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by in Behind the Scenes, June 6, 2011
Food Network Star Judges My fellow judges agreeing with everything I say.

What did you think? Pretty good premiere, right? Let’s dive right in to the deep end and talk about my impressions of the finalists. Then, I want to hear yours. Let me warn you – I reveal last night’s eliminated finalist in this post. If you don’t want to know who went home, then you shouldn’t read.

Vic. His tattoos make him look tough, but there’s a sweetness to him that jumps off the screen. He’s likable and when Bobby commented that he makes you, “want to know more about him” – well, I couldn’t have said it any better.

Alicia. When we questioned her on her accent, we had no idea that she would take it the way she did. She sounded like a Valley Girl -- I didn’t think saying so was insulting. Were we wrong? And by the way, I was taken completely by surprise by the immense disdain between her and Penny – more to come there, later.

Orchid. Warm, engaging and the camera loves her. Her food was to die for. It may sound cliché, but I can’t wait to see how this orchid blossoms. I know – that was a bit cringe-worthy.

Whitney. I like her confidence. Camera loves her. She has a slight edge to her which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’ll see how it shakes out.

Jeff. Funny guy. Can be a bit over the top. Warm. Love the sandwich POV – accessible, everybody loves him (if he can bring something new to the game). Sandwich King? We’ll see.

Mary Beth. Food Writer + Former Attorney = Smart. Love that. But can she bring warmth and humor to the screen? Can the food writer be a food star? Jury is way out.

Chris. Loud and a bit “frat boyish.” He has a lot of work to do. Right now, I’m having trouble coming up with something more to say about him. That’s not good.

Susie. She’s a spitfire. Love her personality (and what a story). But I’m confused about by her POV. I need to see more of HER in it.

Katy. Boy am I confused. She wants to be a thousand things. This may work in her life, but not on TV. All those props illustrated the problem. I need a simpler, clearer, stronger POV and persona.

Justin D. Seems nice and smart, but so far hasn’t left a big impression.

The Other Justin. Memorable – for good and bad reasons. Anybody else thinking Avatar? Confident cook. There’s an expert, passionate guy there – but NOT on camera. Flat.

Juba. Such a likeable guy with an interesting POV – until he gets on camera. Like ‘The Other Justin,’ persona is not translating on camera. Lots of work needed here.

Penny. She’s a tough personality, but she cooks great food. I wouldn’t want to get caught in her cross-hairs (Alicia), but I could eat her food all day. Just stop with all that “sexy” talk.

Jyll. Something I really like here. Funny, down to earth, warm. But her promo? Ouch. Teleprompters are evil. I’m withholding judgment because overall I see promise.

Howie. I always feel bad for the first to go. I really thought his success in radio would have translated into an advantage to get him further. Oh well.

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Comments (1,924)

  1. jasmine says:

    wow, i must say i find it irritating that so much is based on what the person looks like, you dont have to be extremely attractive to become a food network star.. or DO you? plus for all the talk in past episodes about wanting the contestant to " be yourself" it seems as though the judges want to mold the contestant in something THEY think the next star should be, shame on you for making this into a " beauty contest " so to speak :(

    • guest says:

      In NO WAY did any judge come across that this is a "beauty contest"! They are the experts and know what sells! In all the years I have watched this show I have NEVER heard them judge the contestants by their looks, it has always been the food!! Not every Food Network Star is "good looking" so to speak, but they have to have that "something" (not talking about looks here) that appeals to the audience. I think they're intelligent enough to know the difference.

    • Jillian says:

      Did you miss the part where Orchid won everything? She's not exactly a barbie-doll figure. She won because her food rocked and her personality rocked, not because she was tall and blond.

      I do agree that some replies below have put way too much emphasis on tattoos and piercings - I get that it makes some people uncomfortable and that it can be distracting - but you can't eliminate people based on that. You have to eliminate based on cooking ability and star power. Most of the world doesn't care about that stuff, you can't just cater to the few who do.

