Double Star Spotlight: Ina and Rachael

by in Behind the Scenes, July 27, 2011
Ina and Rachael
Check out behind-the-scenes interviews with Rachael and Ina.

This week’s episode featured two Food Network superstars: the queen of 30 Minute Meals, Rachael Ray, and the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten. Needless to say, it was an intimidating double-whammy for the finalists. Whitney got so emotional upon seeing Ina – the woman who taught her to cook – that she burst into tears. Susie wanted so badly to impress and emulate Rachael that she let her nerves get the better of her.

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with Ina and Rachael to hear their expert advice for our aspiring Food Network stars.

Tell us: Who would you rather cook for, Rachael or Ina?

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Comments (99)

  1. Paul B. says:

    I would rather cook for Ina. I really like watching her shows. They are relaxing and informative. RR's show is too loud and fast paced. Plus they had contestants take (or try to take) questions from the RR audience and two people completely missed this part of the challenge, but they weren't penalized for it. Also Jyll's win in the cupcake challenge was edited out so that people wouldn't be upset that someone who just won a challenge thirty minutes ago is now getting cut from the show, while another contestant who completely bombed on Rachel Ray was safe. Also, did Bobby Flay try Jeff's cupcake or not? If you're not going to try the food, don't show for the taping.

    • Moo says:

      They also edited Jyll's segment on RR to make her look bad to justify sending her home, lending more credibility to accusations that eliminations are scripted, regardless of what the contestants do.

    • ncexnyc says:

      Hey Paul, were you crying about the editing last week when Jyll totally bombed on the risotto, but Penny was one of the ones sent home? I didin't think so.

  2. Char says:

    I can't even stand to watch Ina Garten's show anymore, even though I used to watch them with a notepad right next to me to catch any good recipes or helpful hints. Lately however she seems just so full of herself I turn the channel as soon as I see her on. I'm so sick of her saying "use only the very BEST olive oil" "use only the very BEST vanilla" etc. etc. etc. I use what I have on hand, like most people I'd like to think. She needs to come down a few notches to make her more likeable again. Unfortunately I didn't get to see RR's show with the full coverage, but I'm hoping to. I appreciate the comments though.

    • Sue M. says:

      I agree about the "good" ingredients. While I rarely watch either one, I did catch a brief segement of Ina where she said "use good lemons" and she was squeezing a lemon just like you and I buy in the store. Go figure.

    • alice says:

      Ha Ha! This is irritating to me as well. "Use GOOD corn," etc., like we are going to use BAD stuff. She's a snob.

  3. FNC says:

    Why is FN spotlighting classless and cruel Ina Garten after she snubbed a Make A Wish child dying of cancer?

    • laura says:

      Oh boy, not this again. This was beat to death on the previous blog entry. Please let it go.

    • Susan says:

      The kid is NOT dying of cancer; he is in treatment. He chose to go swim with the Dolphins rather than fulfill his MOTHER'S FANATASY of cooking with Ina.

    • subdjoe says:

      FNC, what law is there that says people have to cave in to the emotional blackmail of MaW? Why not blame the parents for turning Ina down after she recanted and offered to bring the kid on?

      How can parents be so cruel and heartless as to put their own feelings (and hopes of cashing in on the publicity) in front of their dying little boys final wish?

  4. terichef says:

    I love Ina! I would love to sit and chat with her and have a nice lunch near her herb garden. I think she is a great inspiration and she has fabulous ideas. One thing I do at the store: is I buy a lesser expensive vanilla for a recipe that doesn't showcase vanilla and my more expensive vanilla for a custard or recipe that needs that strong good shot of flavor-maybe that will help, Char. Same with oils; everyday for everyday food, but have that smaller really good ingredient to enhanse special dishes that I prepare for family and friends.

    • Patricia says:

      What a lovely, positive response to make. It's nice to hear someone who has something uplifting to say around here. Thanks!

  5. Stoutboy says:

    Neither. They're both the standard, vapid FN personality. FN lost its credibility for me when it let Mario Batali walk out the studio door. Honestly, Mario is so good he warrants his own network. But I guess he can't bring himself down to Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelman's teary, maudlin level, where everything has to be connected to a heartfelt (sob) story.

    • KimbaLion says:

      I'm with you, Stoutboy...Mario is the best!

    • reba says:

      hip hip hooray COULDN'T agree more!! Really miss him. If you get to watch him on Iron Chef, he stays the coolest of them all(along with Symon) but not red-faced and sweaty B.F.

  6. Guest says:

    Look like Ina's staffers are on here trying to pump up and cover up her toxic personality.

    • subdjoe says:

