Caption It: Goofing Around

by in Behind the Scenes, June 24, 2011
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On the next episode of Star, headband-clad Jeff and usually stoic Justin B. share a lighthearted moment on the set of Cougar Town — where their next Star Challenge goes down. What's going on here? Are the guys trying to impress Paula or Courteney Cox with an interesting form of martial arts?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to watch what happens next, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this silly moment in the comments below.

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Comments (87)

  1. Denise says:

    Great show tonight. I agree with Beatrice that Penny is just doing what she needs to do to win the competition. I am glad that she was saved tonight, although her mac & cheese was bad.

    I think the top people are Orchid, Jyll, Mary Beth, Penny and possibly Vic.

    Can't wait until next week. This is my first year watching and very interesting.

    • Patty says:

      I disagree. What you need to do in a competition is be the best at whatever the compettion is. In the Olympics the winner is the fastest runner, not the one who trips the other runners. She needs to stand on her own merit. Period. And since part of the competition is personality it's totally valid for people to say they are unimpressed with that side of her.

    • annie says:


      • Emily says:

        Penny should try to remember that this competition is about building a fan base. She'll need votes from viewers to win, and she'll need fans for her show. Right now, I'm guessing that most people dislike her, even if some people think anything goes in a competitive environment.

  2. Ann says:

    I've thought for weeks Penny and Justin should go, and glad the blond cupcake cry baby is gone, I would never watch any show the 3 of them had. As well as Mr. dripping sweat, I was eating dinner, and gagged so bad I actually puked. I don't need the back stabbing drama, Mary Ann is a nice person.

  3. LindaSta says:

    I appreciate an assertive and confidant person, especially female, in any profession or occupation. I don't appreciate arrogance, mean spiritedness and vindictiveness in ANY person, regardless of gender. I don't see the good qualities in Penny. The conversation Penny overheard in tonight's episode should have taught her something. I have the impression she learned the wrong lesson. If she is the winner, I hope she learned before the finale. Otherwise I don't think she will have a large audience. I have yet to see anything in her personality that makes me want to watch her

    • Jan says:

      Wasn't that an eye opener! I can't help wondering what she's really thinking, since I suspect her aggressive personality is actually rooted in insecurity. What she overheard won't build any true confidence, but will likely feed her sense of persecution. I do think Mary Beth handled her well tonite - there's no way you can beat Penny at her own game, so forcing a change of the rules (killing her with kindness) was brilliant. Who cares if it's real or fake? It was a smart strategy.

      • annie says:

        My problem is why did she sit there and continue to listen to people talk about her. that was her perfect opportunity to stand up, confront the women and talk about how they felt about her. That would have put out some fires. Instead she sat there and listened and made comments about what they were saying. It was like she was trying out for a soap opera or something. That is what makes me think that penny is some sort of drama plant to keep people watching. As i was watching her listen to the other women talk i expected her to get up and confront them or walk away, not continue to listen. It was as if she enjoys the negative attention

  4. Jan says:

    Biggest surprise tonite: Jeff, tofu and Paula Dean. Who would have thought it wouldn't end in disaster. I was proud of him for owning his dish and selling it without apologies. Good going.
    I suspect that people will be taking sides on Mary Beth's "Kill her with kindness" strategy with Penny as a team mate. Personally I think it was smart (if maybe a little overdone), because it showed she's not intimidated by the stronger personality, and probably threw Penny off her own game since she is used to and prepared for hostility. It didn't hurt that she won on taste as well.
    When it came to the elimination, I knew it had to come down to the two Justins, and I thought either one could go, although Justin D. may have deserved it a little more.

    • LindaSta says:

      I was really surprised and impressed with Jeff and his Tofu dish. Way to GO, Jeff.
      Loved Mary Beth's Over the Top Kill Her With Kindness approach to being teamed with Penny. Super strategy and Penny didn't really know how to deal with it beyond being hateful behind her back. Now that is sad.

