The “Mama Orchid” Fan Club

by in Food Network Star, July 12, 2011
We'll miss you, Orchid.

Early front-runner and Star fan favorite Orchid Paulmeier was driven out of the competition on Sunday night after a sub-par food-truck performance. Judge Bob Tuschman told the barbecue-loving, restaurant-owning mom of three that she tends to “simmer” while other finalists “are at full boil” in the competition.

Immediately following the shocking elimination, comments on Food Network’s Facebook page and our Star blog indicated that you devoted Star fans questioned whether or not it was really her time to leave. Many wrote that “Orchid was robbed” and that the judges made “a bad call” in sending her home. Others “expected her to be in it pretty much until the very end” and were simply confused by her departure, noting that “Her food has been lackluster the last few weeks, but the judges still seemed to favor her.”

One viewer wrote that “Orchid was a pleasure to watch and her food appeared to be something I would be willing (and frequently eager) to attempt,” though others were not as enthusiastic about the Southern "Mama." Several commenters noted that “she hasn't blossomed and seems to lack confidence in herself and her cooking abilities.” Another felt that it “shouldn't have taken this long to get rid of Orchid.”

Hear from Orchid in her Exit Interview and learn her plans for the future. How do you feel about Orchid’s elimination? Should other finalists have been sent home before her? Join the conversation on Facebook and Star Talk, and tune in next Sunday at 9pm/8c to see who goes home after the season's midterm.

Who’s your favorite finalist so far? Cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (157)

  1. Chef Cayenne Pepper says:

    The judges seemed to have it out for Orchid the last couple weeks. Keep in mind that our fan votes were not available to judges at the time of the competition. The whole show was complete before the public ever saw the finalists. If the judges could have seen the public perception of Orchid it may have changed things.

  2. terri peek says:

    I am so upset that orchid had to go home. She does have a great personality and she is someone I would watch on food network and be very content. If anyone should have went home this week it should have been Marybeth. Week after week she says she has this great food and describes it the best thing ever and never delivers. Everyone likes orchids food most of the time. I do not want to cook something at home and have no one eat it. If I follow Marybeth's recipes this is just what would happen. Why do they keep her? Her food sucks she might have a good sell point, but if the food is gross it is gross or bland whatever. I am very upset orchid went home and I do hope to see her as a food network star in the future.

  3. WILL says:

    Well... i was suprised !!!! Although i liked Orchid, i wanted Whittney to stay because she is hottest one there and reminds me of racheal ray.. But honestly, how is Chris still in there?????? Its more than obvious they want him because they didnt want 6 girls 2 guys. Penny will be eliminated next week though with either chris or sombody who does bad.... I THINK WE CAN ALL GUESS WHO JUDGES PRECASTED AS WINNER .... V I C

    • tanyadeiss says:

      I will watch Vic over Penny any day!

      • WILL says:

        i would to but... they had Vic as the winner all along... trust me, he will win. Specially when there hasnt been a male winner in 3 years

    • nightfairie says:

      who the hell cares if Whitney is "hot"? She has no personality. Her show would bore me to tears. (Although at least it wouldn't annoy the crap out of me like Jyll or MaryBeth would.)

      • WILL says:

        Id rather watch Whitney then anyone else. She is calm infrount of camera and audiences will love her. But the pretty ones never win. Example : Bianca

  4. tanyadeiss says:

    Honestly I dont think the set of finalists we see are any good.. I liked last season where Serena and Brianna although had their differences came together as a team, and some others did naturally well as a team, like paul and herb.. this set of finalists don't seem to have that calibre.. .. which is sort of sad...:( so far in this season, there have been no team winners in any of the team rounds except for the dessert episode..which they had a winner only because the girls' team really messed up.. In one of the team episodes, i heard judges say that none of teams excelled and hence they had to pick a winner from team...which they didnt even bother saying out loud in last week's episode, just went ahead and chose a winner from each team... sad for Orchid..

  5. lpelton62 says:

    Sorry to see Orchid go!! The judges are really missing the big picture - who would make a good show!! Well not Chris or Penny, have my doubts about Whitney & Mary Beth. Again someone had to save Penny - she was not ready when the people came in - how bad is that? If you were cooking for a catering job & it was time to serve you better be ready. I have done catering & you better be ready 10 mins before the people arrive - not stall to get things done. Chris - WOW - what a fratboy, he is annoying & childish. I agree that the "Balls" theme was not a good idea - but the food did OK! I think the judges really need to step back & take a look at what they have in the contestants and get the bad ones out - Chris & Penny!!

  6. Edilia says:

    I really hope the judges read all this comments, it seems to me that Orchid ratings would be way higher than of those still in the show. She has a great attitude even on those bad times, if you recorded any of the shows and go back to when she didnt do all that good, she didnt panic, she took it like an adult. I can't stand when people are been judges and the judges say something they didnt like and the react like they had no idea (yes I am talking about you "Penny" is not like you didn't know you mac and cheese was burned) Anyway hopefully they will open their eyes and give Orchid a chance to show us how awesome she can be.

