Week 3 – Done.

by in Food Network Star, June 20, 2011
Duff Goldman and Robert Irvine
Duff Goldman and Robert Irvine

We’re moving along at amazing speeds, aren’t we? Hard to believe that four finalists have already been sent packing. Isn’t the show getting better and better with every episode? My Sundays are complete when I have Star to watch. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

So, last night had Team Robert fighting it out with “Duff’s Angels.” Had I put money on a team to win, I would have most definitely bet on Duff’s. I was surprised that Robert’s guys (and Penny) pulled it off.

Team Robert

Chris may be the “little brother of the group,” but little brothers can be annoying.

Jeff’s performance wasn’t memorable. Thankfully, he wore a headband this week (that should please Giada).

Justin B.’s presentation was boring. It took him six hours to make popcorn? Now, Bob said the popcorn was amazing – but, seriously, popcorn?

Justin D.’s food was apparently good, but his presentation needed more polish. He says he has a big personality – but where is it? Anyone who wears a bow tie must have a personality somewhere!

Vic’s cream puff looked great and sophisticated. His “Vegas in Mama’s Cooking” POV is moving things in the right direction.

Penny’s food was beautiful – truly Middle East on a spoon. As you all know, though, she is still coming off as very unlikable. Penny, what are we going to do with you?

Duff’s Angels

Jyll’s food may be wonderful. Her presentation may be wonderful. However, she needed to step up and be a leader – and she didn’t. She’s still not resonating with me. You?

Mary Beth: She has a great sense of humor, but her light was a little dim last night. Get back in the game, Mary Beth! I have confidence in you.

Orchid continues to be my girl. She’s always having fun and is completely natural.

Susie: Her dish looked as bad as it apparently tasted. Her personality was great, though.

Whitney’s performance is getting predictable. I’m not excited by her.

And then there’s Alicia. Oh, Alicia. Her manic behavior got the best of her, and the judges had to send her home. Plus, she is a baker. She should have excelled in that challenge, but instead she failed miserably.

What’s your take? Oh, and vote in the Fan Fave poll – right now, Jeff is in the lead.

On to week 4!

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  1. Hi, this here is a excellent article. Really enjoyed reading this.

  2. MotownSarge says:

    I'm not at all surprised that Alicia went home. The kitchen hysteria and meltdowns were getting old in Episode Two, and she was obviously out of her element -- wait, a BAKER trying to remember a basic cupcake recipe?!?!! However, Chris SERIOUSLY lucked out thanks to his teammates. He talked over and over about being a leader, but his performance clearly shows he knows nothing about leadership. His dessert was a loser, he ignored everyone on the judging staff except Bobby, and did anyone else notice the ladies at the dessert table seeing right through his phony veneer? Next week's departee is a toss-up between Chris and Justin B., and I'm hoping Justin B. can figure out how to sell himself.

    • frankie says:

      I agree with you, how the heck could she not remember a cupcake recipe when she owns a cupcake shop????? Chris lucked out big time, he needs to grow up and get serious or I think he'll be the next one to get the boot. Too bad Justin B can't get his game together, he has some skills but appears a bit too introverted to step up to the camera...

      • English says:

        In fairness to Alicia, please read her comments. Her team was given that recipe. She reveals some other aspects of that challenge that leaves me to believe the judges had determined the winner from episode 1. Now, that's a surprise!

    • totalbratt says:

      I agree with you. Alicia was way out of her element. Id like to see Chris or Penny go next. Chris seems to have lack of respect and behaves like a child. And thinks way to much of himself. Doesnt even seem to notice what others think of him. Lots of talk about his cooking and nothing to back it up. Kitchen skills missing. Penny is just irritating and I wouldnt watch a show with a mean person no matter how well they cook. There is a difference between being competitive and diplomatic and just being harsh. Unless they name her show Mean Girl Cooking!