      • Dean says:

        It's hard to determine how well received a person will be tatted up and down. In our endeavor to be equal to all who roam the earth, there is something to be said about looking at beautiful people much easier than people not so beautiful. I am not a beautiful person, per say, but can see where a particularly rough, tatted person could potentially alienate a higher percentage of their target market. There's something to be said about a personality, some spice, but enough pull power by having some graciousness. Even Guy has his gracious moments when tasting all those foods.

    • critic01 says:

      I honestly thought the mean lady (Penny) was not attractive at all. Orchid was very attractive in that she was pretty, approachable, and not the classic "pretty girl". I don't agree with your comment. But I do appreciate your opinion.

    • Catlover says:

      I love watching Food Network, but I must say that the people must be appealing. That's not meaning beautiful, but there has to be a reason to watch them.

    • dgmdreamer says:

      I hope Penny puts herself out the door really soon. This is a compition on cooking not trying to put the other contestants down. I hope in the next few weeks some of this years group begins to stand out. there are several contestants that are really good, again this year don't know if there is one yet that I would have to watch. I read my post from last years show and I think I felt the same way early on in the show. We will have to see. I just hate to see people being so ugly, and I guess maybe Penny is the only that is that way. I, personality don't see anything sexy about her and I don't think her show would be too good. Thanks for the comments.

    • guest says:

      i just hope penny does not win. she is a brash, self centered, loud mouthed witch that doesn't deserve to win. I understand that she has made something of herself alone and that she is divorced, however that doesn't give her to walk all of the top of the other finalists. i just can't stomach her. if she wins i WON'T watch her show. i have no interest in watching someone with such negative traits. if I feel this way others do as well. Bob and Suzy, pay attention to the comments by the viewers

  2. Guest says:

    I'm pulling for Jeff the Sandwich King, because that's a show I would watch. I could really use some new sandwich ideas!

    • Lucia Antonelli says:

      Jeff's show should be called 'The earl of Sandwich"!!! Perfect name for a sandwich show!!!

      • Robert Ostrowski says:

        Lucia - I wholeheartedly agree with what you suggested as a name for Jeff's show. But can you believe there ALREADY IS such a sandwich-themed name per se? It's actually a restaurant in Downtown Disney - Walt Disney World in Florida, and one of THE BEST values for the money - I ate at this place once before recently and its sandwiches were so good that they ROCKED with flavor. This would make for a GREAT NFNS venue - and for Jeff, a place to showcase his true colors!

      • JamesinAlaska says:

        OK. Someone has to say it. Please tell me that there wont ever be a sandwich show. I like sandwiches. Quite a bit. However, if we REALLY need to teach people how to make a sandwich...frankly, that would be pretty-darn embarassing. Everyone already already knows there are no rules for a sandwich. You can use whatever bread, mustard, beef, ham, turkey, cheese or whatever you want. NO one is that dumb. This would be the equivilant really teaching someone "how to boil water" (to use a phrase from an earlier show). Besides that, think about it. If there were a sandwich show, after about 9 or 10 shows, would anyone need any more teaching at all? (It would be pretty sad if they still did).

    • Carol says:

      I think the top two personalities are Orchid and Jeff by FAR. I love both of their POV's- both marketable and advantageous to the FN and its viewers. ; ) I'm curious to see their cooking in the future episodes.

    • Glenna Stone says:

      The only real contender in my book.

  3. Scott says:

    A terrible show. I thought this was Worst Cooks in America. What a bunch of self centered jerks. Bob and Susie, you guys really missed it with this crew. No Stars here. See ya next time.

    • ronda p. says:

      Agreed. I don't have any idea what the producers were thinking! Messed it up big time.

    • Kimzyc says:

      I think there are a handful of good cooks but those bitches Whitney, Penny and Jyll have got to go...and you know they will!

    • Catlover says:

      Wow! Give them a chance. I've always watched this show and don't normally form attachments in the first show. I must say though, that Howie really needed to go and I hope Penny is next!

