The “Y”

by in Food Network Star, July 25, 2011

Jyll Everman

The judges made the absolute correct decision in sending Jyll with a y home. She performed well, but compared to the others she just wasn’t compelling enough. Even Whitney, who like Jyll with a y has been criticized for being too polished and not engaging enough, brought amazing energy to the Rachael Ray show. Never too bad, but never too good, Jyll with a y didn’t resonate with me. Frankly, the only thing I’ll remember about her is that persistent “y.”

Back to Whitney. Don’t you feel she, more than anyone, has grown exponentially from episode to episode? She has taken some hard licks from the judges, but Whitney seems to really absorb what they say and learn from the criticism. A friend recently pointed out that she looks a lot like Rachael — I never saw it until this episode. Seeing them side by side, I agree.

Jeff was supremely impressive. The man can make any sandwich look good. I am sooo not a fan of pork chops — the thought of them makes me cringe. However, I have to admit I was intrigued by Jeff’s pork chop/applesauce sandwich. I would actually give that creation a try (and that’s huge for me).

Mary Beth has a fan in Grant Dudley. I enjoy her personality. She’s warm, funny and there’s something about her that keeps me interested. I can’t quite describe her impact on me, but I’ll tell you this: I tend to do a thousand things while watching Star and most other TV shows (typing an email, looking for a snack in the fridge, searching for the remote, etc. ). When Mary Beth hits the TV screen, I stop all of that other stuff and pay full attention. She has a definite presence.

Vic: Bobby didn’t seem very impressed with his lasagna/chimichanga (“lachanga”) creation, but I loved it! Chimichangas and lasagna are two of my favorite dishes, and the thought of mixing the two pleased me tremendously. Vic, the others may not have thought that was a great combination, but I’m feeling you, bro.

Finally, Susie J. Now that Orchid is gone, Susie has stolen my heart a bit. I agreed with Susie Fogelson’s assessment that she needed to stop apologizing for Mexican food and its “stereotypes.” I think Susie J. is trying to get across that Mexican food can be elegant, but my question is, why does it need to be? I guess a hamburger can be elegant, too. But who wants that?

The clock is ticking — we’re getting closer and closer to the end here.

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Comments (540)

  1. Nancy says:

    Who did win the cupcake challenge? Oh...wait, it was Jyll. Thanks for the editing! And who on the Rachael Ray Show covered all the points of her dish, engage the audience, answer the question and talk with Rachael Ray? Wait for was Jyll. Why would Suzie F. ask "what happened to the funny?" when clearly all "funny" had been edited out of Jyll's presentations. Who came in first or second in 6 of the 8 camera challenges? Once again, Jyll... but due to editing, the audience never saw that. Makes you wonder what else you aren't seeing in order for the judges to lead you to the person they want to win the show. There are some great contestants, let's hope they get it right.

    • ncexnyc says:

      I guess the next thing you're going to tell us is that Penny was really a nice person, but they just edited the show to make us think otherwise.

  2. Pablo_75252 says:

    Seriously? Can you just make the blog comments only available to logged in users to prevent this idiocy?

  3. Christine says:

    I am disappointed that Jyll was sent home because I think that MaryBeth is very bland and does not intrigue me enough to want to watch her...Jyll has that megawatt smile and sincerity that comes through..I am not sure why people didn't see that...she had a passion for cooking and food...MaryBeth sure can talk about food, but was inconsistent with follow through...I saw her more as one dimensional than Jyll.

  4. Yulia says:

    As I read the comments to this blog, (aside from your perfectly reasonable one, christine,) i'm wondering why you are on the food network star blog if all you have to do is insult the show. If you don't like it, that's fine, but why don't you try commenting about the blog post, not about insults.

  5. cooksforfun says:

    I don't understand how whitney got a total pass for kissin up to Ina and doing Ina's own cupcake!

    • Beth says:

      I agree with you, I thought that wasn't very original of her. wasn't the challenge "YOU" in a cupcake? That wasn't really whitney in a cupcake, it was more like ina in whitney's cupcake.

      • Grandma Joyce says:

        Jyll's orange and chocolate cupcake looked yummy to me. I was surprised that Vic's cupcake was a miss, it sounded good when he described what he was making.

    • ncexnyc says:

      Let me break it down for you. Whitney's idol is Ina, she even said so, but I guess you missed that. Whitney took a huge gamble by doing those cupcakes, because if she didn't nail them Ina and the rest of the judges would have hammered her hard.

    • badeditingagain says:

      If you read Whitney's blog, she mentions that she actually made three different mini-cupcakes of increasing flavor complexity, starting with a variation of Ina's coconut cupcake and progressing from there. Once again the editing of the show omitted an important bit of information.

  6. EDD says:


  7. EDD says:


  8. EDD says:


  9. luvcookin says:

    Has anyone seen the commercial where Bobby Flay asks something like “Are you the Next Food Network Star?” Enter now! Why in the world would anyone want to put themselves through this competition? The judges and editing are unfair as we saw this past week by watching the show, then watching the Rachael Ray show. The judges have a preconceived notion of who they want to win the competition and roll with it. And I care nothing about personal stories at this point. When a contestant fairly wins a show because he/she can teach and present excellent food, then you can start with your personal stories. Part 2 to come because apparently I'm not in the "in club" that can post long posts.

    • ncexnyc says:

      Gee, why would somebody do this? Why don't you ask Orchid how her business is doing after being a contestant on the show.

    • Julie says:

      You might be on the show... if you want to have your own food network show... just a thought.

    • Stoutboy says:

      Doesn't matter. There will always be people willing to put up with any amount of humiliation jsut so they can have their shot on TV. Plus, most Americans are excessive optimists: "That''ll NEVER happen to me. I'm gonna go on there and KICK ASS!"

    • socaldot says:

      I thought I was the only one who wasn't allowed to do long posts!! I guess I'm not in the 'in club' either...what is with that???

  10. luvcookin says:

    Part two:
    I used to watch FN every evening when I got home from work. I rarely watch it anymore during the week. It’s all reruns with no recipes. If you happen to watch FN on Friday night, there is no need to watch in the afternoon on the weekend because it is reruns from Friday night! Bob T. used to be in charge of programming. I don’t know who is now but they stink. I watched Iron Chef America last Sunday night and was appalled by Alton Brown. He said a 10 year old child wrote that he makes delicious brownies w/ his mom and plans on being an Iron Chef one day. Alton’s response was that if the child was truly dedicated to his craft, he would already have an apprenticeship at a 5 star Michelin restaurant! Horrible! What has happened to the network that I used to love to watch?

    • anita says:

      I agree with you for the most part but that bit where alton was reading the letter was a joke (he makes pretty bad jokes, i know). the ten-year-old never actually wrote that letter

    • JimmyJack says:

      Alton made a joke, wow .