The “Y”

by in Food Network Star, July 25, 2011

Jyll Everman

The judges made the absolute correct decision in sending Jyll with a y home. She performed well, but compared to the others she just wasn’t compelling enough. Even Whitney, who like Jyll with a y has been criticized for being too polished and not engaging enough, brought amazing energy to the Rachael Ray show. Never too bad, but never too good, Jyll with a y didn’t resonate with me. Frankly, the only thing I’ll remember about her is that persistent “y.”

Back to Whitney. Don’t you feel she, more than anyone, has grown exponentially from episode to episode? She has taken some hard licks from the judges, but Whitney seems to really absorb what they say and learn from the criticism. A friend recently pointed out that she looks a lot like Rachael — I never saw it until this episode. Seeing them side by side, I agree.

Jeff was supremely impressive. The man can make any sandwich look good. I am sooo not a fan of pork chops — the thought of them makes me cringe. However, I have to admit I was intrigued by Jeff’s pork chop/applesauce sandwich. I would actually give that creation a try (and that’s huge for me).

Mary Beth has a fan in Grant Dudley. I enjoy her personality. She’s warm, funny and there’s something about her that keeps me interested. I can’t quite describe her impact on me, but I’ll tell you this: I tend to do a thousand things while watching Star and most other TV shows (typing an email, looking for a snack in the fridge, searching for the remote, etc. ). When Mary Beth hits the TV screen, I stop all of that other stuff and pay full attention. She has a definite presence.

Vic: Bobby didn’t seem very impressed with his lasagna/chimichanga (“lachanga”) creation, but I loved it! Chimichangas and lasagna are two of my favorite dishes, and the thought of mixing the two pleased me tremendously. Vic, the others may not have thought that was a great combination, but I’m feeling you, bro.

Finally, Susie J. Now that Orchid is gone, Susie has stolen my heart a bit. I agreed with Susie Fogelson’s assessment that she needed to stop apologizing for Mexican food and its “stereotypes.” I think Susie J. is trying to get across that Mexican food can be elegant, but my question is, why does it need to be? I guess a hamburger can be elegant, too. But who wants that?

The clock is ticking — we’re getting closer and closer to the end here.

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  1. Jaxel says:

    I think the final three should be Jeff, Whitney and Susie… Hope Whitney gets it; I think her elegance and style could make a great food network star. I don’t like Vic, he is to rough, and his arms are always looking to tense and he articulates too much with them, not to appealing to watch that. For me Jeff is great chef, but his concept is too limited and one will get bored after couple shows, I think is better for a restaurant that a TV shows. Mary Beth I think her personality is great, but there something that she is not polish enough look always frizzle and no put together. Susie has great idea and she very likeable, would love make some of her recipes.

    • JimH says:

      I've had the same feeling about Jeff and his range which appears to be a bit narrow.

    • alice says:

      I agree with you! MAry Beth is not likeable to me, though.

    • tina says:

      I enjoyed the show so much more without the hateful drama of Penny and the immaturity of Chris. I think Jill realized she was over her head but I feel the judges pick their favorites and really go after the ones they don't like- example ORCHID: thrown under the bus with a brisket in 2 hours-harassing Jill the way they did. Vic is too much of a one dimensional character. I love Mary Beth and could see her in a "Sunday Night Supper Club" show- she could wrestle Ina in the laugh competition. I think Whitney is composed and knowledgable and a great cook-which makes entertainment to me- I don't like Suzy's comments perhaps she is jealous of Whitney. Jeff the sandwich guy was great with the audience! Susie just doesn't seem to be able to focus.

    • Patricia says:

      Mary Beth's food isn't good enough. Susie and Jeff have great food, but sometimes Jeff''s personality seems too undeveloped. I thnk they made a big mistake getting rid of Penny. Her food was awesome, and she didn't get an opportunity to show her warm side simply because she was always busy fighting off the negativity the other women cast on her. It's interesting to me, just because she tried to use strategy to improve her position, the females didn't like her! If any man had expressed the use of "strategy" no one would have cared. Sometimes women's spinelessness and caddinesss is really irritating. Penny is Star material. MaryBeth is not; Whitney is attractive but that's all she has going for her. And I'm so glad that jYll "no talent" is gone.

      • Diddle says:

        Well well well! Patricia! The women did not "cast negativity on her"! I think she had it all coming to her!! Sure Penny might have been able to be warmer, but she was making herself too busy by fighting with the other contestants for little reason besides for self-gain. Yeah its a competition but some dignity would be nice....................................