    • chris says:

      It was a toss up between Chris and Alicia as to who would go [although i thought she should have gone last wk instead of Katy] ... she [alicia] made ME nervous and didn't appear to have the baking skills she claimed she had. Chris should be next - he is definitely out of his element and acts more like some frat guy ... As for Penny, i will not watch any show she is on - there is a line between beign competitive and just mean, which she has not found. I do, however, like Jyll and Whitney. It will be interesting ...

    • Andrew says:

      GET that egotistical Chris OUT....he is so obnoxious talk about lovin yourself. Not impressed at all.
      Cry baby Alicia thabnk heaven was eliminated....and how many more episodes are we going to hear Marybeth lament about Flay calling her mediocre.....Marybeth BUILD A BRIDGE ALREADY.
      The Vic Vegas thing.....nauseating And Penny....come on you're no spring chicken so stop acting ovger the top flirtatious, she comes off as cheap.
      My very only hope is Orchid,Whitney and Justin B.

  3. Cook 101 says:

    I'm not thrilled with many of this year's finalists. A field of fifteen is too large, and too much time of each episode is spent with the drama rather than with the actual cooking. As I watch the show, I keep wondering how some of the finalists made it on the show in the first place. I watch the show to see if I can pick the winner, but this season there are too many egotistical and antagonistic personalities that I can't wait to see get kicked off the show! I don't know how much of a time gap there is between when the episodes are filmed and they are aired, perhaps they're all done several months ago. If that's the case, Food Network, please choose your finalists more carefully for the next season.

    My favorites so far: Orchid, Vic and Whitney. They're easy to watch, and people I would watch on their own show.

    • MotownSarge says:

      I'm with you on Orchid and Vic. Whitney is very good; she just needs to be more personable. I also really like Suzie, even though she had a major crash-and-burn with her dessert. Jeff may be in the lead in the votes, but he's not going to make it as the sandwich king and he lacks a certain appeal that the other favorites have. Jyll and Mary Beth have potential but need some work on POV and character persona. Ditto that for Justin D. My final four prediction is: Orchid, Vic, Suzie, and Jeff -- I'd rather see Whitney up there, but the judges seem to prefer Jeff.

    • Used2BAFan says:

      Totally agree. I just watched the casting video for each finalist and wonder if the judges ever watched these because the finalists that seem to be the least favorites with the fans or the most awkward on camera came through as despicable or awkward in their casting video. In Penny's video all I saw was her chest hanging out of her dress. She even shook it over her food. Disgusting. You can cook in your work clothes but put on an apron. you are NOT sexy!

    • pbj117 says:

      Totally agree with you! I'm still waiting for a Next FoodNetwork Star that comes even within 10 feet of Guy! I haven't agreed with the last four new "Stars"... haven't watched the shows of any of them, especially that McCargo guy and that squeeky-voiced blonde who has no TV personaility! And if that so-unlikable, obnoxious Penny wins this season I do believe that FoodNetwork will be deleted from my favorite channels list! Geez, what a piece of work she is!

      Again, totally agree with you that Whitney, Vic and Orchid are the best of the lot thus far! So glad that April was sent packing; now if they would just send Penny and the idiot Chris home...maybe the remainder of the show will be watchable!!!!

      • Robert Ostrowski says:

        pbj117 - I agree with what you said, but just FYI - you mentioned APRIL as being the one who was sent packing - it was actually ALICIA. As for Penny, I think she's going to be the one whom Bobby will say "You're on thin ice - very thin ice", because I saw one little clip of that situation already once within the last 2 weeks. I also saw one little clip showing her reply being she's not going out without a fight. It's all a matter of time now as to when she's either sent home or put on thin ice - or - both!

    • Tina says:

      I agree with your favorites. Given my aversion to heavily tatooed folks, that's a surprise. But I agree with Giada. Vic is a teddy bear...seems to be a really sweet guy. If he can continue to step it up as he did last night, he could be a real contender. I'd watch a show featuring him (or Orchid or Whitney.)

