Star Commentary: Time to Get Serious

by in Food Network Star, July 29, 2011
Mama's Boy Vic Vegas

After Jyll was sent home on Sunday night, the conversation on Food Network’s Facebook page and our Star blog turned to the remaining five contestants: Who among them has a clear enough culinary point of view (POV) to deliver creative, approachable and TV-worthy recipes to a viewing audience every week? After all, Jyll was eliminated because of her inability to sell her vacillating POV to the judges, so, at this stage of the game, knowing who you are and what your food represents is the key to Star success.

Vic has implemented a “Mama’s Boy” POV, inspired by growing up with his Italian mother in the kitchen, about which viewers seem equally confused and excited. One commenter asked, “I thought he was Vegas, not Mama's Boy?” Many others, however, complimented his obvious “food chops,” and several wrote, “I would love to have some of [his] ideas for Sunday dinner,” and “He’s the only one I would make it a point to always watch.” Still, commenters seemed to question his “one-dimensional character” and “awkward” persona more so than his POV.

Sandwich King Jeff Mauro

Viewers seemed to be equally split over Jeff, whose POV – “You can make any sandwich into a meal and any meal into a fantastic sandwich!” – may at once be his saving grace and ultimate downfall. While some of you “could eat a sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner” and would “love to learn to make something different than Ham & Cheese on White,” others noted that Jeff’s “concept is too limited” and perhaps even “better for a restaurant” than television.

How do you feel about Vic and Jeff's POVs? Are you more attracted to Whitney’s “Four-Star Flair” concept, Susie’s “Spice It Up” idea or Mary Beth’s “Sunday Supper”? Join the conversation on Facebook and Star Talk, and tune in Sunday at 9pm/8c to see who gets roasted next.

Who’s your favorite finalist so far? Cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (351)

  1. PC48 says:

    I was sorry to see Whitney get cut this past sunday. She was much better than Mary Beth. The judges think that Whitney is an excellent chef but they don't think much of Mary Beth's cooking. I think that the judges feel threatened by Whitney because she is smart. They have critized her because she explains her cooking like an engineer. I think they chose Mary Beth because they know she will be easy to eliminate the next go around. I think that Jeff is going to win. They don't have a show featuring sandwiches and I think that that will be their motivation in choosing him. They have shows featuring mexican food and italin food. They don't need Susie, Vic, and definitely not Mary Beth. If Vic wins I would not watch him because of his tatoos and body piercing. They are a turn off for me.

  2. Mexi Melt says:

    The Mexican food that Susie makes looks like dog poop. How about getting Rick Bayless as a guest judge so he can show her how to cook.

  3. Franni says:

    One show about Mexican food on FN is enough so Susie is done. Jeff WANTS to do a sandwich show but Bobby Flay has already signed the contract to do one so Jeff is done.

    The final will be between Mary Beth and Vic Vegas.

    FN already has a freak with Guy Fierri so Vic is done.

    It looks like Mary Beth is the winner.

  4. janice says:

    I really liked Whitney. I like her seriousness. My favorite at this point is Jeff and Vic. Too bad that both can't be hired and Arti's party host fired.

  5. Lenn says:

    For all the people whining about MB getting advice on cooking the duck, what do you think abut Bobby Flay getting advice on Throwdown?

  6. NicoleC says:

    I'm backing Susie all the way!! She's got pleasant personality, bubbly and inviting, great in front the camera and the girl can cook!. I also love Vic, he was one my early favorites but my heart is leaning towards Susie. I would wish to see them both in the finals. Mary Beth has got to go! Talk about no charisma, she's downright boring and she can not cook!!! I will not be watching her show should she emerge winner. I can't believe they sent home Whitney instead of Mary Beth. I'm surprised she lasted so long, a total bore! Jeff is good, he's my third choice for winner. Go Susie, go!!!!!!!!!

  7. Myra says:

    Vic is hands down my favorite. His warm, likeable personality draws you in, he's funny and he can cook! When he was on Food Network Challenge "Italian Family Feast" and he had to withdraw from the competition because his dad took all of the food and fed it to the audience so there was nothing left for the judges, and he hugged his dad and told him he loved him, I cried.

    I would not watch Jeff, he reminds me of a frat boy that really could live on nothing but sandwiches, too one dimensional for a tv show.

  8. Haydee says:

    I perfer Suie with her smile and her jumping up and moving around she will make agood Food network chef so what if there is another mexican show i think her show will be better.

  9. Haydee says:

    I like Suie hope she wins!!!!!

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