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by in Food Network Star, August 1, 2011

The Remaining Five Finalists

Brevity can be a good thing. With that in mind, my overall summation of last night's show is this: They laughed, Whitney cried, she went home — and we now have our final four!

Jeff, Mary Beth, Vic or Susie: One of them is going to become Food Network's next star. If you were a betting person, who would you put your money on?

This post is short, you now have some free time. Fill it with:

Whitney's Departing Words

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Comments (153)

  1. Nita says:

    Gay or not, he is married and has a darling little boy, but what does that have to do with anything? If he is popular and can become a star I don't think his sexual orinetation should be an issue or question.


  2. Lesley says:

    Grant Dudley,

    I hope you don't get paid for these blog posts, because this one was pitiful. Short and sweet? Why post anything at all unless you're going to put some thought into it. It is offensive that this blog has just become a dumping ground for opinions with no real opinion to start the conversation.

  3. Sandi429 says:

    These were "A-List" comedians? Really??

    And they didn't like Whitney crying, yet Jyll was mocked for holding her composure with Wolfgang Puck. And they want Susie to cry when talking about her family, but Whitney can't? This is the most bi-polar show I've ever watched!

  4. mel says:

    Well they really screwed up this week and sent the wrong person packing.

    Mary-Beth failed on all counts but one, and that was the Best Thing I ever Ate,
    The only problem there was that both her and Whitney picked the same item to talk on and Whitney got confused because she didn't want say the same thing MB did and lost out, but Bobby did at least tell her don't worry about what anyone else might say about something say what you want to say.

  5. Jeannie Cox says:

    omg . big mistake last night judges ......... altho i'm not fond of Whitney . but that Mary Beth person . really ?? she appears stuck up, blah .a step above (or so she appears) the regular person who really cooks for their familys ........... ... i watch law and order and the FN .. thats bout it I have watched FN almost since the day it aired .. everyday .... .... and have even made a few dishes off of it ...... NO WAY will I watch a show with Mary Beth on it yep click click .. STAR ??? NO WAY ......

  6. Mr Andre 76 says:

    I know Jeff, Susie and Vic will be in the final three. Hoping Susie takes it all. Not so sure a "sandwich" show can hold my attention for more than a couple of shows. Whitney should have been around for one more week and Mary Beth sent home. Don't see anything wrong with Whitney's personality. She is who she is. Don't know what those idiot judges want, except an excuse to eliminate her. Susie Fogelson should stay out of it. I know she is a FN exec but her constant support of the back stabbing drama queen was just too much for me. It said more about who Fogelson is than Penney. Geen we get to see Penney as a sous chef next week. I may have to take an antacid to watch.

  7. tampasok says:

    They just eliminated the only contestant I would have watched. Bye FN.

  8. Mr Andre76 says:

    Note to Susie Fogelson: You elimated Whitney last night. Nothing wrong with her personality. She is who she is, not some woe-is-me, boohoo, drama queen. Whitney is what an empowered, confident, self-aware woman is not a back-stabbing, mean-spirited, overbearing witch like Penney that you seem to think is "empowered". Maybe that's what it is like in your corporate world, but not in mine.

  9. vert2013 says:

    Something that confused me last night that I just remembered...I don't understand why they let the other contestants watch the taping of 'The Best Thing I Ever Ate'. First off, Susie had the toughest time because she had no one to watch before her and Whitney had to go after someone that picked the EXACT same food she did. If they didn't get to watch each other, it would have been a much fairer challange and Whitney wouldn't have psyched herself out.

    • Guest says:

      Do you think Whitney shoud have had a back up plan and just made up a food or talk about something else she tried and not her fav, but make it her best new food? She might have been better off just improvising. I'm sorry to see her leave; she was a class act. I can't watch Susie-she's too immature and can't explain her cooking in any kind of detail; even though she is a trained chef. Sandwiches; boring/Vic: like him; don't like watching him MaryBeth/I could and would watch; more an informative show that I look forward to.

  10. cookiedough says:

    I was a bit confused on how they judged Whitney and Susie. During Susie's presentation, she talked about her father and kind of welled up, I thought it was a bit 'different' to talk about her father on his deathbed but it seemed that the visiting panel liked it. When Whitney talked about her family and welled up, they were uncomfortable. I don't understand.
    As for Jeff, I think he has gotten better but why isn't he chatised for not giving any stories? He talks about the food, what he is doing, and how it tastes. Everyone else (including Vic) get criticized for not "putting themselves out there" but not Jeff. As for how I perceive him, he has improved but I still don't like him - I don't know why.
    As for the Vic, Susie, and Mary Beth they are okay. They don't annoy me but I don't know if I would watch them on a consistent basis.
    The one I really wanted to win was Whitney since I really don't cook very much. She seemed to be able to give clear directions, was calm, and could cook!