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by in Food Network Star, June 27, 2011
Paula and Eliminated Finalist Justin B.
Paula and Eliminated Finalist Justin B.

Let me begin by stating the obvious: Paula is the absolute best. Any time I see her I just get the best feeling. Maybe it’s because I’m from the South and she reminds me of home, or maybe it’s simply because she is an amazing cook and I have enjoyed every buttery recipe she has created. Whatever the reason, she is a SUPERSTAR (far beyond just a “star”) and the finalists were completely justified in their awe of her. The kind of warmth and engaging personality Paula exudes is what they should be aspiring to.

When Melissa d’Arabian introduced the Kellogg’s Camera Challenge, I was intrigued. I live off most of those treats that the finalists had to use as ingredients. Rice Krispies? Um, I have a bowl every Saturday morning. A Pop-Tart is my go-to Monday through Friday breakfast choice. And Cheez-Its? I enjoy them regularly with little scoops of French-onion dip – so tasty! How though would the finalists use these snacks in serious dishes? Well, I was impressed to see what they did.

Chris’s chicken nuggets made with Corn Flakes sound delicious. I can just imagine the crunchiness of those flakes on little nuggets — I want to taste them. Bob was definitely impressed. Whitney’s use of the crushed Pop-Tarts on Parmesan crackers wasn’t a big hit, but come on — that’s a toughie. What could you make with a Pop-Tart? I eat them all the time and I’m completely clueless. I admire Whit’s effort. Justin B.’s Cheez-It crust on top of mac and cheese? That’s mad genius! Can’t you just taste it?

The Cougar Town Challenge was interesting. The Penny/Mary Beth teaming made me nervous. I kept expecting to see Penny be short-tempered with MB, but she wasn’t. Instead, I was surprised to watch Penny be so friendly to MB while working with her, yet in her video interviews talk so hatefully about her. The characteristic that I respected previously (and took heat for) about Penny was that she owns who she is and doesn’t seem to change herself no matter the circumstance she finds herself in. Sorry, Penny — I’m now questioning your authenticity. As for Mary Beth, this lady continues to shine.

Justin D. needs to wake up. Is he sleepy? It’s like Giada should snap her fingers in front of his face and snap him out of his “slumber.” He’s really beginning to stumble and I’m not sure he’s going to gain his footing. When Busy Phillips said of Jyll, “she’s very polished, but I don’t want to watch that show,” I smiled. That summarized beautifully what I’ve been trying to articulate for weeks now.

And now, back to Justin B. I enjoy the guy and was sad to see him go. I really feel with time, he would have been able to bring his personality out on camera. But, I guess that’s just the problem: There isn’t any time.

Finally, before I close, I want to give props to Orchid. She seemed to have had a calming effect on Jeff with her “Code Blue” signal. Chris’s frenetic energy is exhausting to watch and would irritate me greatly if I was there in person. I thought it funny that little Orchid could settle this big guy down.

That’s it for me — now let me hear from you.

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Comments (289)

  1. Guest says:

    I don't think he should have been eliminated. He had great food ideas. He was unique. I think another person should have been eliminated. There is one on there that I would not watch if he were to get his own cooking show. He is exhausting. Sorry Justin B. I enjoyed watching you.

  2. Sandi429 says:

    I know a winner has already been determined and any opinion expressed here won't do a thing to change that. But I hope the judges kept this in mind: yes, a lot of us are tuning in to watch the train wreck that is Penny. But we're tuning in with the hope that she will embarrass herself, get taken down a notch by a fellow contestant or judge, or be attacked by that raccoon that Chris was chasing around (don't mess with raccoons, Chris). We will NOT tune in to a show which she hosts because there will be no chance of seeing her get put in her place.

  3. Therese says:

    It has to be said that if Penny wins this competition I will NOT watch her show. She is such a jerk. I cannot stand her. Sure the tension makes for great TV...but it's obvious that she is poison. Send her home already.

  4. Guest says:

    Thank God this episode is done and over so that we don't have to endure Paula Dean and her fake accent anymore! The only thing worse than listening to Paula is having to look at Penny!

  5. ariendal says:

    Im and surprised and worried that Penny is still on the show.... I am disappointed that Giadia seems to keep trying to defend her with her comments about this is a competition and you cant be freinds.

    The thing i loved the most about the previous seasons was that the people on the show seemed to care about each other... did they want to win, of course but there is a graceful way to compete and Penny doesn't seem to know how to do that. Her comments about Mary Beth were rude and hateful...

    Bob its time to tell me something... do you really think anyone wants to see Penny in a show after seeing what kind of person she really is? Are you telling me that Paula or Guy or even Bobby (who i find unpleasant at times) would ever act like Penny in a competition? No i don't think so they all seem like nice loving people (yes even Alton who can be a bit abrupt at time)

    You have done yourself a very great disservice by having Penny on your show. I am disappointed in you every time i watch the show that the opportunity wasn't taken to get her off the show. You said yourself in one of your blogs that a Food Network Star is someone who has good on camera personality and can cook. She might be able to cook but letting her show how mean spirited she is has ruined any on camera personality she might have.

    • English says:

      Ariendal, I agree with your thoughts, especially your question to Bob. In the slim chance he might read your post and mine by default, I will offer the following program suggestion.

      Perhaps, Giadia, Miss Penny's cheerleader, will invite Miss Penny to co-host her show and become Miss Penny and Giadia make Kitchen Magic. I am sure Miss Susie F would approve of that concept. Bobby F might even stop by as a guest. I can think of some other titles but cannot place them here.

  6. Chris says:

    I'd like to make one point. I'm with everyone on the "I hate Penny" bandwagon, but here is the thing, for the things that matter to the judges (on camera personality and cooking ability), Penny has not done that bad (until this week). The people who are kicked off early on are ones that have performed poorly in most/all weeks, and if we are to be honest, Penny has not been in that group. Personally, I don't see ANY way Penny wins by the way they've been editing the show. You can't set someone up as a villain and then expect people to watch their show. Even Food Network can't be THAT stupid (can they??). Ultimately, time will catch up with Penny and she will be tossed, because there are better overall contestants than her, but I think her time to go is still a couple weeks away.

  7. Lois Bowers says:

    Hey, Is this Paula Deen? ......"cooking me food....", and "pitch peanuts at him...", thats funny

  8. Valorie says:

    You have got to be kidding me, Penny really got through another week. It makes me sick to even look at the women, if she wins this no matter how much I like the other shows i will never watch hers or this station for the rest of my life. I am so sick and tired of the sexy middeleastern mama, its the most stupid act I have ever seen. Please, listen to these comments Foodnetwork.

    Vic, I love I am so glad he is stepping it up, I want him to win. He did really good tonight, I love the grandma story he is opening up and now i love him more. He's such a teddy bear but with a tough exterior.

  9. P. Guess says:

    Get rid of Penny and fast; she is totally unlikable, and I would NEVER watch a program she was involved in.

  10. P.Guess says:

    Go Vic Vegas! I like you better than all the rest.