Star Spotlight: Comic Relief

by in Behind the Scenes, Food Network Star, August 1, 2011
Anthony Anderson, Bobby Flay and Bob Tuschman
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This week’s challenge brought something totally different to the Star set. Usually the finalists are trying to impress Food Network stars – members of the elite club that they’re vying to join. The surprise guests for the Roast were stars from the comedy world: Anthony Anderson, Gilbert Gottfried, Judy Gold, Louie Anderson and Aubrey Plaza. This impressive panel of comedians — faces you may recognize from stand-up, movies and television — was tasked with making fun of the finalists to see who could roll with the punches and take themselves a little less seriously.

Check out our behind-the-scenes footage of these funny men and women answering questions like “What would be your Food Network show?”

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Comments (124)

  1. Kristy Robertson says:

    Just for the record, Susie was robbed on the Sunday roast. She just glows on camera and is a Natural. Will not be surprised if she takes it all the way home!!

    • gardengirl says:

      She is too giddy and spacy on camera for me. I have a hard time taking her seriously.

  2. Stoutboy says:

    I totally called it. I knew there was no way the women already on FN would permit Whitney to succeed. Whitney is warm, personable, talented, beautiful, and most importantly: authentic. Contrast that with any woman currently on FN. From "Giada" to Paula Deen. All catty phonies.

    NFNS has become a mockery of itself. The fact it would keep a Mary Beth over Whitney confirmed that for me. The final nail in the coffin. Adios, amigos. I'm sticking to "Chopped" from now on.

  3. back2kitchentable says:

    I'm also wondering what Food Network thinks it is doing... It's becoming less and less fun and informative to watch.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I dont understand why Whitny had to go. Bobby did not like Mary beth's food. He clearly said that Mary Beth needs experience, Whitny can cook. They knew her talent...and still eliminated her over the personality.
    Personality? Common....this is not a Commedy central station..I thought this is a Food Network.
    Seriously, Marybeth is the one should go. I was soooooooooooooo disappointed....No more food network.

  5. ncexnyc says:

    Last week I said the only person that could beat Whitney, was Whitney herself. In what could be termed a major upset, Mary Beth got a reprive at the expense of Whitney and some ill timed tears. In all fairness to Whitney we witnessed another example of the questionable and terribly inconsistent judging we've seen all season. One person gets axed for not crying, another gets axed for crying. One goes for not being totally commited, but another keeps telling us she's a writer, but that's cool.
    As for next week, don't be surprised if Mary Beth does well. Despite all of the hated directed towards Penny (well justified) the lady can definitely cook and while she and Mary Beth have had their moments they have managed to work well togehter.

  6. Jane says:

    I was starting to enjoy the show again. And than ,of course, here comes Penny again. OK, she can cook but it it is very difficult to see her sour face & listen to her winey complaining comments. Why oh why do we have to be subjected to her again? Maribeth will probably get kicked off because she has to work with Penny. How many of your current Food Network "Stars" could or would work with this , I 'm such a diva in my own mind , personality?