  5. IrishEyes says:

    I wonder how Penny even made it to this show. Her initial idea "Bringing sexy back into the kitchen", or as it sounded out of her mouth, bringing sexy bach (bach, really? It's BACK). There's nothing sexy or remotely interesting about her. She's old, haggard looking and she can't even cook mac & cheese, apparently. Her being a backstabbing bitch is not the best approach to make people want to watch her own show. The thing about NFNS is that WE can't taste the food....we have to go on personality first and it their food sounds appealing second. Penny has NOOOOOO personality. Get rid of her.

  6. Dice says:

    Justin B: why am I going home!?!?! People burnt their food and I get sent home?!?

  7. Rach says:

    Upset about the out come of the show tonight what is going on with all of you. Justin B. can cook. So he needs a little push. What about Penny? Even a child can make mac and cheese. Come on. this show isn't about cooking is it? Let us all know when Justin B. get's his own show. All 25 of us tonight will be looking out for him. You'll see he has it. I hope this year's pick is better then last. I still have never seen her. She comes off as a bit fake. like one of your judges..... Good Luck to Justin B....

    • TeamXtinaFan says:

      Yes please!!!! I'll take Justin B's hotness and "awkward" demeanor any day over Penny's nasty attitude. She needs to be on Jersey Shore or Big Brother, not Food Network Star. Talk about no class.

      • annie says:

        He just appealed to me and i would definitely watch him cook and the smile... my goodness!

      • shannon lynch says:

        Yes he was hot! We haven't heard the last of not at all.....wait....maybe I will hire him as my personal chef! Ha Ha...I love that idea more!

  8. Lousy Choice says:

    Penny was spared so the show can have 'drama'. Too bad ...they scarficed a real cook to make this 'competition' a joke . Penny is just so unattractive inside and out that if she makes it this channel has nothing left to offer for me. Last year's the little girl with an accent was bad enough. Never seen her show and never will. If Penny is the winner then I guess that's one less show I'll be watching on this channel. Bring back Justin B for some real competition. Burned mac and cheese...what a joke...

  9. beth says:

    Caption: "Be careful... I know "To - Fuey". As for the episode.... loved how Orchid helped Chris calm it down and focus and how Jeff made Paula actually like something healthy. Mary Beth's joke was pretty funny but I never know which Mary Beth I'm going to get. Sometimes funny & at ease, at other times a bit tense or distracted. Susie can be hit or miss with the food and although she is adorable at times there is something too unsettled feeling for me? Kind of a youthful, not still sure of who she is kind of thing? Still thinking Orchid and Jyll for my favorite ladies & Jeff & Vic for my favorite guys. Thinking Justin D. or Chris may be the next to go.

    • Jan says:

      Love your caption! Fits last nite's outcome.
      I agree about Susie - she's very likable and obviously can cook, but there's a little girlishness about her that makes me wonder if she has enough cooking knowledge to give depth to her show. Remember Kelsey a couple of seasons back? Bob was always telling her that she needed to be more authoritative, to show that she had something to share that the audience needs to know. Susie reminds me of her.
      I agree with your assessments of the rest that you mentioned - we're on the same wavelength.

  10. skipling says:

    I love Middle Eastern food. I love the idea of a cooking show featuring delicious Middle Eastern food. However, I find it tragic that Penny, the person who has the expertise for such a show, has such a disagreeable personalty. I wish they would do such a show with someone else.

    • Valerie says:

      how can Penny call herself "The Middle Eastern Mama" yet make "all-American mac and cheese"? Her words. She didn't even attempt to put a Middle Eastern spin on it...

      • skipling says:

        No one liked her mac and cheese. Maybe she's only good at Middle Eastern stuff. Or she's not a such a good family cook as she claims.

        • Valerie says:

          she should have at least used middle eastern spices in the mac and cheese or used a middle eastern cheese or two.