      • Beverlee says:

        Boy, do I aree with you. I am glad Alicia is gone. She just couldn't handle it; but Chris has GOT to be next.
        I really like Vic, Whitney and Orchid. Don't turn your back when Penney is around. She will stab you in the back without blinking an eye. She is VERY unlikeable. He food may be good but that is the only thing she has going for her. She does not play nicely with others.

        • Mya Nameo says:

          I agree as well. I was hoping Justin with the gauged ears would be better, as he has a lot of knowledge. BUT he is BORING. So now it's Orchid, Jeff and Whitney. One of them, please, not that witch Penny. I would actually like to see Food Network pick one of those, then work with the other two and Mary Beth to give them shows as well. I am a big fan of Outrageous Food and Kid in a Candy Store.

    • Tanya Deiss says:

      I am with you on that! Apart from Orchid, Whitney and Jyll didn't find anyone else impressive or having star quality. I don't know why judges are picking on Whitney's presentation skills. Apart from calling it 'just a brownie', (which was a faux pas ;) ) I don't think she has bad presentation skills.. I mean I watch Ina Garten and her presentation is definitely not bubbly and effervescent, if anything, its more fact based and methodical and it works!! So if Whitney wins the show will be more fact based and less frills, which I am ok with !! Its not bad, its just different from 'over the top' presentations like Neely's and Paula's..Can't stand Neely's (no offense) but love Paula though! :)

  4. Leigh says:

    I can't stand these team contests - Alicia was bad and needed to go, but I thought Chris was way worse and skirted by on the cooking skills of his team members. Maybe the worst of both teams should have gotten the boot.
    Was anyone else as repulsed as I was at Penny literally digging through the trash with her bare hands (containing spat out food items) and fake upchucking? Seriously?!!
    And as far as Susie's advice for Orchid needing to "grow" - what the heck does that mean? If you don't have any real advice for the girl, don't make it up!
    Ugh, better luck next year.

    • Lorraine says:

      I agree that the worst of both teams should have gone. Just because one team has won should not necessarily mean that all those members are safe. That's a bad principle to go by.

      I also disagree with the judges positive views on Penny. They say she is empowered and bold. Do you recall Aristotle's mean between two extremes? Penny does not possess the virtues the judges suggest - she is extreme.

      Penny is way too strong of a personality and needs to tone it down. She's not empowered in the right sense. She's a bully.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Same here, Leigh, I"m glad I watched my DVR before dinner so I didn't lose it when that woman (I won't use her name, I think she googles herself constantly) was pulling chewed food out of the trash like a dog. And for Orchid? Didn't you watch last season? That's the 'criticism' given to the contestant that the judges have decided to fawn over starting with the first episode...that they haven't 'grown' - reading between the lines, meaning that they are so awesome where can they possibly go, but they have to say 'something'! I like Orchid but come. on. Last week she was, well, WEAK and blamed it on being in the kitchen with 3 men. Oh, honey.

    • Tanya Deiss says:

      I really wanted Chris and Penny out, it will at least make this season more watchable. I used to love FNS, but this season is a drab! I am with you on Susie's comments on Orchid. I mean, come on! she already has what it takes.. I don't see any reason for that comment.

  5. Edilia says:

    Hello everyone!!!

    I was very happy with the episode last night. I would have love to see the girls team win, but you can not get your way all the time.

    About Alicia going home, it was her time to go. She is a baker and her cupcakes were not good at all. Maybe the nerves got her and she could not remember the recipe, which is too bad, I think she can really cook, but she let her nerves get on her way on every single episode so far. Not good. Sorry Alicia

    Personally I didn't like Jeff attitude toward Jyll after the challenge, but then again that is just my opinion. Now I would like to see Sunday a double elimination in which Penny and Chris would go home so the real competition can begin. Justin B needs to get his act together...other way I would like to see him leave right after Penny and Chris.

