The “Y”

by in Food Network Star, July 25, 2011

Jyll Everman

The judges made the absolute correct decision in sending Jyll with a y home. She performed well, but compared to the others she just wasn’t compelling enough. Even Whitney, who like Jyll with a y has been criticized for being too polished and not engaging enough, brought amazing energy to the Rachael Ray show. Never too bad, but never too good, Jyll with a y didn’t resonate with me. Frankly, the only thing I’ll remember about her is that persistent “y.”

Back to Whitney. Don’t you feel she, more than anyone, has grown exponentially from episode to episode? She has taken some hard licks from the judges, but Whitney seems to really absorb what they say and learn from the criticism. A friend recently pointed out that she looks a lot like Rachael — I never saw it until this episode. Seeing them side by side, I agree.

Jeff was supremely impressive. The man can make any sandwich look good. I am sooo not a fan of pork chops — the thought of them makes me cringe. However, I have to admit I was intrigued by Jeff’s pork chop/applesauce sandwich. I would actually give that creation a try (and that’s huge for me).

Mary Beth has a fan in Grant Dudley. I enjoy her personality. She’s warm, funny and there’s something about her that keeps me interested. I can’t quite describe her impact on me, but I’ll tell you this: I tend to do a thousand things while watching Star and most other TV shows (typing an email, looking for a snack in the fridge, searching for the remote, etc. ). When Mary Beth hits the TV screen, I stop all of that other stuff and pay full attention. She has a definite presence.

Vic: Bobby didn’t seem very impressed with his lasagna/chimichanga (“lachanga”) creation, but I loved it! Chimichangas and lasagna are two of my favorite dishes, and the thought of mixing the two pleased me tremendously. Vic, the others may not have thought that was a great combination, but I’m feeling you, bro.

Finally, Susie J. Now that Orchid is gone, Susie has stolen my heart a bit. I agreed with Susie Fogelson’s assessment that she needed to stop apologizing for Mexican food and its “stereotypes.” I think Susie J. is trying to get across that Mexican food can be elegant, but my question is, why does it need to be? I guess a hamburger can be elegant, too. But who wants that?

The clock is ticking — we’re getting closer and closer to the end here.

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Comments (540)

  1. Nadine says:

    When did Vic go from "Vegas Style" to "Mama's Boy" and why didn't the judges bash him on his change of POV?

    This is so fixed!

  2. Leroy says:

    Jeff has no chance to win because Bobby Flay already stole his idea for a sandwich show.

  3. dino says:

    First good move in a long time. Jyll who can not cook risotto, a basic cooking skill, was exposed by Wolfgang to be a halfazz short order cook and should have been sent packing quite a while ago. We have no need for sarcasm or a sociopathic attitude. All things considered I feel Whitney would be the obvious choice for next FN Star. This round of competitors had some real losers.We did not need some silly putty for brains girl like Jyll winning as she is not a true chef, not focused,and is not passionate about food.

  4. Steph says:

    I liked Jyll. Her food was pretty basic, brats, shrimp etc, but that actually is the type of food I enjoy. I too feel that there is a predetermined winner and the editing is to justify the eventual winner. I think they start off the season with this is the show/concept we want and let’s see who get closest to that concept. I hope next year they do incorporate some aspect of Chopped but with a twist. Have everyone on an even playing field and don’t have the judges in the room. Bring them in after and they critique the food WITHOUT their preconceived notions and coddling of their favorites and bashing of their not so favorites. Gotta say I am not looking forward to the “roasting” tonight. As if the judges weren’t bad enough.

  5. SoCal says:

    I know a chef that applied for NFNS a few years ago. He/She wasn't selected and told a few of us that it seemed like they were looking for someone to fit into the role they had in mind. It does appear to be predetermined. Noticed how the barefoot one and Rachael both got on Jyll about not being real, just as Bob and Susie clowns keep saying. Do you think that they got together before the show to talk about what to say about whom?

    I really don't care who wins since I won't watch. The FN has gone down hill the past few years and keeps going down. They need to redo the complete lineup and try something new with new people. This isn't a soap opera after all. The good news is other channels have better programs. Bravo has the Top Chef series that is all about the cooking and even Fox has Hells Kitchen and MasterChef both better that this cra_.

    I will be watching something else.

  6. bernice44 says:

    I don't think there are any real "stars" on this season's show. The Next Food Network Star show hasn't seen a real winner since Guy Fieri was crowned!

  7. Guest says:

    I haven't been into the show since they had Orchid leave. She may have had a bad show, however she was still way ahead of some of the other contestants. It seems that they want to take a bad person and try to "make" them good. The day that Orchid was working with Vic and Susie, Orchid went to make her mark and Bobby Flay interrupted her on multiple occasions, what would have been worse her stopping talking or her speaking over one of the judges? She has a remarkable personality, she can obviously cook incredibly and she's human.. she made a mistake. If you ask me, bring Orchid to FN! I actually looked up her restaurant and ordered some of her sauces. Do yourselves a favor and look up One Hot Mama's and order her sauces, they are amazing!!

  8. homes says:

    I'm curious to find out what blog platform you have been using? I'm experiencing some minor security problems with my latest blog and I would like to find something more secure. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. renee says:

    I agree with most. I love the idea of Mary Beths supper club but her food doesnt hit the mark, I hope they go with the idea withsomeone else. Like..... Vic.

    I know, I know but Vic has the food chops. I would love to have some of those ideas for sunday dinner. The philly burriitto is awesome.

  10. Diddle says:

    And I dont think we should be counting out Jeff either. This past week he WON!!! Plus Vic while he did Ok i find less and less interesting every week. Mary Beth has bored me a little bit, always in the middle of the pack. Susie while she is nice and has many supporters and has a very fun personality is (in my opinion) the stereotype food network chef. OH and Whitney! I am liking Whitney more and more each week, shes humble, can cook, her camera challenges have been SO much better, and shes seems like such a sweetheart. I say it will come down between Jeff, Whitney, and Susie.