Week 3 – Done.

by in Food Network Star, June 20, 2011
Duff Goldman and Robert Irvine
Duff Goldman and Robert Irvine

We’re moving along at amazing speeds, aren’t we? Hard to believe that four finalists have already been sent packing. Isn’t the show getting better and better with every episode? My Sundays are complete when I have Star to watch. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

So, last night had Team Robert fighting it out with “Duff’s Angels.” Had I put money on a team to win, I would have most definitely bet on Duff’s. I was surprised that Robert’s guys (and Penny) pulled it off.

Team Robert

Chris may be the “little brother of the group,” but little brothers can be annoying.

Jeff’s performance wasn’t memorable. Thankfully, he wore a headband this week (that should please Giada).

Justin B.’s presentation was boring. It took him six hours to make popcorn? Now, Bob said the popcorn was amazing – but, seriously, popcorn?

Justin D.’s food was apparently good, but his presentation needed more polish. He says he has a big personality – but where is it? Anyone who wears a bow tie must have a personality somewhere!

Vic’s cream puff looked great and sophisticated. His “Vegas in Mama’s Cooking” POV is moving things in the right direction.

Penny’s food was beautiful – truly Middle East on a spoon. As you all know, though, she is still coming off as very unlikable. Penny, what are we going to do with you?

Duff’s Angels

Jyll’s food may be wonderful. Her presentation may be wonderful. However, she needed to step up and be a leader – and she didn’t. She’s still not resonating with me. You?

Mary Beth: She has a great sense of humor, but her light was a little dim last night. Get back in the game, Mary Beth! I have confidence in you.

Orchid continues to be my girl. She’s always having fun and is completely natural.

Susie: Her dish looked as bad as it apparently tasted. Her personality was great, though.

Whitney’s performance is getting predictable. I’m not excited by her.

And then there’s Alicia. Oh, Alicia. Her manic behavior got the best of her, and the judges had to send her home. Plus, she is a baker. She should have excelled in that challenge, but instead she failed miserably.

What’s your take? Oh, and vote in the Fan Fave poll – right now, Jeff is in the lead.

On to week 4!

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