    • Glenna Stone says:

      You got it right Scott.....awful, awful,awful.

  4. sandra says:

    I loved this show, but after only one episode I don't think I'll be a part of the audience this year. There are too many self centered contestants. My number one complaint is Penny. I don't care how well she can cook. She's just plain mean.

    • LindaSta says:

      I agree about Penny. Unless what we are seeing is a very badly skewed and inaccurate portrayal, the woman is the most offensive critter they have had in the mix since Debbie the Korean Wannabe.
      Actually, if they are going to do well at all, the contestants do have to have some degree of self-centeredness. Jyll nearly paid dearly for her willingness to be a good team member at the expense of her own dish.

      • Morimoto says:

        at least if they don' t cut her quickly..one of the no nonsense judges that don't mince words like Bobby Flay or Scott Conant needs to take her down a notch or two to get her attention.

    • Pat says:

      I couldn't agree more. I certainly hope she gets cut REAL SOON or I won't be watching. There's just not the conflict between her and Alicia but apparently from the preview of next week she's that way with everyone. When she opens her mouth it is nothing but venom.

    • Tad says:

      I love the show and will watch it because it is just that great, there are a few good ones, like Orchid, Whitney, Jeff could be good, Jyll is not a jerk, thats enough for me

    • Galleta says:

      Penny sure is a case. Not wanting to be as mean as she seems to be, I will only say that I can picture her as a real asset on the Real Housewives (of New Jersey, for some reason), but not on Food Network Star

    • Jo Ann says:

      Penny is awful. Her non stop bitching in the kitchen was intollerable. I wish she would have been the first to be eliminated. Maybe she'll be the second. Can't think of anything worse than an entire show centered around someone that hateful. The crocodile tears at the end didn't help her.

      • Long time viewer says:

        I agree about Penny. I would never watch a show with her starring even if I wanted to try her delicious food, she has already lost me as a viewer. Period.

    • apey110571 says:

      Sandra I agree with you about Penny. I hope the judges can see what she is actually doing with her loud chatting, she is trying to undermine all of the other contestants and honestly I think her tears about the stillettos in the kitchen when she was told that was rather trashy were so fake. She just got called on her attempts to use sex appeal to cash in and was trying to bow out gracefully, something she doesnt have the capability to do because she has no grace. Bottom line she doesnt care about working as a team, she doesnt care about anyone but herself. If she manages to become the next star that will definetely be a show that does not get watched in this household. I hope the judges actually start looking at cooking abilities and let that speak for itself.

    • jenna says:

      ikr!!!! penny is soooooo mean to alicia. what's her problem?

      • Phyllie1112 says:

        Alicia is a good cook, quite pretty, full of energy and good ideas. Of course someone like Penny who has none of Alicia's qualities, has decided to bully the younger woman, hoping she'll do a poor job with the competition.

        • Jesquire says:

          Penny sees Alicia as an easy target. I agree that Penny is awful and I like Alicia, but she needs to toughen up.

    • Dean says:

      I am so sorry, but Penny is a crude, disgusting, self-centered little piglet. She does not belong on TV. If I ever see her make it on this show, I will never watch it again. She needs the boot, immediately after they got rid of Mr. Stupid Howie. Ugh! Where's the talent????

      • techimpaired says:

        Is it just me, or does Penny look like an evil drag queen? She keeps talking about "sexy" this and "sexy" that, but I've never seen a woman so physically and spiritually unattractive before. Actually, I take it back, all the drag queens I've met were far nicer than Penny and sadly many of them were prettier than I'll ever be.

    • Lysie says:

      I could not agree more. I hesitated to post because I fear too much publicity will keep Penny on, as they might see her as controversial and therefore good TV. I would not let my children watch if Penny had a show. She is mean. I would not choose her as a role model. Food Network Stars are role models, the embody that which we wish to be, attractive, kind, talented and more. Penny has none of that, she is not charismatic she is just wicked. Shame on Food Network for keeping her past the first episode. I know every show needs a villain, but come on, REALLY!

