Penny for Your Thoughts

by in Food Network Star, July 18, 2011

Penny Davidi

Right or wrong, good or bad — she made for great television. Every interesting story needs to have an antagonist, and wouldn’t you agree Penny filled that role perfectly? Whether you like to admit it or not, I bet that she brought many of you to your TVs week after week. Every Sunday you all hoped to see her get her comeuppance. And, well, last night she finally did.

Yes, the self-proclaimed “Middle Eastern Mama” was a difficult personality, a pot stirrer and someone you loved to dislike. But, to keep engagement up, we needed a little drama — a bit of spice — and no one dished it out like Penny. Remember Debbie Lee from Season 5? She reminded me of her. I enjoyed that Penny brought some “Deb drama” back to Food Network Star. Come on, this is a reality show — drama is a good thing!

Then there was Chris. If I were to cast Chris as a character in a story, he would have been the resident class clown. I have no doubt that he’s a great, fun guy, and probably a really good cook. However, his endless bouncing off the walls wasn’t appealing to watch. I don’t mind “big kid” personalities, but know when to shut it down and act your age. I just kept thinking someone needed to give him a timeout (or a Xanax).

Wolfgang Puck is a trip. Anytime the man is on this show, I know something unexpected will happen (which I love). When he escorted Jyll with a y to the kitchen to show her how to properly make risotto, I smiled. Well, hey, he’s the master, and I think she should embrace his correction and learn from it. Was she embarrassed? Absolutely, but this is one of those times when she should simply feel honored to have a world-renowned expert show her how to better the dish. Shake it off Jyll with a y — at least you’re headed to New York. You did something right!

The remaining finalists head to the Big Apple next week. Let’s all get in a New York state of mind.


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Comments (708)

  1. David says:

    Yes! Penny went home! Bye, Bye! You should of went home in week one!

  2. Dolores says:

    As I stated in another commet I posted. Penny is an actress put on this show for drama and to add excitement. No adult woman would act like a little teenager fighting with other people like this. It is so stupid. They also had her be a Middle Eastern person so people would hate her because of Osama Ben Laden. Didn't anyone catch this? I also stated in another commet I posted that Alicia was another actress not a real chef. No person would enter a contest to be a chef on television and than talk so low no one could hear her because she hates her accent. This may be a real contest, but some of the contestants are fake. What does everyone else think about this?

  3. DebK says:

    It may be a reality show and Penny brings drama to it, but I would hate to watch her show. I can't even believe how mean and selfish someone can get. Just watching today's "Iron chef's" episode on FNS and poor Mary Beth got to work with Penny again. Penny is so obviously slowing Mary Beth down and when the judges asked her to hurry up, she had a "Like I care about Mary Beth" look on her face. i mean, c'mon!

  4. Jimmy Lattus says:

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