    Who I would love to see in the final: Orchid, Susie, Vic

  6. Yvonne says:

    Well I just loved Alicia. Meltdowns and all. As a former model she probably expected the camera man to be an Austin-Powers-type personality. The harshness of the judges must have thrown her into a tail spin. I kept hoping she'd pull out of it. I also love Whitney and Vic. And of course Orchid. Come to think of it, with the exception of Penny, I actually like all of the personalities this year.

  7. Amanda says:

    Personally, I am not surprised Alicia went home, I'm glad she did! But, Chris should have gone home! His apple tart looked terrible! I didn't like how the guys and Penny treated the kitchen, sloppy, gross, and they were very loud!

    Um, hello, Justin B., step it up! Popcorn? How long did that take you? Anyone can eat popcorn. When ever they want! Orchid and Whitney are people who you dont see much of. They have what it takes.

    I would like to see Penny, Chris, Justin B, and JEff go home soon. Penny is now the most hated person, Jeff is gross, and Chris and Justin B just dont have what it taked to be the Next Food Network Star.

    • JamesinAlaska says:

      I'd like to have Orchid make me some barbecue ribs. I am curious what-all she has on her restaurant menu.
      Whitney's food usually looks well-plated but she just doesn't grab my attention when she talks. Orchid is more perky than Whitney.
      But Jyll comes across as one who has natural warmth AND great food. She has been more consistent.

  8. Randy says:

    Alicia should have been sent home, she wasn't ready for such a competition.

    However, she like the others before her, should have only been sent home after the nasty pig Penny was sent home. Unfortunately, FN and the judges like her, and it appears they are intent on keeping her for a long time.

    If they are intent on sticking her down viewers' throats with the attitude that they should deal with it and accept her, fine. I won't accept it, and I will deal with it.... last night's episode was deleted from Tivo without viewing when I learned she wasn't booted, and I no longer will watch any FN programming until she's gone. Judges/hosts Bobby and Giada, who haven't seen fit to cut her yet... you've forever lost a viewer. I'd rather eat food that comes in a Drive-thru bag than anything you could make.

    There are other likeable contestants, many people would enjoy watching compete, but that ugly thing poisons the entire show. It's a shame FN is denying the eventual winner exposure to build a fan base for their show, by turning off viewers this way.

    • Alex says:

      Really? You were that offended? You need to get a life.

    • guest says:

      I agree with you, it is hard to watch her, but to boycott all of FN's shows is a bit extreme, don't you think? Remember, this is reality TV first. Really, who has to go through all this for a job interview? If all the contestants looked great on camera, made great dishes, and had great personalities, the show would be boring, but since this show is to provide entertainment first with the outcome of a new show personality, then they have to throw in a unlikeable character. Unfortunately, I think they went to far with their antagonist. I didn't even bother to record it this week, I figured if she was eliminated, i could catch it when they rebroadcast it. I don't want to miss her getting eliminated. If she becomes the next FN star, I won't watch her show. Will anybody? Hopefully next time FN's unlikeable character isn't so obnoxious he/she chases viewers away.

  9. Sam says:

    I wish Justin B would step up his personality and presentation. The guy can cook, but he's not really bringing his persona. :( I'm really hoping he brings it next week. Besides that, I think Chris is probably going to be gone next week. Otherwise, I thought what Bobby said about Penny yesterday was a joke.

    • CaroP says:

      Ditto on Justin. Heck, he's a fishmonger! What a great background, and while I'm not into tattoos, etc., I dig his serious vibe.

  10. Matt says:

    I really enjoy watching this show, but I can't wait for the last of the problem contestants to go away. I feel bad for Orchid. She started out looking too good, and now there is no place for her to go. She doesn't seem to have the cooking skills to step up her game any more. Jeff has tons of personality, but he doesn't seem to have real cooking chops either. My hopes are for Whitney. She can seriously cook and she is really likeable when she presents to camera. I sincerely believe she has a ton of knowledge that can keep a show interesting for a long time. I'm not gonna keep watching just if they have a nice personality... they gotta be able to teach me stuff I don't already know. Mary Beth and Justin D have potential too, but my money is on Whitney when the all the reality show dust has settled.