  7. Missing Orchid says:

    Orchid is gone? Chris, Mary-Beth and Penny remain? I can only hope the judges are now pay attention to what their viewers really want. I see over a 100 comments wishing Orchid had stayed over Chris, Penny, and Mary-Beth. If your food is called "nasty" you need to go. If the judges admit they never got any good food from you, you need to go. If you can not work with others how can you possible have a show that anyone would watch. Please keep posting for Orchid! She is all class and deserves a show that can truly highlight what a wonderful lady she is.

  8. WILL says:

    Im pulling for Whitney to Win it all.... she has such a chill personaly {before the judges messed with her} Her food has been decent.... i can see her as the NEXT RACHAL RAY !!!

    • luvcookin says:

      And I do not watch Rachael Ray! I've caught her giving out too much wrong information. She actually said "Grape tomatoes are call this because they taste like grapes." REALLY?! Does that mean plum tomatoes taste like plums? Beefsteak tomatoes taste like beef? Cherry tomatoes taste like cherries? But I do like Whitney, so far.

      • WILL says:

        doesnt matter what wrong info she gave out... she is one of most well known cooks

      • WILL says:

        Who cares if Rachael ray messed up,... she is still one of most famous cooks ever

        • luvcookin says:

          Wow! Must have hit a nerve! And yes, it does matter if she gives out incorrect information. New cooks that watch this network should be able to trust the "talent" that they have on the network.

          • WILL says:

            But im pretty sure they wouldnt mind if she messes up because she makes money for network, and has one of most rated shows on the network. Whitney fits rights into the network, But the pretty ones in the competition never win...

          • WILL says:

            If racheal makes a mistake.. who cares? she has one of most rated show on foodnetwork,... Whitney can fit in fine at the network, but the pretty ones never win.

          • luvcookin says:

            Geez Will, give it a break! You feel the need to respond to my posts twice! Can’t compose your thoughts? Are you her agent now? Or is it that you feel you are the only person on this board who is allowed an opinion? Authentic Louisiana Gumbo in 30 minutes? I don’t think so. It takes longer than that to make a decent roux. Chicken Fried Steak using skirt steak that is used for Fajitas? It would too tough to eat!

          • WILL says:

            I think she wouldnt be on the air if people didnt like her or watch her show. So im pretty sure if people couldnt cook a majority of her dishes in 30 minutes she wouldnt be on the air...

          • WILL says:

            If she was lying about her 30 minute meals i dought they would her still on her show... her show is top rated...

        • Katrinka says:

          And if she's famous and so many people hang on her words--and there are probably a bunch who do--then it is her responsibility to get facts right. Then again, she probably doesn't know anything, and her show's producers probably dropped the ball with their research. They probably had an intern text ChaCha about the grape tomatoes. But I don't think FN cares much about accuracy or integrity. They still employ Irvine, who misrepresented his credentials. Or maybe those were also created by FN.

  9. mark says:

    GIADA IS THE BIGGEST BITCH I EVER SAW ON TV. She is just afraid that all the pretty girls will just replace her, which they will. She is mean to poor Orchid and Whittney because they are better looking. If they had to have a Tv star from food network that will be a judge they should get Guy F. He knows what they are going through.

    • mark says:

      I agree 100% with you i cant stand Giada and she is jealous of the prettier girls she did the same thing to Kelsey on season 4 and im sure she will the next season.

    • nightfairie says:

      Agree 100%. Can't stand Giada, she is fake, a bitch, and her head is completely too disproportionately large for her body. Orchid is more beautiful than Giada.

    • tanyadeiss says:

      I am not a huge fan of Giada, i find her pretty fake and her extreme enunciations of italian words drives me nuts!!! But I dont agree that she can be jealous of good looking, one thing she definitely is , she is great looking.. though I totally agree with you that some of the previous winners should be on the judges table since they have a better perspective than others who are judges right now..

    • Katrinka says:

      Giada is really starting to show her age. She's probably very nervous right now. Guess RayRay used up FN's Botox budget. Giada is probably nervous a younger prettier and more talented chef will replace her. (One who doesn't look like a lollipop or bobblehead doll. Doesn't Giada look like a bobblehead of herself?) If they have Guy Ferry as a permanent judge, I won't tune in to the show. I can't stomach him. And talk about phony! Gag!

    • Dom says:

      my favorite part of the episode was when Whitney was like "Im funny Giada." That was great i was like yeah you tell her Whitney.

  10. nightfairie says:

    I cannot BELIEVE that ORCHID got sent home while the likes of CHRIS, PENNY, and even MaryBeth and Jyll are still there. I would NEVER watch any of their shows. In fact, the only contestants on this season I actually LIKE are Vic and Jeff. I can barely stand anyone else. I think NFNS is only keeping on the dramatic people like Penny and Chris-- and even Jyll, who is very confrontational and emotional to the point where I really don't like her-- in order to get buzz & ratings (no such things as bad publicity, as they say). I don't think the judges are judging with any real integrity... I am so shocked they sent someone as sweet and likable as Orchid home... she has tons of fans and her show would have been watched. If Jyll, Susie, MaryBeth, Whitney, Chris, or Penny won, I would NEVER watch their shows... they are boring/b*tchy and not nearly as likable as Orchid, Jeff, or Vic. In all, NFNS does not really care about what the fans want nor what the right thing to do is.... they just want to be like every other trashy reality TV show out there. They are losing loyal fans by doing this.