    • Maggs says:

      I think the final three should be Mary Beth, Susie, and Whitney. Mary Beth is great on camera and very personable. Susie is cute and funny and her food looks good. I'm not a big fan of Mexican food, but hers sounds appealing. Whitney is probably a better pick for number 3 than the guys. But really, do we really need a Rachel Ray look alike? Jeff is not a good pick - seems like all her knows how to make are sandwiches.

      • Diddle says:

        Just cuz she looks like Rachel Ray doesn't mean she can't be her own person. If you would please present some real evidence against Whitney (besides for her looks which SHOULD NOT be a factor in any decision during this entire competition) I would like to know about it.

    • showponey says:

      Although I do agree with you on your top three, I think Mary Beth should be up there also! She's is smart and witty and has a great sense of humor. The food net work really needs to have a fun, funny, witty women on the net work, which they do not currently have and I think with some practice/shows under her belt she could really bring it! Vic needs to go. Why do they hang onto that guy (sorry Vic), I think they are looking for another Guy Fieri type personality but Vic is not it and I think he would lose his audiance real quick. Susie needs to get rid of those bags under her's soooo distracting, make up department please help this girl!! and Whitney is up and and pick is Jeff!

  2. Mike G says:

    Am I the only one who was offended by the Food Network showcasing Garten after the heartless way she treated the make a wish child? I was hoping the Food Network was better than that.

    • Guest says:

      Since that came out I change the channel anytime she is on, including last night.

    • alice says:

      No, I agree with you, She is a rich snob.

    • emily says:

      I agree as well. She had been my favorite.

    • Joe G. says:

      It was her management -- not Ina G. -- that turned down the request, citing scheduling conflicts.

    • girloftheworld says:

      there was much more to that story then "came out" including the tha facts that the first request came when the boy was 18 months old.. Now I have loved cooking from the time I was a tot buuuuut even my mom would admit I didnt have my first foodie crush till welll into my the request was more than likely for his parents comfort rather than the childs...Second when the request came through again the child was sick but not "dying" as the claim was and due to conflicts the deciion was made to not dispoint other fans and when told they would would have to make it another time the parents selected to make it a media opportunity and spalsh "Turned down again" intothe headlines . Ina in a more classy move stayed silent and chose not to respond back to the fame seaking grubing parents.

      • cheryl says:

        Excuse me? If make a wish comes calling you don't put them off or ignore it.. or take the time to examine the parents of the child.. you get your rear end on a plane and go see the kid! Period end of story.. There is no scheduling conflict that is more important than the make a wish organization!

        • billsfan says:

          sad as it is there are people who take advantage of very worthy causes and sad as it is she does have to weigh and pick where she goes. There are slimeballs out there.

          • subdjoe says:

            Geez. Mike! Your post makes it sound as if she beat the kid on the air!

            But OH! The HORRORS! She didn't roll over for the request (of the parents of) a two year old! And why must anyone approached by MaW instantly cave in to the emotional and publicity blackmail? Sounds more like momma wanted to meet Ina and pushed for it.

            And, why not slam momma and poppa for refusing Inas offer after they went public with it for their 15 minutes of fame? After all, it's only for the child, right? If so, how can they be so heartless to their own flesh and blood as to deny him the opportunity to live out his lifelong and heartfelt dream now that Ina has seen the error of her ways and recanted her decision?



            They can parlay it into a whole lot more money by now refusing and painting Ina as an evil witch.

    • LindaSta says:

      I was offended until I heard the whole story. There are always two sides. We all have to make choices and she has so many demands on her time that she almost needs to schedule time to breathe. OK, that's an exaggeration, but not by much. The wish was the PARENTS not the kid who was too young to have that kind of 'wish'. And to boot, the kid, while seriously ill, was not terminal. Two years old?? Sorry. But Ina's 'people', who really make those decisions made the right one in this case.

    • Mike G.G. says:

      I would say this was filmed before Inagate hsppened. She just like anyone else is under no obligation to make a wish come true. Sure it would have been nice but children need to know you can't have all you want in life or death.

    • SixDegrees says:

      If you were offended by Ina, wait 'til next week. Gilbert Gottfried is inexplicably being featured.

    • Tucker says:

      Totally agree. She's a self-absorbed rich beyaaatch. I now boycott all things Ina. And the boy ended up swimming with the dolphins. So much better than cooking with a whale.

      • LindaSta says:

        Swimming with Dolphins was a more appropriate wish for a very young child. I can't imagine a child that age having a wish to cook with a celebrity chef. It's too unrealistic and frankly I am willing to bet it was one or both parents wanting to cash in on the child's predicament.
        That was a pretty hateful comment about Ina personally.. And you criticize her? I suggest that you take a look at yourself.