      The mom seems appalled at what she has spawned by spreading this all over the bloggosphere and media. For all you hate mongers, such as Sarah, Kim, several variants of "guest" to name just a few, read mommas own words: PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS- This all started with a call from “Make a Wish“ on Friday warning me that TMZ published a story about Enzo’s wish being denied. WHAT? WHY? We were already moved on and getting excited about swimming with dolphins. Enzo started sleeping in his swimsuit because he wanted to be ready when he dreamt about them at night! Ha! I had written about our disappointment when we originally found out, but asked everyone in the spirit of Enzo to please just “let it go” and move forward, as I know he has. I know this REALLY hit a strong cord with people, the outrage over this has been REALLY OVERWHELMING. There are so many articles, blogs, radio shows, even a Utube video about this. I want to make it VERY CLEAR we have NO ANGER OR ILL WILL toward Ina Garten. Enzo made his request and she declined, end of that story. As much as I know it has REALLY angered people, she has that right. Furthermore it is not our wish to hurt Ina Garten in anyway. Enzo found great comfort in watching her cook when he was going through his toughest times and for that we are so grateful. What makes me REALLY sad is how the press has been writing and referring to Enzo as a “DYING” child or a “TERMINAL” child making his “LAST DYING WISH.” Just typing it makes my blood go cold. Enzo is NOT dying or terminal, he IS very sick but he is VERY MUCH alive and the most ALIVE person I have EVER known! He has two beautiful, sensitive, loving sisters who have been very private through out his treatments and I feel terrible that they had to see that OVER and OVER again. Can you imagine how that makes them feel? I believe that this media frenzy that has been going on now for about 72 hrs. was originally rooted with good intension. People don’t like to see children suffer or be disappointed. Most people want to reach out with love and support and as a family we are truly humbled (and quite frankly shocked) how many people have taken to the blog sites and media to express their feelings about this. I think the shocking thing is how fast the support and loving passion turned VERY angry, hurtful and vulgar. Even criticizing “The Make a Wish” foundation. They have been nothing but kind and generous (to MILLIONS of people). Bottom line is this is supposed to be about Enzo and he would hate what is going on. He STILL loves “The Contessa” regardless, because THAT is who he is. I want to thank the people who sent messages of love, support and prayer to us privately through this website. It was those messages that got me though the day. I am SO glad that some of you are not missing what is REALLY important here and that is ENZO. I can’t help feeling like HIS STORY (not to be confused with the Ina Garten rejection story) is getting lost in this media blitz. Enzo has such an amazing strength and character and his unique philosophy IS the BIGGER story here and I am afraid that is being overshadowed by ONE disappointment. His TRUE LIFE STORY is the story that can help other people too. Enzo embraces, loves, befriends and prays for his cancer to help transform it from “bad cells” to “good cells” so it can move on in peace. How many people do that? How different would the world be if we all did that with our worst enemy or the things we feared the most? It is absolutely profound. In the media this week Enzo has been referred to as this “poor boy,” “this sick child,” “this dying make a wish kid” etc…NONE of these things describes the boy I live with. He IS indeed fighting hard, but he is a warrior, with a HUGE heart. Not to mention an amazing example. Someone was kind enough to write and say they felt “Enzo has far more to teach then he needs to learn” and I fully agree. I am putting this out there again in the spirit of what is truly Enzo and asking people to PLEASE let go of your anger and please send only healing, loving, positive vibes into the universe. Enzo is SO CLOSE to being done with his treatments and we want nothing more then for him to move forward in good health. PLEASE change the energy from anger to love and support Enzo on the rest of his journey. This we would appreciate so much. Much love, Mama Pereda and Family xoxo <em/>

  7. Patricia says:

    Does anyone here watch the Gordon Ramsey Hell's Kitchen/Master Chef programs as well as the FN programs? If so, how do you compare those twoprograms with this program?

    • Stoutboy says:

      I like his Kitchen Nightmares UK best of all. There it really is all about the food, and helping struggling business owners make a decent go of it. Like all his shows, the US version tends to ruin the premise with manufactured drama.

      • Glenna Stone says:

        I agree. NO ONE on FN can compare w/Ramsey. Yes, he's dramatic but sincerely dramatic (if that makes sense). No manufactured drama with him ( a la that Robert Irvine who thinks that screaming is going to make him seem like GR) and he's a truly compassionate person. I NEVER miss any of his shows whereas I'm getting tired of the nonsense of certain "stars" and shows on FN.

        • Dom says:

          i love hells kitchen and kitchen nightmares and i agree glenna robert thinks he is ramsey with his new show thats like kitchen nightmares.

    • Lyn F. says:

      Masterchef USA pales in comparison to Masterchef Australia. IMHO, that should be the gold standard against which all other competitions are based.

      I tried watching Masterchef USA. I shut it off after 5 minutes; I was so disgusted.

    • Paul says:

      I wouldn't watch Ramsey if her were on fire and my eyes were fire hoses. Not in any world imaginable would I tolerate someone like him in my presence the way he treats people. I don't care what his talents may be. Same reason I won't watch House.

  8. Guest says:

    I like Rachael but not Ina. She just seems so pompous and full of herself. I am sick of the recipes that call for outrageously priced foods that most people can't really afford. Especially with the economy the way it is now.

  9. guest says:

    I would love to cook for Ina. I've learned a lot from watching her shows and from her cookbooks. Sure, I don't buy the more expensive brands of items she recommends, but the recipes still come out fabulous and I've learned some wonderful new things. I have friends in the Hampton, NY area, who have met Ina (she has her home there) several times at charity events she has sponsored, and they tell me that she is very nice, down to earth, and easy to speak with. They will often see her around town and she always will say hello to them, even though they've only met her a couple of times. I've also seen Ina in an event in New York City, where she was the featured speaker and where there was a lot of questions and answers from the audience. For the almost two hours of the event, she had great humor, was very much at ease, and seemed very down to earth. Ina does a great deal of charity work and has been a very hardworking and successful businesswoman over the years. I think if I was to cook for Ina, she would be positive and would give me some good advice, which I would accept gratefully!

    • guest says:

      Thank you!! She appears to be so warm and happy. She simply got a bad rap that she's probably not even responsible for. From what I've read the baby was 18 months old? Ina was out of town on a busy schedule and a staffer handled all professionally; parents can tend to get a little hyper along with the media who likes to implode this type of sad situation.

  10. guest says:

    Another one of like Ina's staffers just tried again to pump up and cover up her toxic personality.