      • shelly says:

        i agree...i am afraid if we talk too much, she'll stay...i just hope the judges can see how her attitude cause decisiveness...

    • Joanna says:

      I totall agree, she is really mean

    • Jessica says:

      I agree about Penny! I am sorry, I am an avid FoodNetwork fan, but her show would NOT be family friendly, and that is what this channel is all about. I have NEVER had to worry about a show being inappropriate to be around my repeating 3 year old! Plus, her crudeness and toughness just makes her irritating and bullyish. I don't care how much she changes during the season, I would never watch her show because I have seen how intentionally cruel she can be. It is such a contrast between Melissa and Aarti!

    • Dawn says:

      I agree, shes a bitch, period....it seems almost as if she just decided on the spot to hate Alicia at the Grumman Theater, and then commenced to try making her life miserable....but Alicia isnt going to let her I think! ....Sexy?? She is a mean little person and she looks the part....not sexy at all.

    • Marie says:

      Not only mean, but her show should really be called "Whores in Heals" This season is not even close to as good as last year. May the best chef win but if Penny stays on too much longer I won't be watching.

    • lc67 says:

      Yes I agree If Penny wins I will never watch her show. I do nt think she is a nice person and she is not someone I would want to watch.

    • debi says:

      I totally agree even if Penny wins I will not be watching. It is a shame she thinks she has to win by constantly putting someone else down

    • Evie says:

      I hate this woman. Nobody who has to tear others down, stomp on them and treat them like dirt should win. She is a vindictive witch. After watching her here and seeing the viper she really is if I saw her show on the Network I would know she is a complete fraud, a fake. I would never watch her show and would question the true integrity of their other stars. That would be a real shame. Yes you want to get ahead and win but win by letting others be their best encouraging that and then if you are better you'll move forward and people will also be able to see you in your best light because you showed them yours. Then as you progress you will have friends versus enemies. Although there is a part of me hoping somebody stabs Penny in the back and throws mud on her face, I at least think the other contestants have the integrity to play nicely and fair and thats why I would watch them. But watch out for Penny! She's saying she's saying she's from the middle east where there are deserts. You find stinging scorpions in the desert and she's one of them,. I hope a sandstorm blows her back where she belongs soon or I may quit watching this channel.

    • marev says:

      I agree with you 100%,She is the worse they have had. I can say I would never watch a show if they give her one.If they give her a show I will lose all respect for foodnetwork and the cooking channel,I would even quit watching both, Penny needs to be the next one to go.

    • eva says:

      AGREED! A strong woman is beautiful, but a mean girl like Penny is just plain ugly if she were to win i would be very disappointed! Probably never watch the show again!

    • momxx4 says:

      Penny has got to go. I would never watch a show she was on. She not only is mean, but looks mean. She thinks she is the be all end all of everything. Lose her SOON. There is no other show on food network that the host or hostess is such a jerk, if she gets picked I will be very disappointed.

  5. Toni says:

    SO disappointed with the choice of participants. I was almost uncomfortable watching the show. I agree with Scott - bunch of self centered jerks - . Wow I was so looking forward to this season.....oh well. I hope the selection committee does a better job for season 8 - see you then.

    • Tad says:

      Its not that bad
      come on its a great show

    • Toni says:

      OK Tad - I'll agree it has been a great show. Penny sooo turned me off last night after anticipating the opening show it drug me down. I know I'll be back..but for only one show if Penny isn't gone.

      • Ginya15 says:

        I agree with Toni, it was uncomfortable. Penny was the worst!!! and really Howie was just "what he can't cook?"

    • ronda p. says:

      Yes, my husband walked out of the room after the first 30 minutes, I tried to hang on but turned the station at the end of the first hour. Torture to watch it, it does not even resemble the wonderful seasons prior to this. What were they thinking???

    • missmirabai says:

      I agree. I had no idea that Food Network would applaud BULLYS! That Penny girl should have been thrown off just due to her lack of respect for the other contestants and her constant bullying of her teammate. What a jerk!

