Guest Star Spotlight: Wolfgang Puck

by in Food Network Star, July 19, 2011
Wolfgang Puck Check out our on-set interview with this week's guest star, Wolfgang Puck.

At the Food Network Star dinner table this week sat a culinary icon: Wolfgang Puck, one of the first-ever "celebrity" chefs. We stole a few minutes with him to chat about everything from his favorite comfort foods to his own first on-camera experience. Jyll, don't sweat it — Wolfgang knows what it's like to be nervous!

What did you think about Wolfgang's impromptu risotto tutorial (and Jyll's response)?

Plus: Want more behind-the-scenes time with Wolfgang Puck? Check out Food Network Magazine's peek into his home kitchen.

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Comments (112)

  1. Dina says:

    Wolfgang Puck is a pompous ass! That was sooo unnecessary to embarrass poor girl like that. They all make mistakes and put out a not very good quality dishes one time or another, and no one deserves to be treated like this. I will tell you, Jyll learned nothing, because the entire time he was "teaching" her, she was thinking how humiliating it is. I will never go to Wolfgangs Puck restaurant or buy his product every again. I dont care how good of a chef he is. Any person who thinks that much of themselves and treats others so poorly doesn't deserve a penny of mine.

  2. wolfeII says:

    I looked on shocked and apalled.... not only at WP's comment to Jyll but to make a spectacle of her before her peers and the judges by taking her to the kitchen for a lesson??? !! Really!! WP-there is a time and place for everything. You had us at the comment. I know this is a competition and all to test contestants chops but I think whisking her off to the kitchen was uncalled for. I ask the question....would he have behaved the same way if this was a male contestant's risotto?? I think not!!! Then to judge her on her poise after this embarassment. Bobby's attempt to smooth out the situation by saying that cooks need correction to become better. Correction is one thing, humiliation is completely different. I have seen numerous episodes of WP double dipping spoons, fingers while cooking which was very unappealing. Where was his correction?

  3. Freedreamer says:

    Frankly, I am appalled at the way the Original Celebrity Chef treated Jyll on national TV. That was probably the most unkind thing I have ever seen a tv personality do to someone. I mean, was it really necessary to belittle her that way because the risotto was a little thicker than this Jesus Christ of all chefs would have liked?? That was a bad scene and I lost respect for that guy in a big way. What was so sad was that it was at that moment that Puck broke her spirit and when that particular competition was over, Jyll was dying to go home--basically because of humiliation. That was plain old wrong. If I were a member of that network, I would have been pissed off big time at that! And I felt so bad for her. That's not what this competitiItion is about. That was totally sucky and I thought Puck showed himself to be arrogant and unkind for doing that to her.

  4. Fred Wenger says:

    My comment is not about the pretensiousness of Mr. is about Mr. Flay's innappropriate aside comment when it happened. He should NOT have said what he should NOT have been included in the final editing...AND!!!!!!!!!!!! TWICE!!!!!! they showed the comment TWICE.

    Shame on you Bobby Flay...Shame on you Food Network

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