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by in Behind the Scenes, Food Network Star, August 1, 2011
Anthony Anderson, Bobby Flay and Bob Tuschman
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This week’s challenge brought something totally different to the Star set. Usually the finalists are trying to impress Food Network stars – members of the elite club that they’re vying to join. The surprise guests for the Roast were stars from the comedy world: Anthony Anderson, Gilbert Gottfried, Judy Gold, Louie Anderson and Aubrey Plaza. This impressive panel of comedians — faces you may recognize from stand-up, movies and television — was tasked with making fun of the finalists to see who could roll with the punches and take themselves a little less seriously.

Check out our behind-the-scenes footage of these funny men and women answering questions like “What would be your Food Network show?”

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Comments (124)

  1. Ayiana says:

    I have to agree with theother posts FN!! I don't want drama, nastiness and rude doublefaced judges!!
    What in the world is going on?? Where's the food network I used to watch most every evening??

    Where's Alton Brown?? I miss his shows. Funny, informative!
    I hardly watch any more. Too many "competition" shows...

    None of these people make me want to watch their new "shows".

  2. Rachel says:

    Another disappointed viewer! Can't believe Whitney's gone- she's the only one I would watch! Very contradicting insight from the judges. Do you want them to be "real" or not? Decide!

  3. 05worth says:

    Actually, I thought she was a goner as soon as she started talking about slaughtering the pig. The expressions on the guests' faces said it all. Maybe it's okay when you are talking to other chefs, but it puts the average person off to have somebody talk about the slaughtering of something they have just been served.

  4. Olivia says:

    To all the people saying that Susie is an illegal alien, please keep this in mind: She said her father worked as a migrant worker. She at no point said that he was an illegal alien. It is possible AND probable that her family applied for citizenship. Susie would not be able to compete to be the Next Food Network Chef if she were illegal. So, she either is a citizen or she has a working visa.

    Either way, all of the racist comments are painful and idiotic. The fact that she's Mexican does not make her an illegal alien. Either prove it or shut up.

    • Guest says:

      LOL - Suse would not be allowed to compete if she were an illegal?????

      FN doesn't screen contestants. Are you forgetting JAG?

    • Michelle says:

      "The fact that she's Mexican does not make her an illegal alien."

      I agree.

      However, they fact that she's an illegal makes her an illegal.

  5. William says:

    I felt bad for Whitney.

    It was like her major fault was trying to listen to the judges.

    "Show us your personality, you're too cold. Open up a bit more. No, now you're too gung-ho, tone it down. Don't show us your emotions."

    All over the place.

    I was pleasantly surprised that the comedians were actually nice. And made some good points. And weren't as harsh as I was expecting. So good on them.

    • gardengirl says:

      I almost didn't watch this episode because I was afraid the "roast" would be another excuse to inject drama and ugliness to the show. But I was pleasantly surprised at the comedians' restraint.
      As to the judges' mixed messages, they have really made it a moving target trying to please them. They even critisized Whitney (a week or so ago) for so obviously trying to incorporate their feedback into her presentation and called it inauthentic. So she was damned if she did and damned if she didn't - as were others.

  6. opiejudy says:

    Cannot believe Mary Beth is still on this, she is just awkward, was so disappointed with Whitney going home, the winner has to be Vic or Jeff now, actually they really should just send everyone else home and quit wasting time, let vic and Jeff duke it out!

    • Joyce says:

      I'm not sure what you are watching, but Mary Beth is not awkward, she is quite polished despite the "editing that is done with her".

      Now awkward is Whitney and Vic, not always the best in front of the camera. Whitney was actually better than Vic.

  7. ostrich says:

    good eats is coming back in august.

  8. Keli says:

    Last episode sucked. FNS has jumped the shark.

  9. Karen says:

    I was really concerned when I learned they were going to 'roast' the contestants. Those can really be nasty and very unfunny. But it wasn't as bad as it could have been...problem being, these 'comedy stars' weren't all that funny. And I only recognized 2 of them...Gilbert G. and Louie A. Who the heck were the other 3? I starting to agree with many of the other commenters...we need new judges for next year. The ones this year aren't consistent, give bad advice then berate the poor guy/gal who tried to take that advice. No wonder the contestants are so confused. I haven't a clue who will end up as winner...I don't really see a strong contender. But from all the past weeks' comments, it has sure brought out a lot of venom and racist remarks. The racist remarks are totally uncalled for...they haven't produced a single proof for their nasty comments, just innuendo. If you don't have absolute proof...shut up. Only you are interested in your hatred. I'm hoping to see these remaining contestants to step up their skills and really win the viewers over to wanting to watch them teach us the tricks and techniques of cooking something different. I've cooked for many, many years but I'm up for learning new things.

  10. Whitney Fan says:

    Lets see... ok. When I first watched the show, three people stood out to me: Orchid, Katy, and ESPECIALLY Whitney. So they cut Katy, the best one on the show, right away. (THANKS, PENNY.) There went a REALLY GOOD CHEF! Then Orchid got put with food talking experts so she looked like a dummy next to Jyll and Vic. So now its just Whitney: THE ABSALOUTE BEST! Well, they just cut the only person left I really cared about. I just hope that Mary Beth can pull this off since Suzie Barfleson liked her better than Whitney. THANKS FOOD NETWORK!

    • Grandma Joyce says:

      She may possibly be back in some type of show; look at Kelsey, Adam, and Jeffrey. Whitney fans, let Food Network know you would like her to be featured in some way.