    • Pam says:


    • Shannon says:

      Ina should have honored the request. If it had been a "rich" garden party she wuld have cooked for it in a heartbeat. And excuse me, her manangement my A$$, she does have control over her own life and if she really wanted to, she could have granted the wish. It came from the child who is 6 by the way and was 5 when the 1st request was made. And just because the boy is not "terminal" now, cancer does not go away. How heartless can you be to suggest that the wish should not be granted just because he is not "terminal"?Shame on those who wrote that and shame on Ina. I for one will not watch anything she is involved with. She is a Snob...

    • Marsha says:

      I am much more offended by Robert "Impossible" Irvine's lying and then being brough back by FN.

      • Guest says:

        You're just flat out wrong about RI. The biography mix-up later proved to be a tempest in a teapot, just as this MaW crap has been for IG. I wrote to RI to express my empathy when FN fired him; I received a warm, friendly reply directly from the chef, which only solidified my respect for him. Biographical references become entangled everyday; it's a trivial matter. I hope you muster as much righteous indignation for war profiteers and crooked banksters and politicians.

    • Diddle says:

      I am not aware of what happened with the make a wish child?????

  3. Guest says:

    Was Susie Fogelson drunk during this episode? he senseless rambling should get her fired from the FN.

  4. Guest says:

    Why did FN showcase Ina Garten after she snubbed a Make a Wish Foundation child? FN has jumped the shark and started to alienate viewers in every way possible - from showcasing idiots like her and Bobby Flay to trying to artificially create drama on the show to draw in viewers,

    • ostrich says:

      First of all, Ina does alot for charity and can't do everything requested of her. Do you know that she turned him Maybe the reason she turned him down was personal to her and should be kept that way. ALso, she did offer him a chance to cook with her and I know it was after 2 other chefs said they would, but because we don't know why she refused, we shouldn't judge.

      Do you honor every request from everyone?

      • Mike G says:

        She turned him down because it would have interfered with her book tour. That is selfishness. She did reconsider after all the bad publicity heaped on her about it but the child and family refused to be used by her. Just Google the situation to learn the truth. Again I say same on Food Network for this.

      • emily says:

        I think making time for charities restoring buildings in the Hamptons as opposed to the Make a Wish foundation are two completely separate things.

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        Whether or not she's a snob and regardless of her (or her handlers') reasons for turning the kid down, you gotta admit from a public-relations standpoint SOMEBODY blew it big-time. The perception of a rich celebrity snubbing a kid with a terminal illness because he or she is 'too busy' pursuing more money and fame is NEVER going to be regarded as a-ok by the general public.

        • girloftheworld says:

          there was much more to that story then "came out" including the tha facts that the first request came when the boy was 18 months old.. Now I have loved cooking from the time I was a tot buuuuut even my mom would admit I didnt have my first foodie crush till welll into my the request was more than likely for his parents comfort rather than the childs...Second when the request came through again the child was sick but not "dying" as the claim was and due to conflicts the deciion was made to not dispoint other fans and when told they would would have to make it another time the parents selected to make it a media opportunity and spalsh "Turned down again" intothe headlines . Ina in a more classy move stayed silent and chose not to respond back to the fame seaking grubing parents.

          • beachinfrizzy says:

            Doesn't matter. If you are going to become a celebrity and enjoy the fame and fortune and perks that come with your status, you are ultimately responsible for your image and ultimately responsible for the marching orders your 'people' are to follow to maintain that image. If as you say there was so much more to the story, then it's on her and her handlers' to make sure that story is known. Not everyone bothers to research beyond the headlines, unfortunately. So I can see why the widespread, if unjustified, ire on these boards toward Ina Garten, thus proving my point that someone on her team screwed up. I'm just making that observation as someone with public relations and marketing background...I personally don't care about this issue one way or the other but I don't watch her or make her recipies because just looking at her and listening to her labored breathing as she speaks screams "UNHEALTHY!!" at me.

          • Shannon says:

            No, the first request came out when the boy was 5, just last year in 2010, get your facts straight. An read up on cancer , it is not a fun disease and very painful. Cancer does not go away and the boy can eventually die from it. There are treatments, very painful treanments for leukemia plus the treatments themselves can cause death. Shame on you for even mentioning that he's not "dying", just sick.... For you I say WOW and he's closer to death than you are babe...Again Shame on you!

          • Diddle says:

            I totally agree with you Shannon

      • renee says:

        Sorry but I have to agree. She is popular in only parts of the country. I have always changed the chanel when she comes on because she seems so snooty.

