Where’s “The” and “Next?”

by in Behind the Scenes, June 2, 2011
Star Judge Bob Tuschman Bob Tuschman, General Manager, Food Network

It seems like only yesterday that we were launching this show called The Next Food Network Star. We premiered the show in the summer of 2005 and immediately you made it a success (you also made a few people big stars). Is it as hard for you to recall that Guy was once a competitor on this show as it is for me? It feels like he has always been a Food Network talent. But look at us today. Here we are on the cusp of season 7. We’ve dropped “The” and “Next” from our show title (Food Network Star is cleaner) and we’ve added more finalists (15 this year) along with new twists and turns to the show. (You’ll have to watch to find out what those are.)

What can you expect this season? Look for great food, tears, not-so-great-food, more tears and truly outrageous moments. Did I mention tears? This show is dramatic, but the most exciting season to date. Here’s a small glimpse of what’s to come. Also, starting Monday I’ll be blogging here weekly to give you my firsthand account of the previous night’s episode. I’ll share my honest opinions and I expect you to do the same. If you disagree with Susie, Bobby or myself (I expect you to disagree with them more than me), lay it on me.

Sunday night’s premiere (9pm/8c) is two hours and doesn’t disappoint. Check out our finalists then vote in our pre-season poll.

I’m excited to start another journey with you. Buckle up.

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  1. jbm says:

    Bob, I am amazed at how little talent any of these contestants demonstrated this season but even more amazed that you and Susie selected these finalists. Wow- it has definitely lowered my opinion of both of your expertise. Damaris? whew what a loony tunes and so definitely inappropriate in front of a camera. Southern cooking- boring to say the least, and has been done before with lots of problems (P Deen ring a bell?).
    Rodneyl- are you kidding? Foods made into pies is novel- but his expertise, his verbal skills, his persona, all lack in refinement and are quite offensive overall. Russell- I think Susie has a crush on this one. His culinary point of view is boring- like ice cream with bacon hasn't been shown on this network before? Give us a break here. No- give us talent and someone who we really would enjoy watching. As much as the audience seem to love Giada, Bobby, Alton- it is hard to believe that there aren't other talented, personable, and yes- pretty- chefs that are worthy of being on this network.
    I am saddened and discouraged by your latest competition contestants and do not want any of them to win. And I love this network!!! Just disgusted with the finalists.