    • dgmdreamer says:

      So many people are feeling the same way about the contestants this year. Hopefully folks they will get better and the bad ones will go away. This is the worst group yet. Don't know if any of them has waht it takes to do a show that I would want to watch at this point.

    • chick says:

      Dear Toni,

      In general, I am getting bored with this show. I am tired of Bobby Flay. Great cook, perhaps ,but snobbish and stiff. Giada is kind and knowlegable about food. Her smile is over the top, she must have a great dentist.

  6. Carrie says:

    I was pleased to see that the judges selected Howie for elimination. I would have been deeply disappointed in the Food Network if they had given the self-professed novice who created an inedible meal another chance just because he had some broadcast experience. As Bobby said, cooking skills must trump TV poise.

    My hope is that Penny is the next to go. Penny's behavior only detracts from my pleasure of viewing this competition, and I found myself dreading her next moments on screen. I would lose a lot of respect for the Food Network if they allowed such a loathsome, abhorrent personality like hers to remain in the contest; it would give me the impression that this show is only about ratings and not really about finding a true star. I don't know what she's like in person, but as depicted on the premier, Penny's not a star -- she's a black hole.

    • pudgiecat says:

      Hear, hear! Penny must go. Although seems like a couple seasons ago a thoroughly dispicable person was kept on for a LONG time before she finally was sent home!

    • Shaan says:

      I totally agree with you Carrie. This is not supposed to be real housewives of LA. Penny is WAY to dramatic, and is just plain mean. She is a bully.
      I was very surprised to see that she had 1% of fan favorite vote. That truly shows that there are some wakoos out there.

    • glqueen says:

      I agree with you completely! Howie had to go (why are you on a cooking show to be a Food Network star if you're a novice cook?). I wish Penny had gone last night too. What a bitch! Yes, Alicia was weepy, but I'd be a little stressed out too if I had to listen to back-stabbing vicious comments all day. What business was it of Penny's what Alicia had on her shopping list? Maybe Penny was jealous? The "sexy" bit has got to go too. Yuk! If you have to tell people you're being sexy, you ain't!

    • Eva Desjeunes says:

      I agree, Penny is horrible, I don't think anyone would want to watch a crass, obviously insecure, and mean spirited person cooking.

      • George says:

        I agree as well Eva. Penny, grow Up! You are sick and twisted in the head. I would give you 2 out of 6! Have a better personality and shut up with the sexy,sexy.sexy comments. Yuuuccckkk!

    • Heather says:

      I hope the selection committee points out her total unprofessionalism to her when they send her packing. They should show her some of the clips and point out to her that they would never hire someone who was so rude. She has already lost all respect from her potential audience.

    • suechef says:

      I absolutely agree about Penny. She makes it almost uncomfortable to watch the show. I could even tolerate her attitude a little bit if she were an equal opportunity 'witch' but her obvious singling out of Alicia is totally unacceptable. I also think her whole concept and her look are trashy. I would never watch a show of hers if (God forbid) she did win. She needs to go!

      • Foodlover says:

        Penny is a total B****! How rude she was! If this keeps up, I won't be watching this season. It's not even close to being about the food. Food Network doesn't need all the drama to attract viewers - there's plenty of that garbage to go around on the other channels. People watch this channel because they love FOOD! Cut the crap and focus on the food people!!

    • LisaN says:

      Have to agree. I don't care if she can cook like a goddess, penny is not enjoyable to watch; she's just plain catty and mean.

    • cgmizou says:

      They will probably keep Penny around for the drama. This has ceased to be a cooking show and more like a soap opera. Perhaps they should poll viewers as to what type of show we would be interested in watching. Whatever these people are selling, I'm not buying.

    • peachy3670 says:

      I agree with you 100% Carrie! Poor Jyll might not have felt so under the gun that she had to use the teleprompter if Mr. Broadcast Experience hadn't blown all their takes! If they hadn't booted him, I would have been done with the show for this season.