      • Diddle says:

        I just read the article on TMZ about the Make a Wish thing with Ina and I think its horrible she said no twice. OK i get the book tour but what other schedule conflicts could have kept you from just simply making a meal with a 6 yr old kid who will probably never reach adulthood!!! He was even quoted in the article saying, "Why doesn't she wanna meet me?" I can see where people who are Pro Ina are coming from but still....Really?

  5. Da Jose says:

    Susie is such a one note cook. FN already has a Mexican cooking show and one is enough. Now if FN could get someone who really does know Mexican like Rick Bayless, then another Mexican cooking show would be worthwhile.

    • Jen says:

      Susie isn't a one-note cook. When she came on the show, she said she liked making everything, even sushi. The judges quickly told her (and Penny), to paraphrase, "You're ethnic. Therefore you must have an ethnic show if you want to be "authentic."

      Poor Susie. They already have a show just like the one they've told her to do. Maybe if she'd been allowed to do "Mexican fusion" or something, it could've been a new concept.

      • Stoutboy says:

        Agreed. Clueless Susie Fogelman and that knucklehead Bob Tuschman are well on their way to ruining another chef.

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        I know. That's been bugging me all season (and in other seasons). Last year they kept harping on the "Energy Chef" guy (Herb?) "you don't know who you are!" until he literally broke down in tears relating some story about his Abuelita. They're all, "now THAT'S who you are! We want to see more of that!" The point of view he was trying to convey stemmed out of his being the fat kid on the block, but all they were interested in was the Latino kid on the block. With Susie, her 'I'm of Mexican Heritage but I want to cook other cuisines' was like, yeah yeah, here's the sombrero shaped hoop to jump through. And as soon as they waved the $$ on the other side she started making homemade tortillas. But as you said Marcela already does that and does it very well!

        • Guest says:

          I agree with nearly everything you state, except I find Marcela's show unwatchable. She's just too cutesy, and her food seems unappealing. Fogelman and Tuschbag sound like bigots half the time: they seem to share this bizarre agenda to force anyone who is a so-called minority to cook only the cuisine of their ethnicity. That's absurd and insulting. I'm constantly asked if I'm Greek or Italian, etc. because my German/British family always cooked foods from many cuisines. My grandmother's Greek neighbor gave her all their family's classic recipes, so we always made our own dolmades, spanakopita, etc. I'm not sure from where our amazing lasagna and spaghetti sauce recipes sprang, but we still receive compliments upon these dishes, some of which have been in my family for more than 70 years.

      • cooksforfun says:

        I could not agree more. Susie came into this saying she liked to cook all different kinds of food, I think she expressed a love for French cooking. The judges backed her into this corner. I wonder if I was ever on this show what would they tell me I had to cook? My grandparents, who I met only a few times when I was very, very young, were German. Would they tell me I am therefore a German chef? I would not know the first thing to cook! Or, worse yet, would they say "you're from Texas, so you're now a Tex/Mex chef!". Aaaarg.

        • Diddle says:

          Exactly I dont understand why just because u are from a certain culture thats what you have to cook from!! Because I'm part Cherokee do I have to grind acorns to make flour???? What do you want Food Network.........

    • Bob T says:

      I disagree with the comment of Susie being a one note cook. I'm not sure where you get that idea. In addition to her food typically being one of the best of the group (a couple stumbles in there but at this point all of them have had at least a couple less than great dishes), listen to Jyll's exit interview where she points out how impressed she is with Susie's cooking when she has cooked for the group at their house.
      I do agree having a show with Rick Bayless would be fantastic but comparing someone like Rick Bayless with any of the NFNS contestants is a little unfair.
      I also want to mention I like Jyll a lot, I think she is a great person with a lot of character, I'd be proud to have her as a friend. I do think she was eliminated at about the right point, I don't think this competition was hers to win, but I still like you Jyll.

      • Leo says:

        Bob T??? As in Bob Tuschman?

        • renee says:

          I love susie. But I agree with everyone. I really like the new mexican shoe. Would I watch 2? No,by making susie take out the other foods they have limited her. I would watch a mexican show and a fusion show but not two mexicans. Sad thing is I am already loyal to the one I watch

        • Bob T says:

          No, not Bob Tuschman, just your average Bob T off the street. :)

  6. Guest says:

    I'm offended that Susie tried to take something Asian and make it Mexican. How would she like it if someone took some garbage Mexican dish and made it into something from another culture?

    • tanyadeiss says:

      Give it a break!... All she was doing was bringing her POV in to the dish.. Don't think anyone should be offended by it. What do you mean 'Garbage Mexican'?? As far as food is concerned don't think anything can be called garbage, unless its cooked like one!

