaos and distraction to the already-complicated challenge?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to see whose cuisine reigns supreme, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this Kitchen Stadium moment in the comments below.

Only two episodes to go! You can still cast your Fan Favorite Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (324)

  1. Dee Skinner says:

    At Last! You finally took the boredom out of this series by eliminating Mary Beth! The viewers deserve better than a verbage aeddition. She certainly was not a cook...letalone a chef with talent! I tune in to learn and she has no knowlege to impart. I do not care if she is a lawyer. b Stick towhat you know or learn before you try to be the master!
    Jeff and Vic...I do not need to watch someone make sandwiches for an hour and "Mama's Boy has alreadyn worn out his funniness. Doers he really have a momma and don't we all have the right to Momma'sn Boy or Girl. I watch the Foodnetwork to learn something new qabout food and not to be entertained by a comedian or grotesque tatooed freak! Sorry. bu7t Miss Susie is capable of cooking good food. aable to recover if something isn'tnperfect and does not constantly through her personal selfcentered opinion of herself in your or my face! I think she has the most to add to the FN family of all this series contestants.

  2. foodgoddess says:

    I was very surprised at how Penny sabatoged Mary Beth in this competition by not providing the support a sous chef should. Shame on FN for not realizing how back-stabbing this woman is. (She fooled me as well.)
    However, I feel the panel made the right choice in sending Mary Beth home. Simply put: She cannot cook star quality food. I feel that Penny made the best food, Vic second, Jeff third, and Mary Beth last. I was disappointed in Jeff that he did not put a star quality spin on his sandwiches. Aside from cooking the lobster correctly, where was his star food? I am beginning to realize that he will be hard pressed to host an entire show on sandwiches. My vote goes to Suzy......Bobby Flay is right, she should win; She is also my favorite...

    • guest says:

      Ohhhh? So, when did you get to sample any one of the contestant's cooking? All you really know is what the producers and editor's want you to know.

    • Terrie says:

      If you think about it....the job of a food show host is to present the iformation, show how you do things, and then show the end result. It doesn't matter if the taste of the dish is there or not, we can't taste it. It's up to the viewing audience to make the dish and have it taste good. With camera work and editing along with personality and camera presence, the idea is to keep you watching and wanting to make the dishes. Does Paula's dishes taste good all the time? Who knows, but they sure look good. Mary Beth hopefully will have a food show down the road!! And who knows, she could invite Penny as a guest!!

  3. Foodie says:

    Vic should have been booted early on. He made serious blunders with time management and not serving plates. He is not a consistent cook and struggles to talk about food. I don't understand how he survived with burned fries that he told the sous chef to fry three times. His third dish was off flavor wise with the mint jelly sauce. So Vic only prepared one and a half credible dishes. I just can't imagine him having a food show. But FN has a penchant for elevating inarticulate male cooks. They are much more scrutinizing with the ladies.

  4. tonikaye says:

    We have shows on making cakes that no one can do at home (by bakers who never cover their hair or wash their hands)........
    shows on pasta, pasta, and more pasta....
    shows that showcase exotice food no one could make even if they could find the ingredients......
    shows that stop your heart just by watching the food prep.
    SO Why are people bashing Jeff for his sandwich concept? I think it's a totally refreshing idea. I'll be watching.

  5. Maggie says:

    What a ridiculous format -- it just doesn't work as a "reality" show any longer. And at the heart of what's wrong with it is the fact that some of the FN's current stars would never make it through to the final four in this season. Can you just imagine the BS that the judges would say to Ina Garten? Julia Child? It is LOL funny to even picture their faces as they struggle to condemn their TV style and personality, while promoting someone like Jeff thru the competition. The sandwich King? Gimme a break -- who really needs that POV? Who really needs instruction on a sandwich. It's not a sustainable concept and to hear them blather on about it is disingenuous.

  6. FoodieMare says:

    I have enjoyed watching all 7 episodes this far I really believe that Jeff and Susie will be the finalists susie has a great story is a great chef and has a bubbly personality, Jeff is a great sandwich maker, has a warm genuine funny personality and I just feel many will watch him as sandwiches are a mainstay to many and the food network has never had a show solely one sandwich making. I really am pulling for Jeff I am from Elmwood Park IL and would love to see my former hometown on the map. I disagree strongly with the poster above who said Jeff doesn't deserve to win obviously he impressed not only the judges but Paula Deen, Rachel Ray and Alton Brown not too bad for a sandwhich maker! :-)

  7. diane says:


    MARYBETH- Well we all seen this coming, no surprizes there, especially standing next to golden boy. His show should be called "how many ways you can use store bought mayo" But I digress, Kudos to MB, for doing the best given the cercumstances. What a masterful plan, Judges, I see now why it was so imperative to give the "sandwich king" the upper hand with all those alleged wins. Although he almost shot himself in the foot. NO CHANCE, NO SUET (sweat) He chooses Whitney (shocker) someone that can cook all of them under the table with one hand tied behind her back. If it where Whitney in KS (joke) that meant MB would have already been gone, meaning she would have made a mockery of Jeffs' and Vics' cooking sending one of them home. So in essence there were two sacrificial lambs (this week and last) Which leaves me with Susie, GREAT JOB IN KS, she embodied the cooking challeng whole- heartedly. Commentary not so much, however she was definitely in the spirite of the KS challenge. (and you can't take that from her) I was pleased to see her & her food shine, though little praise was given!
    AND THE WINNER THIS WEEK IS ................S????

  8. JamesinAlaska says:

    Well, it happened. Mary Beth went home.
    And for the reason I thought she would. Inconsistent food-chops.
    She did very well, to get this far. Kudos to her.
    I think Jeff should be next to go. I like Vic's food better.
    Susie, I think is the best of those remaining. She makes excellent food and she is
    growing and learning from the judges feedback. I hope she wins it.
    She might not. I'm sure some of you also feel as if the judges want Vic. It wouldn't be
    too hard to make that case. Vic may outdo Jeff and end up competing against Susie. Maybe. Time will tell.
    But I feel that Susie does a more consistent job of making better food than Vic. Plus she is
    easier-to-listen-to than Vic. She holds my attention better. I hope she makes it.
    But, who knows what may happen?

  9. dee says:

    I was unable to see this weeks show due to illness, guess it was something else sad to say it sounded as if most folks found Penny true to her" I am the ONE attitude." Sad she would do this. Very sad for herself !and the example she sets! It's Good to have confidence but Sad to be Hurtful to others! If your the Best It will show in your Attitude!

  10. Kathy says:

    When the judges saw what Penny was doing they should have tossed her right then and there... even tho I think MaryBeth wouldn't have won (she is a bit boring) I think Vic should have gone because he just doesn't have the personality to carry a show on his own. And his pandering to the judges with those weird gestures he does is super annoying. He seems like a really nice guy who can cook fairly well, but he is simply not good with the camera.