      And Penny has to be the next to go. I only watch the FoodNetwork. (I know, I know ... get a life, huh?) My TV is turned on when I get up and it's ALWAYS on the FoodNetwork (sometimes even after they go offair at 3:00 a.m. and I watch the informercials.) If Penny was on, I would be forced to turn channels. I feel the same way about Sandra Lee (she makes me want to puke!), but fortunately if she's still on, they have move her to early morning before I get up ... so I don't have to see her or change channels!

    • Sheda says:

      You are so right!! About BOTH of them.... Howie had a horrible attitude. He really was depending on Jyll (I think that's the one) to do just about everything for him, but didn't give her a smidge of appreciation. Obviously (hopefully) that played a part in him being eliminated.

      Penny is dreadful too. Sexy, sexy, sexy....while looking/acting like a $2 prostitute. Started laughing when one judge mentioned that her behavior came off as trashy rather than provocative. Amen to that!! I rather like the blond girl. Her speech is not an accent but an affectation. Penny hates her so much because every behavior of Penny's points to someone, who in spite of their assertive/aggressive behavior, is filled with confidence issues. Can't stand her......

    • Emily says:

      I couldn't have said this better myself! If she goes any further, I may just cancel the cable because I won't be watching this channel anymore. Who on earth would want to watch her WIN... i can barely stand watching her compete!!

    • Catlover says:

      Absolutely agree!!

    • Kaz says:

      I cannot agree with anymore with all of you on the topic of Piranha Penny who not only has the personality and demeanor of a piranha but is as "sexy" as one. I shuddered each time she mentioned being sexy to which I would say out loud "Who told you you were oh-so-sexy? Your mother?" Ugh!

    • Kaz says:

      I realize that looks are NOT the primary factors for any TV chef personality and that cooking skills are equally important but come on, Penny! She is so not sexy in any regard with that nasty personality and then to match it with your body?!?!? I think she really should needs to consult with a certain duet on another channel who could give her tips on how to dress, change that makeup, cut that hair (it makes her look way older and I was very surprised to learn she is only 39!!!), and definitely trim those massive eyebrows! Susie may see her as empowered but I see her as arrogant when she has nothing to be arrogant about unless it's her cooking which other than the judges and her clientele at her franchise (as if that's unique cooking) have tasted. Even if her cooking is all that, she is still most delusional which makes her hideously loathsome. Maybe if she could change that personality of hers she might be alright but even changing to her latest format of the Mediterrian Mom she's still reminds me of fingernails scratching down a chalkboard. Please let her to be next to go. Please.

    • Christopher says:

      Wow what a first week!!! Susie, Marybeth and Orchid are really good! Howie was perfect for the first eliminated. HE was askingJyll to do all those things himself. WHY couldn't he do them. He has two arms and legs. Penny is hard to understand., she has that fire in her but then a mean side which is throwing her off. Jyll and Katy have good personalities. Katy is like one of those wheels which you win a prize. She switches her mind like crazy. Jyll has a perfect smile, just needs to know who to help and not help. I just want to go through the screen and say Chris grow UP! Juba has good food, bad presantation. Whitney has a sort of mysterious personality. Alicia is okay a 3 out of 6. She breaks down to hard on a slight comment, like her accent with Alton Brown. Jeff is a really good sport and I believe things will go well for him. He's in the lead with the votes. 35% Good luck all remaning contestets!!

    • Diane says:

      I would never watch any "show" Penny ever had , if she did win ... just how negative can one person be? She makes me very uncomfortable .... she is a mean , nasty woman ... no one likes a bully!

  7. Kris says:

    Such a different set of contestants this season...self centered????? I don't see that at all. I was surprised at how well they all did on the camera challenges, when compared to other years it seemed that so many more were able to do well right in the beginning. I have to say that I am cheering for Jeff. I don't care what Susie says about "between two buns" I think the guy is hilarious and I can't wait to see more!!!

    • sean says:


    • citygirl2 says:

      Yeah I really like the 'between two buns'. Just the name alone would get me to watch.

