Star Spotlight: Comic Relief

by in Behind the Scenes, Food Network Star, August 1, 2011
Anthony Anderson, Bobby Flay and Bob Tuschman
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This week’s challenge brought something totally different to the Star set. Usually the finalists are trying to impress Food Network stars – members of the elite club that they’re vying to join. The surprise guests for the Roast were stars from the comedy world: Anthony Anderson, Gilbert Gottfried, Judy Gold, Louie Anderson and Aubrey Plaza. This impressive panel of comedians — faces you may recognize from stand-up, movies and television — was tasked with making fun of the finalists to see who could roll with the punches and take themselves a little less seriously.

Check out our behind-the-scenes footage of these funny men and women answering questions like “What would be your Food Network show?”

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Comments (124)

  1. Dom says:

    correct me if im wrong but didnt giada a few weeks ago tell jyll there are times you are going to have to let go on camera but whitney cant?

    • 1894567 says:

      They change their rules all the time. They pick and choose depending on what they are trying to accomplish at the time.

  2. RGRC says:

    She said they migrated. People migrate legally.

  3. 1894567 says:

    Just curiously...

    How many here believe they could be at least as good or a better judge than the comics? Better than the 3 judges? Would you be worse than the comics? Worse than the judges?

  4. mel says:

    Someone it seems is doing a pretty good job of screwing up our Blog section.
    The other one is closed and I'm surprised that the Administrator hasn't closed this one yet.
    If we were seeing this live our comments would make a difference but we aren't.

    Has for the Judging as long as Food Network does this show the People sitting in the Judges chair will Be the same ones sitting in the same Offices as the current ones.

    If Tushman or Foggleson leave, or get promoted to different positions the ones taking there offices will be the ones doing the Judging that's just the way its set up.
    The only odd man is Flay but Food Networks short on resident Chefs that have the time to do this show on a yearly basis.

    I don't think Flay works in a restaurant anymore, he owns to many and overseeing them along with odd shows for FN keeps him busy.

    There are no other Chefs that have the time to dedicate to a series like this.. All of the Iron Chefs own and work in their Restaurants and don't dedicate there time to FN like Flay does.

  5. Maureen says:

    Disappointed with the decision to send Whitney home - but that pales to the fact that this weeks entire show and possibly the entire season was completely ruined for me in 2 seconds, by the teaser showing that Penny would be back next week - YUCK. Unforgivable that the remaining contestants have to be subjected to her again, not to mention US - the viewers - who made it abundantly clear we were overjoyed that she was gone! If we want to watch that kind of crap, we can DVR reality TV - you should have higher standards!

  6. TWS says:

    Penny is going to bomb the contestants and ruin the next episode.

  7. G. Marie says:

    I thought Whitney was great---I liked her personality, her attitude, her cooking was fine and she had camera presence. I got tired of the judges whining about her not telling all the personal details of her life and baring her soul on camera. I do not have to know a show host's personal history or empathize with them. I am interested in food and the recipes. Whitney acted like a professional.
    I would not watch the shows of any of the remaining contestants. Susie should be proud of her Mexican heritage and it should show in her food and attitude, just like Aarti is proud of her Indian heritage and it reflects in her food.

    • gardengirl says:

      I totally agree, and would love to see some sanity and civility return to the discussions.

  8. Sheridan says:

    Mary Beth in my opinion should've left. I think if Whitney was given one more week, she would've pulled through. Now you have Mary Beth bout to work with PENNY??? This is just..
    I am rooting for Jeff. Sandwiches might seem lame or easy, but I think a sandwich is something you can easily make on short notice. I'd watch him because I won't get bored, I might get a laugh or two. And I know he can turn most dishes into a nice sandwich. Like the pretzels.
    I think he goes up against Vic in the final. Susie I think has a lot of stories.. but focus. Also is she gonna run out of steam with these inspirations?

  9. Sheridan says:

    1. That guy is awesome
    2. Uncalled for

  10. Tifo says:

    I just had a funny thought today that I wish Suzy and Vic would do a latin roots show together. Maybe it would be too over the top to call the prospective show " Lachanga" but throwing that tortillaed lasagna into that hot oil, seemed for Vic a defining moment, although it also appeared he was meandering off the straight and narrow format. With Spanish roots in Mexican cooking and an overlap in Italian and Spanish cooking that can be interesting in not thrown in hot oil and topped with black olives. I could picture each of them doing their own cooking segment and then the family story and tying it a bit to some interesting cultural history and some family or cultural photos like Giada has done with her Nonna Photo's. It would not necessarily be a fusion show but a "this is what I cook and here is the story" show and point out the similarities and the paths that food from latin cultures has taken over the years. Alas, that is a pipe dream and I know not the way the whole Food Network Star deal works but it could be a beautiful thing and something fresh that FN has not done before.