Star Commentary: Bake or Be Baked

by in Food Network Star, June 22, 2011
A Tear-Free Moment

On Sunday’s episode of Star, Alicia Sanchez, a former bakery owner, was sent packing as the fourth finalist eliminated. Despite her proclamation that she is “good at cakes,” Bobby Flay told her that the cupcake pop on which she took the lead for her team was “under-baked” and that the guests were “spitting it out.”

Although you all couldn’t taste those pops for yourselves, many commenters on Food Network's Facebook page and our Star blog seemed to be in agreement with the judges’ decision to let go of Alicia. Some of you noted that she looked “way out of her element” and that her “kitchen hysteria and meltdowns were getting old.” And others simply asked “how the heck could she not remember a cupcake recipe when she owned a cupcake shop?”

A few viewers, however, were a bit more sympathetic toward Alicia and suggested that “if Alicia was not in front of the camera she would [have] been OK.” Another commenter went so far as to blame Penny for Alicia’s meltdowns, writing that Penny “was awful to Alicia, bringing her to tears right away.”

Hear from Alicia herself in her Exit Interview and let us know what you thought of her run on Star. Was it her time to leave, or do you think she could have improved with a little more time? Join the conversation on Facebook and at Star Talk, and tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to see who goes home next.  

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