Caption It: Goofing Around

by in Behind the Scenes, June 24, 2011
Your Caption Here

On the next episode of Star, headband-clad Jeff and usually stoic Justin B. share a lighthearted moment on the set of Cougar Town — where their next Star Challenge goes down. What's going on here? Are the guys trying to impress Paula or Courteney Cox with an interesting form of martial arts?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to watch what happens next, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this silly moment in the comments below.

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Comments (87)

  1. Christopher says:

    Ah Grasshopper, when you can use hand as spatula, only then, will you be ready.

  2. Josh says:

    What is going on? This was the first episode of this new season I watched and is was a total POS. I have TiVo b/c I like to fast forward thru commercials. But this ENTIRE EPISODE was a commercial! First for Kellog's then for Cougartown. This show used to be silly mindless fun, but this episode crossed the line. It's an insult to Food Network viewers. Shame on you all.

  3. Wish Penny would go says:

    Holy Cow! Penny is the worst person that has ever been on Food Network Star! She acts entitled without anything to back it up. She thinks she is going to take everyone down that disses her, but come to find out, there are other people more talented than her that she cannot bring down. She is disgusting to watch... rude, mean, and vindictive. Penny... a chip on your shoulder will not win you this competition. Yes... it is a competition, but you don't win the panel's or America's vote by being an awful b*tch to everyone. Is Penny so narrow-minded that she can't see she is making an enemy not only out of the people she is competing against, but out of the audience as well? Learn some manners. Get CONFIDENCE... not cockiness... and learn that you need to deal with other people all your life, so you might as well learn to treat people with kindness and respect. Penny cannot demand respect from others when she doesn't even give it. She is an absolutely unworthy candidate of this opportunity. Selfish and prideful.

    • Anna says:

      Ugg! Week after week I cannot stand Penny and her attitude! These people should not have the benefit of fame or fortune!

  4. LindaSta says:

    Was I psychot...... psychic or what? Sad departure, but not exactly unexpected. Penny should have gone for burnt mac 'n' cheese. which she thought was fantastic.

  5. gumbygirl says:

    She really needs to go, but I think they did the right thing tonight.

    • Jan says:

      I agree - actually I think this was much more balanced than the previous episodes in terms of letting us see more of the group.

  6. Beatrice says:

    All you crybabies about Penny. Grow up! She's in a competition, she CAN COOK, and she tells it like it is. If she was a guy, nobody would be complaining. So she's a bit of a bitch, but I rather watch her than what's her name that made the meatloaf (that's how unimpressive she is, I can't remember her name!), she's so full of shit as is Jill (their saccharin smiles make me nauseous). And I don't get a sense that Penny acts entitled. I think of the women, Orchid, Penny and Suzie are the best chefs. That tall Justin was sent packing shows how ridiculous this show is. How in the world did the other Justin get to stay - his look to me is so disheveled, I'd be afraid to eat his food, like there might be stubble in it or a piece of his shirt, and I can't remember him making anything memorable. I think they should have sent him packing. I think he's a nice guy but I don't think he can pull it together. Kudos for Jeff for making tofu delicious and Vic Vegas (very cool guy) for showing he can cook too!

    • Hi Penny! says:

      Thank you for your synopsis, Penny. Way to self promote.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Yeah, she 'cooked' that macaroni and cheese real good all right!! As for 'tell(ing) it like it is', why don't we all walk up to the next overweight person we see and say "hey dude, you're FAT!" Or "hey lady, that's a really ugly baby"? Or tell jerk bosses, or slow salespeople, or our kids' teachers who nit-pick their essays, exactly what we think of THEM? Because in a CIVIL society, you act like a CIVIL grown up, not a spoiled entitled teenager who hates everyone who doesn't live up to your exacting standards.
      And? Justin was sent packing because his on-camera personality sucked; and after his little hissy fit at being eliminated, his 'real' personality seems to suck too. Dude, if you tell the judges that your food is bland and needs seasoning, don't be all SHOCKED when they agree with you.

      • Jan says:

        Your point may be valid, but as the judges say, you need to work on your presentation. Your behavior was just as uncivil as what you are complaining about. Can we voice our opinions without the nastiness?

        • lot says:


          Your self-righetous attitude is even more insulting than what these other posters said about Penny, or whoever.

          Can you let people respond in the way that they want to, passionately, not always just politely, in the words that they want to respond in? Not in the words that you deem appropriate?

          For goodness sake, the poster started with, "All you crybabies, grow up." What do you expect, a tea party?

    • Mark says:

      Really? So in a competition cheating, lying and backstabbing are OK? Seriously, we expect a certain level of quality of personality in a Food Network Star. Penny falls flat in so many ways. And, no, she cannot cook. This was one of the most important cooking jobs of her career, she had ONE dish to make, and she burned it. Then was so proud of what she made, so you know she never tasted it. Thought she had it "in the bag" and nearly went home. Whined she was being "thrown under the bus" when someone pointed out her cheese was burned, when they TRIED to warn her when it was burning, and she still had time to fix it. She should have gone home, Justin just had the sin of bland which seasoning can fix. NOTHING tastes as nasty as burned cheese. I could never watch a show with her. It'd be as much of a train wreck as what they had left when JAG was pressured into resigning a few years ago.

    • westwingpotus says:

      LOL at the thought that if Penny was a guy, no one would be complaining. This is a very time-worn excuse that bitchy women use to explain away their bitchiness. Here's the dea: no one admires people of either sex who are hateful and ugly to others. Men as well as women are equally despised for unkind, spiteful behavior. True, some males in power postion in a company or family may rule through fear and intimidation. But getting away with it and being ADMIRED for it are two different things. And women who emulate the worst characteristics of men because of the mis-guided notion that it makes them tough and powerful, will usually find the same lack of respect and support from the people they stomped all over on their way to the top.

  7. Roberta says:

    I absolutely HATE PENNY!!! OMG she is so mean, even if she was the best cook I would never watch her show!!!!!! Please take her off!!" She is hideous to look at!!!!

  8. whiskygirl54 says:

    This is absolutely the worse FN Star season yet. Not sure what the judges were thinking when they finalized on this group. I'm hoping it gets better in a few weeks or I'll be over it. Penny is so abrasive and hard to watch. I'd seriously never watch her show if she did by some freak misguided decision win. I do believe the judges chose correctly tonight. Justin can obviously cook, but his personality never came through on camera. Off camera the guys do seem like they are having some fun. The girls on the otherhand are miserable and backbiting. Gross!

  9. Ann says:

    I've watched all the Food Network Star shows and never have encountered anyone like Penny. She does not have any qualities a Food Network Star should have. Even though she can cook, I dont understand how she made it this far! I understand its a competetion, but being a back stabbing, evil, horrible person is not someone that is found on the Food Network. If Penny wins, Im done with the Food Network. Dont keep her around just for the drama!

  10. skipling says:

    Penny may be a cougar, but they didn't like her cat food much at Cougartown.

    • Jan says:

      I found it amusing that she was so surprised that her maccaroni was burned - obviously she didn't taste her own food before serving it. Cooking 101 - know what your food tastes like.