    • Food Lover says:

      I too do not care for your comment, however, the judges keep putting out the message, rather inconsistly and with some ethnic stereotyping, to be true to your roots. It saved Penny for a while, but apparently, is screwing other contestants up. AKA Susie.

      I beleive nowadays what she did is called "fusion".

    • Janet says:

      Are you serious? People do things like that all the time. Giada, whose specialty is Italian food, has done sushi before. Aarti did gazpacho and added an Indian flavor to it. Paula is a Southern cook but she's done Mexican wedding cookies.

      People can cook what they want to cook. Most people lean towards certain tastes and flavors in their cooking but that doesn't mean they can't and won't be diverse.

      It's called fusion and it does work because there are certain ingredients that pass ethnic barriers. For instance garlic is found in Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Spanish/Mexican and traditional American food.

      And by the way, not all Mexican food is "garbage". Food is whatever you make of it.

    • Stella says:

      Huh? Asian cuisine doesn't have the market on stir fry, get over yourself. That's like saying only Italians should make pasta dishes. Susie nailed it by saying that in mexican cooking the fajita is the stir fry, she is 100% correct on that. No one culture owns one dish or another, how the ingredients are used and presented make a recipe different from region to region, but at the end of the day, chicken is chicken.

    • LindaSta says:

      What's to be offended about? She took ingredients used one way in one cuisine and used them differently in a different type of cuisine. As for making it Mexican.
      1. that's what the judges keep telling her she has to do. That wasn't what she wanted at the start of the competition but that is what has been dictated for her.
      2. While those ingredients are traditinally used in an Asian Stir Fry, they are not exclusive
      Asian ingredients. What makes them Asian or Mexican is how you use them and what you use them with.
      So now we have no idea what she can do that is different and they probably wouldn't let her do anything else if she does win. Look at the box the put Melissa into?

    • Tucker says:

      Get a life. The whole point of these challenges is to take a dish (or ingredient) and put your own spin on it, which is exactly what she did.

    • Blah says:

      dude buzz off

    • Diddle says:

      She was just trying to make the challenge fit in with her POV!!! If you have to blame somebody blame NFNS for making her put a twist on that particular dish!

  7. Guest says:

    What's up with the obsession with the "Y"?

    What if we all started calling referring to that idiot Grant by a more accurate description - the Dud?

    • Stoutboy says:

      Well played. Week after week this bozo just shills for FN, justifying the pathetic decisions of the judges. I mean, how in the world could ANYONE champion Mary Beth?

    • tanyadeiss says:

      Yeah too much with the 'Y' obsession! 'The Dud' is a good one! LOL:)

    • Food Lover says:

      I agree. I also would like to see his resume. He may not be a journalist or even a writer. More like he's some delivery boy that snuck into the FN offices one day, sat down at a vacant computer, and started to blog. Like to see what kind of background he has.

    • Jyll says:

      here's my take on the "Y" debacle!!
      Thanks! JYLL

      • Sam says:

        Hi Jyll! Nice to see a contestant interacting with fans! :) I think you were robbed last night and were subject to horrendous editing on FNS. You are in no way fake or ingenuine. We all know how stupid Susie Fogelson is. And Giada saying the same thing... Um, yeah right like she knows anything about being genuine.

      • Marsha says:

        Jyll, don't let the haters get to you. You did great. It's FN that is failing. Good luck to you.

    • MsJS says:

      Hey, I just wanted to point out that "Grant Dudley" is an anagram for "deadly grunt."

      No way should he be jumping on Jyll's name, yanno?

  8. Holla says:

    If that moron Big Daddy can win this show, any hack who can't cook and makes offensive statements can win.

    • Toffee Lady says:

      Why do you think he's a moron?

    • LindaSta says:

      I am not fond of Big Daddy and rarely watch his show. His style of cooking just is not appealing to me, personally. Still, i am not aware of 'offensive comments'. I also don't see what you find moronic about him. So, just curious, on what do you base your critique ?

    • Guest says:

      Many of Big Daddy's recipes look yummy; I haven't had a chance to try too many, as it takes time for me to adapt them to my food sensitivities. The ones I've tried have been tasty. I would certainly not call him a hack (unlike RR or PD, he's a trained chef), nor have I ever found him offensive. If you want to find the morons at FN, look no farther than RR, PD, SL, CR, Tuschbag or Fogelman.

  9. Guest says:

    Vic proved that he can't cook. Why is he still on the show?

  10. Loppy says:

    Susie has the fakest personality I've seen since Bobby Flay!