      • CCVetta says:

        It definitely makes me laugh, but the title may be too hilarious for him to be taken serioulsy as a food network star by viewers. As we all know, in any profession, you want to be taken seriously and not seen as just a clown.

  8. Carl Jones says:

    Bob, can't you guys afford HD cameras? I paid my service provider extra money to get Food Network HD and was looking forward to watching the show in high definition. What a big disappointment!

    • peachy3670 says:

      Huh? I only watch Food Network and I only watch in HD ... I never turn it from the HD to the regular. And I get all the shows they air on the HD channel.

    • big_bear295 says:

      Sounds like you need to talk with your cable provider. I have a HiDef TV and I get true 1080i hidef signals from FN. Suggest you check your channel listings for your provider. I KNOW that my provider has HD and non-HD presentatons of major carriers. Are you sure you are selecting the HD channel? I would also like to add that if you are NOT using an HDMI cable between your TV and the provider box, you are missing the truest image of HD.

  9. Phil says:

    I have to agree with the other commentators whom point out that Penny is just plain mean, and "bring sexy back into the kitchen"... lose 30 pounds, and then we'll talk. She's got to go. Her attitude stinks. And don't try to justify this as "disdain between her and Penny". Reacting to blatent disdain and attacks is much different than instigating it.

    • Linda says:

      I also agree with the lose Penny faction. Too much makeup can't cover the years, constantly talking about being sexy doesn't make it so, and nobody who's carrying 25 or 30 extra pounds should try that looking-over-the-shoulder exit. She didn't look "sexy" -- just flabby.

      • Nadine says:

        LOL, great remark! I agree 100%

      • citygirl2 says:

        That was probably the funniest part of the show because she looked like a fool. All she did was turn her back on the camera. I don't want to watch either side of her but I especially don't want to see the back side. yuck and so not 'sexy'. And what was that emotional crap at the end? Really? Please she is just a nasty person.

    • Ginya15 says:

      So if she lost 30 lbs the whole bitchy, fennel loving, stilletto girl would be sexy?

    • Aim says:

      I agree. She is not attractive in the least, physically or personality-wise. I definitely would not watch any show with her in it.

    • Morimoto says:

      I agree here. I think Susie's comment about Penny being an 'empowered woman" was insulting to women. Susie herself being a female business executive should know better. There is nothing empowered about being a bully and belittling others. An empowered person elevates the others around them, an INSECURE person insults and bullies others! If Susie thinks that is the definition of empowered then she doesn't get it either.

    • renee says:

      She was awful. I would not watch anything with her. She tried so hard to convince us she was sexy that it made her seem desparate. I am making a point of showing up and voting so any one but her can have the most fan support

    • Kaz says:

      You are so right, Phil! She really needs to shed 30 pounds at least and in the meantime stop wearing clothing that really showcases her unsexy body. Then she needs to cut that hair because it only makes her look older. I was shocked to learn she is only 39! While she's at it she needs to trim up those horrendous eyebrows.

    • Dawn, KY says:

      I agree Phil she is ugly inside and out. I would never watch a show with her in it. When she was referred to as an "empowered woman" it really just made me wonder about the if the Food Network Stars stab each other in the back, its not what I get from watching the many progams on the Network. I have seen that this is not the standard. The previous winners have not gotten to where they are by acting like a self serving (don't have another word for this) bitch. I hope that she is eliminated SOON!!!!!
      If you have to sabatoge other contestants to promote yourself, that's just sad. I do like Alicia though I think she needs to grow some balls, STOP CRYING. Just give it all you got because I believe you are liked.

  10. Bobbi says:

    I'm thrilled that Orchid, our local entry, did so well. My husband and I enjoyed the show and are looking forward to future episodes.

    • citygirl2 says:

      Orchid is by far my favorite! And look how self-conscious she was in the beginning. No one with a star quality like hers should ever doubt themselves.

      • CCVetta says:

        I think her humbleness is what makes her so relatable to viewers and the judges.